BRET MICHAELS - Jammin' With Friends  
Jammin' With Friends 

Released : June 25, 2013
Produced by : Produced by Bret Michaels, co-produced by Pete Evick
Time : 73:50

01 Nothin' But A Good Time (4:06) Michaels, Dall, Deville, Rockett
02 Sweet Home Alabama (4:08) King, Rossington, R.Van Zant
03 Talk Dirty To Me (3:50) Michaels, Dall, Deville, Rockett
04 Get Your Rock On (3:16) Bret Michaels, Pete Evick
05 Unskinny Bop (3:59) Michaels, Dall, Deville, Rockett
06 The App Song (3:24) Bret Michaels, Pete Evick
07 Every Rose Has Its Thorn (3:45) Michaels, Dall, Deville, Rockett
08 Raine (3:54) Bret Michaels
09 Driven [Rock Mix] (3:23) Bret Michaels
10 Nothing To Lose (3:55) Bret Michaels, Pete Evick
11 What I Got (3:26) Nowell, Wilson, Gaugh, Roberts
12 Go That Far [Hybrid Mix] (2:54) Bret Michaels, Pete Evick
13 Fallen (3:30) Bret Michaels, Jimmy Mcgorman
14 Party Rock Band (2:49) Bret Michaels
15 You Know You Want It (2:55) Bret Michaels
16 Margaritaville [Live In Detroit] (5:14) Jimmy Buffett
Bonus Tracks  
17 Every Rose Has .... [Country Verson] (4:21) Michaels, Dall, Deville, Rockett
18 Something To Believe In (4:53) Michaels, Dall, Deville, Rockett
19 Nothin' But .... [Classic Rock Version] (4:07) Michaels, Dall, Deville, Rockett
20 Get Your Ride On (2:01) Bret Michaels, Pete Evick

(PBD6525) released 2013 by P*M*B Poor Boy Records, Inc.

USA :  P*M*B Poor Boy Records, Inc - compact disc - PBD6525

musicians :
Bret Michaels (vocals, guitars, bass, beatbox, synths, harmonica)
Pete Evick (guitars, backing vocals, drum programming)
Chuck Fanslau (drums)
Matt Green (drums)
Matt Mahaffey (drums)
Dave Allen (drums)
Shawn Hughes (drums)
Ray Scheuring
Don Kerce (bass)
Mike Mahaffey (bass)
Gary Smallwood (bass, acoustic and electric guitars)
Deron Blevins (choir vocals)
Ryan Owens (choir vocals)
Janelle Harris (choir vocals)
Brenda Campbell (choir vocals)
Whitney Smoot (background vocals)
Matt Davis (background vocals)
Kara Davis (background vocals)
Emma Russell (background vocals)
Rachel Melnykovich (background vocals)
Kim Everett (background vocals)
Darien Keith Thompson (background vocals)
Rob Joswiak (piano)
Chris Sexton (fiddle)
Marco Gonzales (guitar)
David Russell (guitar)
Mike Himmel (guitar)
Christy Calabro (guitar)
Ray Madonna (percussion)
Ian Lafferty (percussion)
Bart Harris (vocals, Additional Protools Engineering)
Jamie Laritz (guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, Dobro, keyboards)
Rusty Danmyer (steel guitar)
Cliff Calabro (guitar, drums, bass)
Renee Truex (violin)

special guest musicians
Ace Frehley (lead guitar on track 1, 19)
Gary Rossington (guitar on track 2)
Rickey Medlocke (guitar on track 2)
Phil Collen (guitar, vocals on track 4, 20)
Sal Costa (guitar on track 4, 20)
Frank Hannon (lead and slide guitar, banjo on track 5)
Brian Nutter (guitar on track 6)
Joe Perry (slide guitar on track 7)
Leslie West (guitar on track 9)
Jimmy Mcgorman (guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals on track 13)
C.C. Deville (guitar on track 14)
Jimmy Buffett (vocals, guitar on track 16; background vocals on track 6 )
Coral Reefer Band (backing band on track 16)

Michael Anthony (bass, backing vocals on track 1, 19)
Hugh Mcdonald (bass on track 7)
Eric Brittingham (bass on track 9)
Randy Castillo (drums on track 14)
Bobby Capps (keyboards on track 2, 5, 6, 7)
Peter Keys (piano, programming on track 2, 15)
Lil Jon (vocals on track 1)
Mark Mcgrath (vocals on track 3)
Loretta Lynn (vocals on track 7)
Edwin Mccain (additional vocals on track 8)
Miley Cyrus (vocals on track 10)
Jaret Reddick (vocals on track 11)
Mark Wills (additional vocals on track 17)
Chris Cagle (additional vocals on track 17)
Brad Arnold (additional vocals on track 17)
The Sheilds Brothers (background vocals on track 1, 5, 19)
Scot Coogan (percussion background vocals on track 3)  
Robert Mason (background vocals on track 5)
Jeffrey Steele (background vocals on track 9)

Produced by Bret Michaels, co-produced by Pete Evick.
Mastered by David Donnelly, DNA Mastering.
Chris Henderson : additional Protools engineering track 2.
Jason Miller : additional mixing track 12.

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