PATRICK JAMES BAND : Unite Together (2020) PATRICK JAMES BAND : Unite Together (2020)
Patrick James and The Family Jam
Unite Together

Released : August 28, 2020
Produced by : Pat Gasperini
Time : 4:13

01 Unite Together (6:18) Pat Gasperini

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Patrick James Band :
Pat Gasperini (a.k.a. Patrick James)  (vocals, guitar)
Mike Sciotto (drums, vocals)
Rick Mullen (bass, vocals)
Leigh Evans (keyboards, vocals)
Rusty Park (pedal steel)
Peter Gallinari (Hammond B3)

family musicians :
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar)
Tod Howarth (vocals, guitar)
Richie Scarlet (lead guitar, vocals)
Ronny Jones  (lead guitar)
Madison Vandenburg (vocals)
Tayla Rees (vocals)
Randy Pasquarella (vocals)
Louie Spagnola (vocals)
Sandy Gennaro (drums)

Notes :
Produced By Pat Gasperini.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Randy Pasquarella
Video Edit by RossMedia

Extra notes :
Patrick James is better known as Pat Gasperini of the band FOUR BY FATE, which band features Frehley's Comet members Tod Howarth and John Regan.
Four By Fate released one album in 2016 entitled "Relentless".

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PATRICK JAMES BAND - Unite Together 2020
PATRICK JAMES  : Unite Together
(feat. Bruce Kulick)



Patrick James Band (official)

Patrick James (facebook)

Bruce Kulick (official)

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