No More Tomorrow Baby ! - A Tribute To KISS   (2010)
No More Tomorrow Baby !
A Tribute To KISS

Released : December 3, 2010
Produced by : Timmy Rodriguez
Time :

01  Cold Gin (0:00) The Hat Madder
02  Strutter (0:00) Gates Of Steel
03  Detroit Rock City (0:00) Lightning Bugs
04  She (0:00) Josh David And The Monday Men
05  Sure Know Something (0:00) The Break-Ups
06  Hard Luck Woman (0:00) The Guest Stars
07  New York Groove (0:00) Sleeping Timmy
08  Psycho Circus (0:00) Young Dan Tucker
09  I Was Made For Lovin' You (0:00) MK Ultra Culkin
10  Plaster Caster (0:00) Frank & Earnest
11  Goin' Blind (0:00) Stargrazer
12  Comin' Home (0:00) Middleman
13  God Of Thunder (0:00) Cavalcade
14  King Of The Nighttime World (0:00) Narc Out The Reds
15  Beth (0:00) Crooked Sound
16  Rock And Roll All Nite (0:00) The Cartridge Family

USA  : Good Time Gang Records - compact disc - GTG 041

Produced by Timmy Rodriguez.
Mastered by Isaac Vander Schuur.

further details unknown

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D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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