Worlds Apart

Released : 1980
Produced by : Eddy Offord
Time : 37:

01 My World Is Empty Without You (3:08) Holland/Dozier/Holland
02 Love Is Hard To Find (3:13) Bolotin/B.Kulick
03 Stay (4:33) Bolotin/B.Kulick
04 Airwaves (3:43) Bolotin/B.Kulick
05 Maybe It's The Power Of Love (3:46) Bolotin/B.Kulick
06 Welcome To The World (4:43) Bolotin
07 Breakaway (4:13) Bolotin/B.Kulick
08 Really Wanna Know (3:47) Bolotin/B.Kulick
09 Sooner Or Later (3:35) Bolotin/B.Kulick
10 She Wants You Back (2:51) Bolotin/B.Kulick

(8T/CT/PD-1-6279) released 1980 by Polydor

USA : Polydor - LP - 8T/CT/PD-1-6279

USA : reissue 1990 ; Polygram/ Polydor - compact disc - 843 335-2
(this release also contains Black Jack's 1st album "Black Jack".)

UK   : reissue 2006 entitled "Anthology"; Lemon Recordings - compact disc - CD LEM84
(this release also contains Black Jack's 1st album "Black Jack".)

Japan : reissue 1996 ; Polydor - compact disc - K.K. POCP-2416
Japan : reissue 2013 ; Universal - compact disc - Music UICY-75999 (Mini-LP style)

Band line-up :
Bruce Kulick (guitars)
Michael Bolotin (lead vocals) (a.k.a. Michael Bolton)
Jimmy Haslip (bass)
Sandy Gennaro (drums)

guest musicians :
David Sancious
Jan Mullaney
Steve Buslowe
Chris Palmaro
Rory Dodd
Eric Troyer
Philippe Saisse  
Mark Clark
Casey Cassone

Produced by Eddy Offord.
Recorded and mixed on the Eddy Offord Remote Studio, Woodstock, NY.
Engineered by Rob Davis and Eddy Offord.

This album contains the song "Stay", which Lenita Erickson & Bruce Kulick played live during their acoustic European tour 1996.

- BLACK JACK - Worlds Apart (1980 - album cover - large image)
- BLACK JACK - Worlds Apart (1980 - rear cover - large image)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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