Cat # 1

Released : August 16, 1994
Produced by : Dito Godwin and Peter Criss
Time : 47:06

01 Bad Attitude (4:33) Criss / Montague/ Carrion
02 Walk The Line (3:47) Criss/ Montague
03 The Truth (4:53) Montague/ Criss/ Tosetti
04 Bad People Burn In Hell (3:46) Criss/ Naro
05 Show Me (4:03) Montague/ Stone/ Criss/ Bardowell
06 Good Times (4:37) Criss/ Miller/ Montague
07 Strike (4:45) Criss/ Montague
08 Blue Moon Over Brooklyn (5:22) Criss/ Naro
09 Down With The Sun (4:37) Criss/ Montague
10 We Want You (3:47) Carrion/ Montague
11 Beth (2:27) Criss/ Penridge/ Ezrin

(0004-2) released 1994 by Tony Nicole Tony Records

USA     : Tony Nicole Tony Records - compact disc / music casssette - 0004-2/4
Canada: Tony Nicole Tony Records/PolyGram - compact disc - 76974 2035-2
Europe : Tony Nicole Tony Records/ Megarock - compact disc - MRRCD017 (1995)
Europe : Tony Nicole Tony Records/ Megarock - picture disc LP - MRRPD017 (1995)

Band line-up : 
Peter Criss (drums, lead vocals, percussion)
Mark Montague (bass)
Mike Stone (guitar, lead vocals)
Mike Mc.Laughlin (lead guitar)

additional guest musicians :
Ace Frehley 
(lead guitars on "Bad Attitude", "Walk The Line" and "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn")

Wayne Johnsen (acoustic guitars on "Beth")
Kirk Miller (guitar)
Dito Godwin (piano on "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn"0
Doug Shawe (piano)
Stephen Presley (keyboards)
Ed Kanon (symbals)

Produced by Dito Godwin and Peter Criss. Co-produced by Mark Montague.
Engineered by Michael Carnevale. Recorded at Track Records
Drums recorded at Cherokee Studios, L.A., CA.

Special guest ; Ace Frehley lead guitars on "Bad Attitude", "Walk The Line" and "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn".

Track 01 : Originally this song was called "Bad Reputation". 

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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CRISS - Beth - CD-single

Video promo clip 

CRISS - Show Me
Show Me


Mike McLaughlin (KISSfaq 2006)


Peter Criss (official)

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