BIRGIT - Control - CDsingle
BIRGIT (Schuurman)
(CD single)

Released : November 29, 2004
Produced by :
Peter Kardolus
Time : 07:18

01 Control (3:29) E.Hooper/ A.Bojanic/ A.Smith
02 Don't Know How (3:49) B. Schuurman/ K. Hunter/ J.Nisbet
00 Control (videoclip) (3:29) E.Hooper/ A.Bojanic/ A.Smith

(CDS1084) original release 2004 by Purple Eye/ BirgitMusic

Holland : Purple Eye / Birgit Music - CD single - CDS1084

musicians :
Birgit Schuurman (lead vocals)
Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 1)
Xander Hubrecht (guitar on track 2)
Gilbert Felix (bass)
Stone (drums)

Produced and Mixed by Peter Kardolus.
Recorded and Mastered at Cavern Studios by Paul Downes.

Bruce Kulick recorded three tracks in the studio of his brother Bob Kulick summer 2004, after Dutch creative director Sidney Brandeis had hooked Birgit (a Dutch singer/ actress/ TV host) and Bruce up.†
Sidney Brandeis (owner of an entertainment company in Holland which includes a management agency) happens to know Birgitís producer Peter Kardolus Ė with whom Bruce already did some session work a few years earlier in a studio in Amsterdam, Holland, as arranged by Brandeis.†
Peter Kardolus a.k.a. Chew Fu Phat worked with several hip hop artists in New York and also did many rock, pop and house projects. So, he was the perfect producer to secure Birgitís cross-over sound on her upcoming album "Sticky Tales", which was originally planned by Purple Eye Music for a February 2005 release.
At along distance Bruce Kulick played on three album tracks. Via MP3's his contribution were mailed to the Amsterdam based recording studio. Her band, mainly guitarists Xander Hubrecht and Jeroen den Hengt, was called in for assistance when necessary.
Prior to the album "Control" (featuring Bruce Klick's guitar parts) is released as a CD-single November 29, 2004.

After trouble with Purple Eye Music the album was postponed.
Then Birgit decided to release the album "Sticky Tales" on her own through Birgit Music (with Coast To Coast taking care of the distribution).
After a year, "Sticky Tales" is released November 2005, but due to a change of producers on this record, Birgit could not use the old recordings with Bruce Kulick, meaning that "Control" is the only song (with Bruce Kulick parts) released. 

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