BOB KULICK : Skeletons In The Closet (2017) 
Skeletons In The Closet

Released : September 15, 2017
Produced by : Bob Kulick
Time : 43:50

01 Rich Man (4:34)
02 Not Before You (3:54) Bob & Bruce Kulick
03 London (6:18)
04 Goldfinger (2:54)
05 Player (4:04)
06 India (4:49) Bob Kulick/ Waldo/ Eisley
07 Skeletons in The Closet (4:55) Bob Kulick/ Waldo/ Plunkett
08 Can't Stop the Rock (2:51)
09 Guitar Commandos (4:16) Bob Kulick/ Seigler
10 Eyes of a Stranger (5:17) D.St.James/ Bob Kulick

Track 01 - 05 : five newly-recorded songs

Track 04 : “Goldfinger" (cover of the Shirley Bassey song)
Track 06 & 07 : taken from MURDERER'S ROW (1996)
Track 08 :  “Can't Stop the Rock” (previously unreleased track 2001)
Track 09 & 10 : taken from SKULL "No Bones About It" (1991)

USA : Vanity Music Group - compact disc - .......

musicians :
Bob Kulick (guitars on all tracks; bass on track 08)
Bruce Kulick (bass on track 02; guitar on track 09)
Eric Singer (drums on track 08)
Todd Kerns (vocals on track 01)
Robin McAuley (vocals on track 02)
Dee Snider (vocals on track 03)
Vick Wright (vocals on track 04)
Andrew Freeman (vocals on track 05)
David Glen Eisley (vocals on track 06, 07, 08)
Rudy Sarzo (bass on track 01 and 05)
Bobby Ferrari (bass on track 03, 04)
Doug Katsaros (keyboards on track 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05;
                       backing vocals on track 01, 02 and 05)
Vinny Appice (drums on track 01)
Brent Fitz (drums on track 02)
Frankie Banali (drums on track 03)
Scot Coogan (drums on track 04 and 05)

MURDERER'S ROW (track 06 and 07 - band line up 1996)
Bob Kulick (guitars)
David Glen Eisley (lead vocals, harmonica)
Jimmy Waldo (keyboards)
Chuck Wright (bass)
Jay Schellen (drums)

SKULL (track 09 and 10)
Bob Kulick (guitars)
Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 09)
Dennis St. James (lead vocals; bass on track 09)
Kjell Benner (bass on track 10)
Chuck Burgi (drums on track 09)
Bobby Rock (drums on track 10)

Produced by Bob Kulick.
Track 01 - 05 co-produced by Bobby Ferrari at Vegas View Recording.

Track 06 and 07 : Produced by Bob Kulick, Jimmy Waldo and David Glen Eisley.
Engineered by Pat Regan, Additional engineering by Matt Chidgey.
Recorded at New Media Century Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Track 08 :  "Can't Stop The Rock" "was written produced and recorded when David Eisley and Bob Kulick came up with the Sponge Bob song "Sweet Victory" (2001).

Track 09 and 10 : Produced by Mikey Davis, Bob Kulick and Dennis St. James.
Recorded and Mixed by Mikey Davis at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Additional recording and mixing at Sound City Studios, Los Angeles; Skip Saylor Recording, Los Angeles; Platinum Island Studios, New York.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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