UNION Mausoleum Records 2005
Live in The Galaxy

Released : May 18, 1999
Produced by : Bruce Bouillet and Bruce Kulick
Time : 70:

01 Old Man Wise (4:18) Kulick/Corabi/Cuomo
02 Around Again (5:55) Kulick/Corabi/Cuomo
03 Heavy D (6:04) Kulick/Corabi/Cuomo
04 Jungle (7:48) Stanley/Kulick/Cuomo
05 Love (I Don't Need It Anymore) (3:46) Kulick/Corabi/Cuomo
06 Man In The Moon (7:59) Brown/Corabi/Alderete/Bouillet/Woodward
07 I Walk Alone (7:10) Simmons/Kulick
08 Surrender (4:39) Nielson
09 Pain Behind Your Eyes (4:47) Kulick/Corabi/Cuomo
10 Power To The Music (5:19) Corabi/Lee/Mars/Sixx
11 Tangerine (5:53) Kulick/Corabi/Cuomo
12 October Morning Wind * (4:11) Kulick/Corabi/Cuomo (Acoustic)
13 Hide Your Love Away * (2:37) Lennon/McCartney     (Acoustic)

(CLP-0525-2 ) original release 1999 by Deadline / Cleopatra Records

USA           : Deadline / Cleopatra Records - compact disc - CLP-0525-2 (May 18, 1999)
Canada      : Standback Entertainment Inc.  - compact disc - .......      (May 6, 1999)
UK             : Spitfire/ Eagle Records - compact disc -SPITCD-018 (October 25, 1999)
Scandinavia: Playground Records - compact disc - .......
Australia     : Cleopatra/Shock Records - compact disc - CLP-0525-2 
Belgium      : Mausoleum Records - compact disc - 251043 (reissue December, 2005)

Band line-up :

John Corabi (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar, vocals)
James Hunting (bass, vocals)
Brent Fitz (drums, vocals)

Mixed by Bruce Bouillet and Bruce Kulick
Live recording by Studio On Wheels, John Falzarano, Kathleen Yore.

"Surrender" - Cheap Trick cover version
"Hide Your Love Away" - Beatles cover version
"Man in The Moon" (original recording by The Scream with John Carabi)
"Jungle" and "I Walk Alone" (original recording by Kiss; Carnival Of Souls-album)
"Power To the Music" (original recording by Motley Crue ; Motley Crue 1994-album)

Track 1 - 11 recorded live at the GALAXY THEATER, Santa Ana on October 10, 1998.
Track 12 & 13; acoustic bonus tracks

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Bruce Kulick (KISSfaq 1999)


Bruce Kulick (official)

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