Welcome To The Nightmare  
Welcome To The Nightmare
An All Star Salute To Alice Cooper

Released : March 29, 2005
Produced by : Bob Kulick
Time : 00:00

01 Welcome To My Nightmare (5:13) Cooper/ Wagner
02 Dead Babies (5:42) Cooper/ Smith/ Buxton/ Bruce/ Dunaway
03 School's Out (4:00) Cooper/ Bruce
04 Black Widow (4:49) Cooper/ Wagner/ Ezrin
05 Bed Of Nails (3:58) Cooper/ Warren/ Child
06 Go To Hell (4:37) Cooper/ Wagner/ Ezrin
07 Roses on White Lace (4:25) Cooper/
08 Cold Ethyl (4:04) Cooper/ Ezrin
09 Under My Wheels (3:21) Bruce/ Dunaway
10 Elected (4:00) Cooper/ Bruce/ Buxton/ Dunaway/ Smith
11 No More Mr. Nice Guy (3:41) Cooper/ Bruce
12 Billion Dollar Babies (3:59) Cooper/ Bruce/ Vinson
13 Eighteen (5:11) Cooper/ Bruce/ Buxton/ Dunaway/ Smith
14 Only Women Bleed (5:43) Cooper/ Wagner

(CLP 1483-2) original release 2005 by Magick Records / Cleopatra Records

USA           : Magick Records / Cleopatra Records - compact disc - CLP 1483-2
USA           : Deadline Music - vinyl LP - CL 1398 (10 tracks only, feat. Eric Singer) 2019

musicians / details on Track 3 :
Eric Singer (drums)
Dave Mustaine (lead vocals)
Marty Friedman (lead guitar)
Bob Kulick (rhythm guitar)
Bob Daisley (bass)
Paul Taylor (keyboards)
David Glen Eisley (background vocals)

musicians (complete list) :

Track 01 : R.J. Dio/ Steve Lukather/ Bob Kulick/ Phil Soussan/ R.Castillo/ P.Taylor
Track 02 : Iced Earth
Track 03 : D.Mustaine/ M.Friedmann/ Bob Kulick/ E.Singer/ B.Daisley/P.Taylor/D.G.Eisley
Track 04 : Bruce Dickinson/ Adrian Smith/ T.Aldridge/ D.Sherinan
Track 05 : Children Of Bodom
Track 06 : Dee Snider/ Zakk Wylde/ Bob Kulick/ Rudy Sarzo/ Frank Banali/ P.Taylor
Track 07 : Icarus Witch
Track 08 : Vince Neil/ Mick Mars/ Bob Kulick/ Billy Sheehan/ Simon Phillips
Track 09 : Joe Elliott/ Phil Collen/Bob Kulick/ Chuck Wright/ Pat Torpey/Clarence Clemons
Track 10 : Steve Jones/ Duff McKagen/ Billy Duffy/ Matt Sorum
Track 11 : Roger Daltrey/ Slash/ Bob Kulick/ M. Inez/ Carmen Appice/ D.G.Eisley
Track 12 : Phil Lewis/ G.Lynch/ Bob Kulick/ Stu Hamm/ V.Colaiuta/ D. Sherinian/ D.G.Eisley
Track 13 : Don Dokken/ John Norum/ Bob Kulick/ Tim Bogert/ Gregg Bissonette/ D.G.Eisley
Track 14 : Glenn Hughes/ P.Gilbert/ Bob Kulick/ M. Porcaro/ S.Ferrone/ P.Taylor/D.G.Eisley

NOTES (except track Track 02, 05 and 07):
Produced by Bob Kulick.
Recorded by ; Bruce Bouillet and Tom Fletcher.
Additional recording by Billy Sherwood, Michael Scott and Jim Mitchell.
Mixed by Tom Fletcher and Bob Kulick (except track 14; mixed by Bruce Bouillet & Bob Kulick).

Extra NOTES 
This release is actually a re-issue of "HUMANARY STEW - A Tribute To Alice Cooper (1999)", with the tracklist in a different other, and three bonus tracks added.

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