Thomas Zwijsen  - Nylon Metal 2018
Thomas Zwijsen
Nylon Metal

Released : September 3, 2018
Produced by : ....
Time CD1 : 00:00
Time CD2 : 00:00

CD 1  
01 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (0:00Ennio Moricone
02 Future World (0:00Helloween
03 2 Minutes To Midnight (0:00Iron Maiden
04 Forever (ft. Bruce Kulick) (0:00KISS
05 Eye Of The Tiger (0:00Survivor
06 7th Son Of A 7th Son (0:00Iron Maiden
07 Hollow Years (0:00) Dream Theater
08 Renegade (0:00Hammerfall
09 The Unforgiven II (0:00Metallica
10 Four Lanes Of Chaos (0:00Original
11 Twisted Mind (0:00Avantasia
12 Soldier Of Fortune (0:00Deep Purple
13 The Final Countdown (0:00Europe

01 Where Eagles Dare (0:00Iron Maiden
02 Temple Of The King (0:00Rainbow
03 Lightning Strikes Twice (ft.Blaze Bayley) (0:00Iron Maiden
04 Enter Sandman (0:00Metallica
05 The Wickerman (0:00Iron Maiden
06 All My Love (0:00Led Zeppelin
07 Want You Bad (0:00The Offspring
08 Space Oddity (0:00David Bowie
09 Living After Midnight (0:00Judas Priest
10 Definitely Doable (0:00Original
11 Smoke On The Water (0:00Deep Purple
12 Eagle Fly Free (0:00Helloween
13 Detroit Rock City (0:00KISS

Holland : self release - 2CD - .....

musicians :
Thomas Zwijsen (acoustic) guitar

more details will follow


All songs are arranged by Thomas Zwijsen in his characteristic style, playing all essential melodies simultaneously on his Ortega signature guitar.

The double CD contains 26 acoustic arrangements of metal and rock songs by Iron Maiden, KISS, Metallica, Deep Purple, Helloween, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, and many more.

Zwijsen states: “My mission is to bring Heavy Metal to the Classical Guitar world and vice versa, combining the greatness of heavy metal compositions with the beautiful tone of the classical guitar. I can’t wait to present this album to guitar fans around the world.”

more d
etails will follow

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