FAITH CIRCUS - Bum in the Sun (2024) 
Bum in the Sun

Released : January 26, 2024
Produced by : Marc Farrano
Time : 49:41

01 Wind Dancer (4:13) Marc Farrano
02 Bum In The Sun (3:36) Marc Farrano
03 Larger Than Life (4:11) Marc Farrano
04 Seven Mountain High (5:05) Marc Farrano
05 Shine Again (4:24) Marc Farrano
06 Girl Next Door (4:10) Marc Farrano
07 King Of The Hill (4:41) Marc Farrano
08 A Little On The Side (4:17) Marc Farrano
09 WhiteKnuckleRide (4:52) Marc Farrano
10 Chain Me (10:08) Marc Farrano

All songs writted and arranged by Marc Farrano.

Europe : Faith Circus Records - digital album - available at iTunes, Spotify.
Europe : Faith Circus Records / Cargo Records - compact disc - FAITHC005

musicians :
Marc Ferrano (lead vocals; percussion; acoustic guitar on track 05, 08, 09, 10; 
                    additional guitar on all tracks except track 10; handclaps on track 03)

Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on track 10)
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (lead guitar on track 02)
Ken Mary (drums on full album)
Chuck Wright (bass on full album)
Kurt Vereecke (keyboards on full album)
Jurgen Vitrier (keyboards on full album)

Marius Mørch (lead guitar intro op track 02)
Lasse Bjerkan (rhythm on track 01, 02; lead guitar on track 01, 02)
Marco Ferreira (rhythm guitar on track 03, 07; lead guitar on track 03, 07)
H.K. Rein (rhythm guitar on track 04, 05, 06, 08, 09; acoustic guitar on track 05;
            lead guitar on track 04, 05, 08, 09;  backing vocals an handclaps on track 03)
Marcus Greenway (additional rhythm guitar on track 05, lead guitar on track 05, 07)
Peter Fry (rhythm guitar on track 04)
Trond Foss (additional acoustic guitar on track 10)

Brian Tichy (intro solo and additional guitar on track 06)
Christer Ottesen (slap bass on track 06)

Jeremy Rubolino (orchestration on track 10)
Tomtom (handclap on track 03; additional horns on track 06;
              Guiro and vibraslap on track 07)
Lass Bjerkan (second verse intro solo on track 06)
Tor Tall (Main and outro solo on track 06)
Frank Robert Fauskanger (intro solo on track 10)

Annelise Ringaby (backing vocals on track 05, 08)
Gina Aspenes (backing vocals on track 05, 08)
Camilla Nerdal (backing vocals on track 10)

Produced by Marc Farrano.
Mixed and Masterd by Tomtom and Marc Farrano at Tomtom Studio (Bergen, Norway).
Executive Producer : Marc Farrano.

Ken Mary's drums engineered and recorded by Steve Conley at Sonic Phisli Productions (AZ).
Chuck Wright's bass engineered and recorded by Gilby Clarje at Redrum Recording (CA).
Vocals (H,K. Rein, F.R. Fauskanger &
Marc Ferrano) and guitars (for tracks 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08) engineered and recorded by Thomas 'Tomtom' Haugland at Tomtom Studio (Bergen, Norway).

Marcus Greenway's additional guitar engineered and recorded by Marcus Greenway at 'P ' (Gravdal / Bergen, Norway).

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