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December 8 : MARCEESE covers "Hotter Than Hell" album
From : KISS Related Recordings
German folk artist MARCEESE fifth KISS-tribute album "Hotter Than Hell" will be released December 21 at Timezone Records.

Here's a small album review by KRR (Jelle Jansen) :
After "
Baby Driver" (2013), "Have Love, Will Travel" (2015), "Black Diamond" (2016) and and 2017's "Torpedo Girl", this the 5th KISS Tribute by Berlin folk artist Marceese.
While his previous tribute albums are compilations of various cover versions from KISS 1974 up to 1980 "Unmasked" album, including the solo albums, this time Marceese decided to re-record the full "Hotter Than Hell" album with new arrangements.
Like I wrote before, I don’t have any musical ability with folk music, but compared to Marceese' first two albums (with the Southern whiskey summer night campfire feeling), it seems this 2018 recording has a darker vibe. Still most of the songs are folk, but this time, the album sounds more 60's - early 70's folk with distorted guitars.
Sure, Marceese's folk can be heard in the new arrangements of "Got To Choose", "Hotter Than Hell" (with a cool instrumental part from halfway the song), "Strange Ways" and the Jazzy "All The Way".
"Parasite" 's new arrangement features a drum machine, together with the rhythm guitar makes it sounds funky, while "Goin' Blind" is turned into a dramatic ballad.
The 10 minute long vocal / distorted guitar version of "Mainline" reminds me to the early days of Pink Floyd. "Comin' Home" is turned into acoustic sort Stray Cats Rock 'n Roll song, but really misses Brian Setzer's voice ...
The album's highlights are the dark mid-tempo country version of "Watchin' You", together with the White Stripes (without drums !) sounding  "Let me Go Rock 'n' Roll".

MARCEESE - Hotter Than Hell (album details)

November 16 : ROBERT HAGLUND - You Matter To Me
                         (Featuring Bruce Kulick) video promo clip

From : KISS Related Recordings
"You Matter To Me" is a brand new video from Swedish artist Robert Haglund, featuring Bruce Kulick on lead guitar. The song, written by Vini Poncia, John Vastano and Michael Morganalso, is best known from Peter Criss 1978 solo album.

ROBERT HAGLUND = You Matter To Me (digital single)

November 8 : Ace Frehley has song recorded with KISS drummer Eric Singer that didn’t make it onto his new solo album
From :
Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley continues to reconnect with his former bandmates as he revealed in a recent interview with
Guitar World that he recorded a song with current KISS drummer Eric Singer that didn’t make it onto his new solo album Spaceman.

ACE FREHLEY - Spaceman (2018)Frehley was asked about his instrumental song “Quantum Flux” and ended up talking about the track he recorded with Singer when he stated: “Yeah. When it comes to my instrumentals, I don’t really think about them too much. I just play something and try to make it evolve into something else. And you know, I had also recorded a blues song with [current Kiss drummer] Eric Singer for this record, and that turned out well. But when I was picking songs, I’m kind of superstitious, and 40 years ago my 1978 solo album came out and that had nine songs, so I wanted to limit this one to nine songs, too. So it came down to the instrumental or the blues song and I ended up dropping the blues song. Because every album I’ve ever released has had an instrumental on it. So that was the thinking behind that. But you know, the blues track may end up on a bonus edition.”

You can read the entire Ace Frehley interview at
Guitar World.

ACE FREHLEY - Spaceman - album details

November 6 : MIKE DALAGER - Star Spangled Banner (Bruce Kulick)
MIKE DALAGER - The Star Spangled Banner (feat. Bruce Kulick) (2018)From : Bruce Kulick (twitter)
I’m proud to share this version of The Star Spangled Banner performed by my Coast Guard friend Mike Dalager on vocals, and me on acoustic (in an “Unplugged” acoustic way). Available @iTunes,, CDbaby with all proceeds donated to veteran charities.

From : KISS Related Recordings
In 2015 Bruce joined Mike Dalager on the 4th of July to perform the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mike sang once again for Game 5 of the 2018 Major League Baseball World Series, joining fellow 2018 World Series Anthem performers James Taylor, Brad Paisley and Ryan Tedder of One Republic. Bruce and Mike team up once again with this rendition of the National Anthem arranged for acoustic guitar and voice by Jeremy Rubolino.

