WARRIOR - II ( official CD release 2019)
II -
featuring Vinnie Vincent, Jimmy Waldo, Gary Shea, Hirsh Gardner

Original Recording: 1982
Released : March 22, 2019

Produced by: ???
Time CD 1 : 00:00
Time CD 2 : 00:00

disc 1  
01 No Substitute (0:00)
02 Back On The Streets (alternative demo) (0:00)
03 Hot Nights (0:00)
04 I Need Love (alternative demo) (0:00)
05 Tears (0:00)
06 That Time Of Year (writing demo) (0:00)
07 Forbidden (writing demo) (0:00)
08 Boyz Gonna Rock (0:00)
09 It Ain't Pretty .... Being Easy (0:00)
10  Back On The Streets (0:00)
11 Gypsy In Her Eyes (0:00)
12 I Need Love (0:00)
13 Baby Oh Why (0:00)

disc 2
01 Thrill Of The Chase (1988 demo) (0:00)
02 Gypsy In Her Eyes (rehearsal with vocal) (0:00)
03 That Time Of Year / Forbidden (rehearsal) (0:00)
04 Boyz Gonna Rock (instrumental rehearsal) (0:00)
05 Gypsy In Her Eyes (instrumental rehearsal) (0:00)
06 My Heart Goes With You (0:00)
07 Forbidden (vocal demo with solo) (0:00)
08 That Time Of Year (vocal keyboard demo with solo) (0:00)

UK : Cherry Red Records - 2 CD - HNECD113D (March 22, 2019)

Warrior is :
Vinnie Cusano / Vinnie Vincent (lead vocals, guitars)
Hirsch Gardner (drums)
Jimmy Waldo (keyboards)
Gary Shea (bass)

The demo's are recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (by  Cherry Red Records) :
The WARRIOR story goes back to 1982 when New England members Jimmy Waldo on keyboards, bassist Gary Shea and drummer Hirsch Gardner were searching for a replacement for recently departed guitarist, John Fannon. A then unknown guitarist Vinnie Cusano was recommended by KISS’s Gene Simmons (both bands were represented at the time by manager Bill Aucoin). Cusano was a prolific songwriter, and sent some of his song ideas to the Boston based NEW ENGLAND for consideration. So impressed was the trio with Cusano’s song-writing abilities that they agreed to relocate to Los Angeles where the guitarist was based, and the band WARRIOR was born.

Recording began at the famed Record Plant with serious interest from CBS Records, but the band were also diligent enough to record demos and rough ideas on a more modest set-up, capturing the fledgling band on cassette.

Unfortunately for WARRIOR, Vincent Cusano’s talents meant that the guitarist was snapped up by KISS in 1982 to replace Ace Frehley for their “Creatures Of The Night” LP, their last in make-up, where he’d be rechristened Vinnie Vincent.

Those precious WARRIOR recordings gathered dust until HNE released a collection of them in 2017. Subsequently, more tapes, some of significantly better quality, have been unearthed from Gary Shea’s personal archive. Also included are a number of the demos transferred from the above mentioned cassettes.

Shea and Waldo would remain in Los Angeles, soon joining up with Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet to form Alcatrazz with Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

This 2CD set is a treasure trove for all those who loved the power, quality and sheer momentum of the first “WARRIOR” album, “Warrior II” adds to the band’s legacy and legend.

Extra NOTES :

"Back On The Streets" is also recorded by the band 3 SPEED in 1984 for the "Voyage Of The Rock Aliens" soundtrack album. 
The same year Frehley's Comet demoed "Back On The Streets".

"I Need Love", apart from being a Warrior demo, this song would be demoed, along with other Vinnie Vincent material during Vinnie's recording career with KISS. Parts of this song would be recycled into the Vinnie Vincent Invasion track "Shoot U Full Of Love".

"Baby Oh Why" would be re-written as "Baby-O" for inclusion on Vinnie Vincent Invasion's 1986 album.

For more details on these recordings check out MetalTalk.net, which page contains interviews with Hirsch Gardner, Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Interview with Hirsch Gardner,
Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo
and recording details by
MetalTalk.net (2015)

Hirsch Gardner (KRR 2017)


Cherry Red Records

Jimmy Waldo (official)

Hirsh Gardner (official)

Gary Shea (official)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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