CHANNEL THEORY - These Things (2009) 
These Things

Available for digital download : April 7, 2009
Later on it's released on compact disc available @
Produced by : Jeremy Rubolino and Bruce Kulick
Time : 44:

01  Figure It Out (3:34) Derek Ryan
02  A Theater of My Own (3:32) Derek Ryan
03  Press Start To End (4:28) Derek Ryan
04  The Pressure Of Silence (3:53) Derek Ryan 
05  I'm Still Here (5:32) Derek Ryan
06  The Next Version Of You (3:39) Derek Ryan
07  Work Of Art (4:56) Derek Ryan
08  Hold Tight (5:11) Derek Ryan
09  Am I Goodbye? (4:50) Derek Ryan
10  Paint The Sky (4:56) Derek Ryan

released 2009 by Simply Be Records, LLC.

USA : Simply Be Records, LLC - compact disc - unnumbered (Channel Theory)

April 7,2009 : available for digital download at iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster.

musicians :
Derek Ryan (vocals, guitar, backing vocals)
Jeremy Rubolino (piano, string arrangements)
Matthew "Craftsman" Parsons
            (piano on track 05; lead guitar on track 06; guitar on track 07)
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on track 07 an 08)
Gary Novak (drums, percussion)
Chris Chaney (bass)

Produced by Jeremy Rubolino and Bruce Kulick.
Executive Producer: Ed Johnson
Co-Produced by Derek Ryan and Matthew "Craftsman" Parsons (pre-production).
Recorded at Stagg St. Studio in L.A.
Engineering and Mixing: Brian Virtue.
Assistant Engineer: Jorge Velasco.
Mastering: Simon Heyworth with assistance by Joe Gilder.

Bruce Kulick's guitar solo on "A Work of Art" was recorded October 2, 2008.

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Channel Theory (official)

DerekRyan (MySpace)

Bruce Kulick (official)

Jeremy Rubolino (facebook)


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