MIKE DALAGER - The Star Spangled Banner (digital single)

October 16 : MARIUS DANIELSEN's Legend of Valley Doom Part 2 featuring Bruce Kulick
MARIUS DANIELSEN  Legend of Valley Doom Part 2 (2018)From : Crime Records
On November 30th 2018, Crime Records will release Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom  Part 2.
The album features a long list of guest musicians, including
Bruce Kulick, Jennifer Batten (ex-Michael Jackson), Michael Kiske (Helloween, Avantasia), Tim Ripper Owens (ex-Judas Priest), Vinny Appice (ex-Dio, ex-Black Sabbath) among others.

The album will be available on all major streaming and download services and both as CD and 2xLP.
Physical editions contain a bonus track.

MARIUS DANIELSEN Legend of Valley Doom Part 2 - album details

October 15 : ACE FREHLEY ‘Rockin’ With the Boys’ video premiere
From : KISS Related Recordings

‘Rockin’ With The Boys’ The anthemic track off the upcoming album "

ACE FREHLEY : Spaceman - album details

October 11 : ACE FREHLEY guests on ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE album
From :
ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE, the project featuring ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello and MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, will release its debut album, "Get It Out", on January 18, 2019 via Megaforce.

A kind of rock 'n' roll primal-scream therapy, "Get It Out" is the result of nearly four years of writing and recording sessions — and decades of touring, searching, striving and living. "I've learned that writing songs is very cathartic," says Bello, who has long made songwriting a daily practice. When ANTHRAX is off the road, he tries out new material at open mics around New York City. "A lot of these lyrics are about the inner struggles of my life, and about the rage that has built up from my life experiences — my brother's murder; my father abandoning my family when we were young, leaving us with no funds to pay the bills," he says. "The ups and downs of life in general. I've always had an anger inside that music really helps me deal with."

"The album has the perfect title," Ellefson adds. "This is music that has been living inside of us for so long. There's a big musical part of each of us that doesn't get heard anywhere else."

Boasting a deep bench of guest stars, including ACE FREHLEY (ex-KISS; the track "Late"), Gus G. (OZZY OSBOURNE, FIREWIND), Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER), Christian Martucci (STONE SOUR) and Satchel (STEEL PANTHER), the record also represents the fulfillment of a lifelong but little-known ambition for two uniquely gifted artists.


BLUE RUIN - Bruce Kulick video messageOctober 5 : BLUE RUIN
Special Video Message from Bruce Kulick

From : Alexx Michael / Anna Monteith
KISS Legend Bruce Kulick played lead guitars on the new version of the KISS Classic “Turn on the night” by Blue Ruin which will be released next week thru iTunes, Spotify and all other digital platforms on their debut EP “Green River Thriller”. CD’s will be available worldwide thru RSR Music / Cargo Records on Amazon and many other selected stores

produced by Alexx Michael & Anna Monteith

BLUE RUIN facebook page
LINK : BLUE RUIN - Special Video Message from Bruce Kulick

Label: RSR Music / Cargo Records
Catalog no.: RSR1999779
Release date: October 12, 2018 (compact disc)

BLUE RUIN - Green River Thriller - EP - album details

last update : 2018-12-09

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MARCEESE - Hotter Than Hell (2018)

MARCEESE   December 21 2018
Hotter Than Hell (KISS Tribute)

MARIUS DANIELSEN - Legend of Valley Doom Part 2 (2018)

Valley Doom Part 2 (Bruce Kulick)

MIKE DALAGER - Star Spangled Banner (feat. Bruce Kulick)

MIKE DALAGER    Nov.  6, 2018
Star Spangled Banner (Bruce Kulick)

NEW YORK - Carry The Torch / Electric Thunder (2018 CD)

NEW YORK (Eric Carr) 2018
Carry The Torch / Electric Thunder

Moore Blues for Gary – A Tribute To Gary Moore (2018)

Moore Blues for Gary  Oct. 26
Gary Moore Tribute (Eric Singer)

CRISS  - Cat # 1 (Japanese reissue 2018)

CRISS              October 24, 2018
Cat # 1 (Japanese CD reissue)

Pure Fire - The Ultimate KISS Tribute (2018)

PURE FIRE       October 19 2018
The Ultimate KISS Tribute

ACE FREHLEY - Spaceman (2018)

ACE FREHLEY    October 19 2018
Spaceman (feat. Gene Simmons)

BLUE RUIN - Green River Thriller EP (2018)

BLUE RUIN     October 12 2018
Green River Thriller (Bruce Kulick)

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