CRONZELL - Rock & Roll Keeps You Young (featuring bruce Kulick) 2017
Rock & Roll Keeps You Young (digital single)

Released : August 8, 2017
Produced by : ....
Time : 3:

01 Tonight (3:35) Anders Cronzell / Uffe Nilsson

Sweden : Spinnup - digital download (available on Spotify, iTunes etc.)

musicians :

Anders Cronzell

guest musicians :
Bruce Kulick (guitar)


Producec by Uffe Nilsson.

At the moment there's no information about a possible physical release.

further details unknown

Extra NOTES :
From : KISS Related Recordings (Thorbjörn Brorsson)
Swedish KISS fan Anders Cronzell has been a musician and songwriter for 20 years and Kiss has always been his favorite and inspiration.
At KISS Kruise V (2015) Anders  met Paul Stanley and he bought Paul's guitar. On that guitar he wrote the song "Rock 'n Roll Keeps You Young" as a tribute to his heroes.
Later on he met Kiss again at a meet and greet and he gave them an USB containing the song. Paul told him he liked it.
He continued to work/write on the song together with producer Uffe Nilsson.
Then he got in contact with Bruce Kulick and asked him if he wanted to play on the song. Bruce accepted, so now Bruce is the lead guitarist on the finished product.
August 8th "Rock 'n Roll Keeps You Young" will be released on Spotify (and other digital platforms). At this moment there is no physical release planned but it might be physically released in the future.

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Anders Cronzell (facebook)

Bruce Kulick (official)

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