Kiss Related demo recording
Penridge / Criss Alliance
unreleased demo tracks
(demo 1)

Original Recording: 1984
Produced by: Stan Penridge

01 Tell The Valentine (4:31) Mike Hutchens
02 Run For Cover (3:28) Mike Hutchens
03 Times Of Our Lives (2:44) unknown
04 Blame It On Love (3:30) Mike Hutchens

The Criss-Pendridge Alliance : 

Peter Criss (drums; lead vocals on track 01 and 04; backing vocals)
Stan Penridge (lead vocals on track 02(?), 03(?); guitars)

Mike Hutchens (lead guitar) *
Tony Crow (keyboards) *
Allen Woody (bass) *
John Moss (drums) *

* Mike Hutchens : "Before the Alliance, All four of us were in the Jazz fusion band
   'Montage' here" in Nashville, which was formed in 1976.
   I did not play on these demo recordings listed above, nor did any of the other
   members of the Alliance to my knowledge. Peter called me during their recording and
   asked me to come up and replace all of the solo's because according to him 'we can't
   find anybody that plays like you can'. Unfortunately at that time I had just gotten
   married and was flat broke and couldn't afford the plane ticket so I had to let it go.
   We did record a 4 song demo here in Nashville with all of us playing on it. (including
   Stan Penridge)".

Produced by Stan Penridge.
Recorded late summer / fall 1984.

further details unknown.

Extra NOTES (Thanks to Mike Hutchens) :
'The Criss Penridge Alliance' was a six piece band, formed spring 1984.
During live shows John  Moss was the primary drummer, Peter Criss sang lead and fronted the band. Peter Criss also played percussion, mostly congas etc.
There was a portion of the show where Peter Criss would play drums and John Moss would leave the stage.

In 1984 'The Criss Penridge Alliance' toured as a headliner and also shared the bill with bands including RATT, EDDIE MONEY, The ATLANTA RYTHM SECTION, GREG ALLMAN BAND and ALCATRAZZ (featuring Yngwie Malmsteen).

MIND OVER MATTER is a band that was started in 1986 by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Mike Hutchens shortly after he finished touring as lead guitarist for Ex-Kiss rocker "Peter Criss's" band "The Alliance".
Late 1989 MIND OVER MATTER released their album "Crazy" which contains a new recorded version of "
Run For Cover".

Currently Mike Hutchens MIND OVER MATTER version of "Run For Cover" streams at

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Audio Samples 

Tell The Valentine
Run For Cover
Times Of Our Lives

Blame It On Love


Stan Penridge (KISSfaq 2000)


Peter Criss (official)

Mike Hutchens (official)

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