BLACK SABBATH (featuring Jeff Fenholt)
Star Of India (Seventh Star demo sessions 1985)

Demo Recordings : January - May 1985
Time : 61:19

01 Star of India #1 (Seventh Star) (6:19) Iommi
02 Take My Heart #1 (No Stranger to Love) (4:32) Iommi
03 Eye of the Storm #1 (Turn to Stone) (3:13) Iommi
04 Love on the Line (Heart Like a Wheel) (4:51) Iommi
05 Star of India #2 (Seventh Star) (5:35) Iommi
06 Chance on Love (Danger Zone) (4:23) Iommi
07 Take My Heart #2 (No Stranger to Love) (6:32) Iommi
08 Eye of the Storm #2 (Turn to Stone) (3:14) Iommi
09 Star of India #3 (Seventh Star) (5:16) Iommi
10 Unreleased Jam #1 (3:56) .........
11 Unreleased Jam #2 (0:31) .........
12 Unreleased Jam #3 (2:57) .........
13 The Thrill is Gone (with Lita Ford) (3:37) BB King
14 Unreleased Jam #4 (3:22) .........
15 Unreleased Jam #5 (2:18) .........
16 Unreleased Jam #6 (0:44) .........

(BON231) bootleg release by Bondage Music

Bootleg release : Bondage Music  - compact disc -

musicians :
Tony Iommi (guitars, except track 13)
Eric Singer (drums)
Jeff Fenholt (vocals)
Lita Ford (lead vocals and guitars on track 13, probably guitars on 14 - 16 ??)
Gordon Copley (bass)
Dave Spitz (bass)
Geoff Nichols (keyboards)

Recorded during January - May 1985 at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Track 13 was actually recorded for a Lita Ford album! The song “The Thrill Is Gone” is a cover of an old B.B. King blues classic. The track was recorded in Hollywood at the same studio where the band had been working on Tony’s solo project and includes Tony’s band (Spitz, Singer AND Iommi). The song was never actually used for her record and remains an “outtake”.

When Black Sabbath ended their relationship with Ian Gillan in the early part of 1984, so he could go back to Deep Purple, Iommi, Butler, and once again Bill Ward were out of a vocalist. After a quick search, it was decided to hire an unknown vocalist by the name of Dave Donato (also see White Tiger) to fill the empty vocal chair. But almost as soon as he was hired, he was fired due to his egotistical remarks that were printed in a British rock magazine. 

In January 1985: Tony Iommi, with the help of his fiance Lita Ford's backing band, Eric Singer on drums & Gordon Copley on bass, planned out his very first solo album. 
Between January and May of 1985,  Tony Iommi started to write his first ever solo album "Star Of India" together with vocalist Jeff Fenholt.
Something happened between the two resulting in Iommi ending their working relationship. Also at this time Gordon Copley left the band to rejoin Lita Ford, and was replaced by Dave "The Beast" Spitz, but Copley did finish one complete bass line for what eventually would be "No Stranger To Love".
Jeff Fenholt became the singer of
JOSHUA's "Surrender" album (Japan 1985, rest of the world 1986).

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Audio Samples 

Star of India #1
Take My Heart #1
Eye of the Storm #1
Love on the Line
Star of India #2
Chance on Love
Take My Heart #2
Eye of the Storm #2
Star of India #3
Unreleased Jam #1
The Thrill is Gone (with Lita Ford)


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Tony Iommi (official)

Lita Ford (official)

Eric Singer (official)


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