Released : 1993
Expanded Edition Released : September 2, 2016
Produced by : Bob Kulick
Time : 48:
36 (original release 1993)
Time : 78:45 (Expanded Edition 2016)

01 Cradle To The Grave (4:41) Bob Kulick/ Waldo/ Bonnet
02 Afterlife (5:24) Bonnet/ Waldo/ Bob Kulick/ Steven Rosen
03 We Won't Be Forgotten (6:00) Bob Kulick/ Bruce Kulick / Paul Taylor
04 Breaking The Chains (4:53) Bob Kulick / D.St.James/ Benner/ Burgi *
05 Over And Over (4:48) Bob Kulick/ Bruce Kulick / Steve Plunkett
06 Hard Feelings (4:44) Bob Kulick/ Marc Ferrari
07 Baby You're The Blood (3:24) Bob Kulick/ Waldo/ Steve Plunkett
08 Sex Crime (4:55) Bonnet/ Bob Kulick/ Waldo/ Steve Plunkett
09 Love From The Ashes (4:38) Bonnet/ Waldo/ Bob Kulick/ Steven Rosen
10 All Night Long (5:04) Roger Glover / Ritchie Blackmore

2016 Cherry Red Records Expanded Edition bonus tracks :
11 Afterlife (5:12) (Unplugged - Sony Music Tv Japan 1993)
12 We Won't Be Forgotten (5:28) (Unplugged - Sony Music Tv Japan 1993)
13 Rehearsal Reel (19:34) ("Mates" Studio L.A. - Dec 16th 1993)
     - Cradle To The Grave
     - Over And Over
     - Hard Feelings
     - Desert Song
     - Love From the Ashes
     - unknown title
     - Hiroshima Mon Amour
     - We Won't Be Forgotten
     - Breaking The Chains
     - All Night Long

* Track 04 "Breaking The Chains" is a re-recorded version of the SKULL song (1991).

(MFN-148) original release 1993 by Music For Nations

Europe : Music For Nations - compact disc - CD-MFN-148
Japan  : Polydor K.K. - compact disc - POCP-1296
USA  : 1994 release ; CMC International - compact disc - 6403
UK    : 2016 release ; Cherry Red Records - compact disc - HNECD072 (3 bonus tracks)*
USA  : 2021 release : Renaissance Records - 2LP 180 gram vinyl - RDEG-LP-976

* HNE Recordings was created as the hard rock and heavy metal arm of UK label ‘Cherry Red Records’ with the mission to bring the best classic reissues and new music from the world of rock and metal.

Band line-up : 
Bob Kulick (guitars, background vocals)
Graham Bonnet (lead and background vocals)
Jimmy Waldo (keyboards, background vocals)
Frankie Banali (drums and percussion)
Chuck Wright (bass, background vocals)

guest musicians :
Bruce Kulick (additional guitar on track 5)
Steve Plunkett (additional background vocals)
Stella Stevens (additional background vocals)
Astrid Young (additional background vocals)
Paul Rodriguez (additional background vocals)

Produced by Bob Kulick.
Recorded and mixed by Mikey Davis at the Soundchamber Studios, Modesto (North Hollywood), CA. The recording process started October 25, 1992 and the album was finished January 1993.

Bruce Kulick; songwriter credits for "We Won't Be Forgotten" and "Over And Over", additional guest guitar on "Over And Over".

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Cherry Red Records (2016)

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