Ace Frehley / Frehley's Comet demo's 1984 - 1985
various demo's 

Original Recording : 1984 - 1985
Produced by Eddie Kramer, Vini Poncia, Chris Kimsey and Tony Bongiovi

01 I Will Survive (aka I'll Stay Alive - 1984) (3:56) Frehley / Stead
02 I Got The Touch (1984) (3:28) Frehley / Stead
03 I'm An Animal (1984) (4:10) Chris Kimsey / Stead
04 Back In To My Arms Again * (1984) (4:45) Frehley / Stead
05 Back On The Streets (1984) (5:40) Vincent / Freeman
06 Remember Me (1984) (3:20) Cathcart / Frehley *
07 Give It To Me Anyway (#1. - 1984) (5:23) Frehley / Scarlet / Stead
08 Audio / Video (aka Catch My Fall - 1984) (3:53) unknown
09 My Girl (1984) (3:16) S.Robinson /R.White
10 Wired Up * (1984) (3:35) Jeff Paris / Jerry Knight
11 I Heard An Angel (aka Angel - 1984) (3:08) Scarlet
12 Dolls (1984) (2:55) Frehley 
13 We Got Your Rock (1984) (3:40) Frehley / Marty Kupersmith
14 The Hurt Is On (1984 - 1985) (4:26) unknown
15 Baby It's You (1984 - 1985) (3:18) David/Williams/Bacharach*
16 Stranger In A Strange Land (1985) (3:54) Frehley
17 Into The Night (1985) (4:02) Russ Ballard
18 Words Are Not Enough (1985) (3:44) Frehley / Jim Keneally
19 The Girl Can't Dance (1985) (3:11) unknown *
20 Rock Or Be Rocked (1985) (3:21) Bob Halligan Jr.
21 You Make It Hard For Me (1985) (0:00) Frehley / Marty Kupersmith*

*Track 04 : also known as "Ecstasy"
*Track 10 : also known as "I'm So Wired" or "Gotta Find a Party"

Band-line up : 
Ace Frehley (guitars; lead vocals, except on track  3, 5, 7, 11, 21)
Richie Scarlet (rhythm guitar, lead vocals on track 3, 5, 7, 11)
Anton Fig (drums)
John Regan (bass)
Arthur Stead (keyboards)

Recorded at the Power Station, New York City.

Track 01 -02 : written in the spring of 1984.

Track 06 : Words and music originally written by Carter Cathcart (former The Laughing Dogs keyboardist and guitarist).

Track 09 : cover version of the classic R&B hit, further details unknown.

Track 10 : cover version of Jeff Paris. The original version can be found on his 1987 album "Wired Up" (Polygram / Mercury 832 188-2-Q-1).

Track 13 : "We Got Your Rock" is originally written by Marty Kupersmith (aka Marty Sanders) in 1983. When Frehley's Comet took up the song there may have been changes made to this song.

Track 15 : written by Mark David, Barney Williams and Burt Bacharach. 
This song is recorded my many artists before including The Beatles and The Carpenters.
In 1990 Ace Frehley would demo the song again with vocalist Mary Ann Scandiffio (Black Lace, Bang Gang).

Track 17 : cover version of Russ Ballard. The original version can be found on his 1984 self titled album (USA: EMI America/Capitol ST-17108) (Europe: EMI/Electrola 538-7 91663-1/2).

Track 18 : "Words Are Not Enough" is based on an earlier composition Jim Keneally had written on his own in 1980.

Track 19 : sounds similar in style, lyrically, to Frank Zappa's "Dancin' Fool".

Track 21 : written by Ace Frehley and Marty Kupersmith (aka Marty Sanders) in 1985. It's not clear if "You Make It Hard For Me" is demoed at the time. Parts of the song would be recycled in 1998 when Ace Frehley wrote a song with the same title with ex- Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach.

further details unknown

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Audio Samples 

I Will Survive (demo)
I Got The Touch (demo)
I'm An Animal (demo)
Back Into My Arms Again (demo)
Back On The Streets (demo)
Remember Me (demo)
Give It To Me Anyway (live)
Audio/Video (demo)
My Girl (demo)
Wired Up (demo)
I Heard An Angel (demo)
Dolls (demo)
We Got Your Rock (demo)

The Hurt Is On (demo)
Baby, It's You (demo)
Stranger In A Strange Land (demo)
Into The Night (demo)
Words Are Not Enough (demo)
The Girl Can't Dance (demo)
Rock Or Be Rocked (demo)


Ace Frehley (official)

Anton Fig (official)

Arthur Stead (official)

John Regan (facebook)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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