RONNIE MONTROSE 10x10 (2017)

Released :  September 29, 2017
Produced by : .......
Time : 00:00

01 Heavy Traffic (0:00) feat. Eric Martin & Dave Meniketti
02 Love Is an Art (0:00) feat. Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer
03 Color Blind (0:00) feat. Sammy Hagar & Steve Lukather
04 Still Singin' with the Band
(0:00) feat. Glenn Hughes, Phil Collen
             & Jimmy "Z" Zavala
05 Strong Enough (0:00) feat. Tommy Shaw
06 Any Minute (0:00) feat. Mark Farner
07 The Kingdom's Come Undone (0:00) feat. Joe Bonamassa
08 One Good Reason (0:00) feat. Bruce Turgon & Brad Whitford
09 Head on Straight (0:00) feat. Davey Pattison & Marc Bonilla
10 I'm Not Lying
(0:00) feat. Gregg Rolie, Tom Gimbel &
             Lawrence Gowan

released 2017 by Rhino Records

USA : Rhino Records - compact disc 
USA : Rhino Records - 180 gram vinyl LP -

musicians :

Ronnie Montrose (guitars)  (RIP - November 29, 1947 March 3, 2012)
Eric Singer (drums
Ricky Phillips (bass)


details will follow

Extra NOTES : Kiss Related Recordings News Update March 29, 2005
From :

Ronnie Montrose : "I've finished rough mixes of tracks to present to 10 of my favorite singers and have each one contribute lyrics and vocals to some incredible “Power Trio” tracks that Ricky Phillips (bassist – Babys, Bad English, and now Styx,) Eric Singer (drummer - Alice Cooper and now KISS) and I recorded live in the studio. We have most singers on board now, and I’ll list them next month… I’ve contacted many of my old as well as new friends, and am very excited to bring this assemblage of talent together on one project… The title will be “Ronnie Montrose and Friends – 10x10.”

From :
Not only that, but the long in progress Montrose record continues to take shape under Ricky Phillips guidance. With much of the music completed, it's now time to start recording lead vocals for the album, which is set to be an all-star affair. Musically the line-up features Ronnie Montrose on guitar, Ricky on bass and Eric Singer on drums. Guest vocalists lined up to do a track each include Sammy Hagar, Eric Martin, Tommy Shaw, Paul Stanley, Gregg Rolie and more. The style of the album says Ricky "is old school 70's heavy rock n overdubs, no computers...".

Extra NOTES : from KISSfaq (2005)
Paul Stanley was also suggested to be involved musically with Ronnie Montrose.
In July 2005 Paul announced that he expected to be recording the guest vocals for a Montrose song. He said, "Barring any unforeseen contractual problems, I'm hoping to do it since Ronnie Montrose is a friend and killer guitar player. The first album by the original lineup of Montrose is one of my all-time favorites" (
The tracks Ronnie Montrose had done, that needed lead vocals, had been recorded during the summer of 2003 with Eric Singer and bassist Ricky Phillips.
Ronnie commented in 2004, "I'm now working on bringing 10 of my favorite singers together to each contribute lyrics and vocals to some incredible 'Power Trio' tracks that Ricky Phillips and Eric Singer and I recorded live in the studio last summer.
The tentative title will be 'Ronnie Montrose and Friends - 10x10' and the complete list of singers will be listed here as soon as everyone is on board... I've contacted many of my friends, and am very excited to bring this assemblage of talent together on one project" ( Unfortunately, within a few months Paul Stanley's involvement was cancelled, apparently because he wasn't happy with the song.

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Ronnie Montrose (official)

Eric Singer (official)

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