Marty And The Bad Punch - Walk A Straight Line (2020) 
Marty And The Bad Punch
Walk A Straight Line

Released : February 21, 2020
Produced by : .....
Time : 00:00

01 Walk A Straight Line (3:14) 
02 Glass Mountain (4:04) 
03 Universe (4:13) 
04 Marty’s Theme (1:49)  
05 The Last Song (4:56) 
06 My Demons (4:19) (featuring Bruce Kulick)
07 Feels Like Heaven (4:28) 
08 Say Hi To Eileen (3:54)  
09 That Girl (3:49)  
10 Standing On The Edge (3:34) 
11 Never Learned To Say Goodbye (4:02) 
12 The Messenger (Interlude) (1:37) 
13 Zakopane (3:40) 
14 Raging Fire (4:27)  
15 Turn To Stone (3:33) 
16 The Weight of The World (3:59) 
17 Southbound Train (5:52) 
18 The Story of The Making of Walk A Straight Line  (5:19)  

Germany : Enghardt media - 2LP red/orange marbled vinyl - 23865
Germany : Enghardt media - compact disc - 23864

Marty And The Bad Punch is :
Marty Punch (guitars)
David Cagle (lead vocals)
Robert Karasek (keyboards)
Martin Motnik (bass)
Carsten Enghardt (drums)

guest musicians :
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on tracks 01 and 06)
Frank Pané (guitar on track o1 and 03)
Tommy Denander (lead guitar on tracks 13)
Sarah Straub
JK Northrup

Recorded and Mixed by Carsten Engelhardt.
Mastered by Dennis Ward.

Studio Update - January 4, 2019 : Bruce Kulick solo for "My Demons"

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Video promo clip

Marty And The Bad Punch - My Demons (2020
My Demons (feat. Bruce Kulick)



Marty And The Bad Punch (facebook)

Bruce Kulick (official)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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