Lion's Share
Emotional Coma

Released : June 15, 2007
Produced by : Lars Chriss
Time : 49:

01  Cult of Denial (3:47) Chriss/ Johansson
02  The Arsonist (3:33) Axelsson/ Chriss/ Johansson
03  Emotional Coma (4:49) Axelsson/ Chriss/ Johansson
04  Clones of Fate (3:54) Chriss/ Johansson
05  The Edge of the Razor  (4:25) Chriss/ Johansson
06  Toxication Rave (4:46) Axelsson/ Chriss/ Johansson
07  Trafficking (3:15) Axelsson/ Chriss/ Johansson
08  Bloodstained Soil (4:11) Chriss/ Johansson
09  Soultaker (4:11) Chriss/ Johansson
10  Hatred's My Fuel (3:39) Chriss/ Johansson
11  Sorcerers (ANGEL WITCH cover) (5:07) Heybourne
12  Ring of Stupidity  (4:22) (bonus track for Japan and digipak)

AFM 171-9) released 2007 by AFM Records.

Germany / Europe : AFM Records  - compact disc - AFM 171-9
Japan / Asia : Spiritual Beast - compact disc - ........
USA : Locomotive Music - compact disc - ........ (January 29, 2008)

Lion's Share is :

Lars Chriss (guitar)
Nils Patrik Johansson (vocals)
Sampo Axelsson (bass, keyboards)
Richard Evensand (drums)

guest musicians :
Bruce Kulick (main and outro guitarsolo on track 05) *
Glen Drover (main guitarsolo on track 03)
Mats Levén (backing vocals)


Produced by Lars Chriss, co-produced by Sampo Axelsson.
Recorded at LS Studio by Sampo Axelsson, Lars Chriss.
Drums recorded at Boo Studio by Robert Wellerfors.
Mixed at Megaphon Studio by Ronny Lahti.

* Former KISS/current GRAND FUNK RAILROAD guitarist Bruce Kulick  did record his guest appearance at Stockholm, Sweden's Canvas studio on Saturday April 10, 2007. 
The recording session was overseen by producer and LION'S SHARE guitarist Lars Chriss.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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LION´S SHARE - The Edge Of The Razor
The Edge Of The Razor


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