Sebastian Gava
Sebastian Gava
(Spanish version)

Released : October 31, 2009
Produced by : Leandro Bordicelli and Sebastian Gava
Time : 44:21

01  Pelear  (3:53) Gava
02  Tuviste el valor (3:59) Gava
03  Mentiras (4:34) Gava
04  Corazones (3:35) Gava
05  Tratarč (4:11) De Filippo/ Giardina/ Gava/ Rodriguez
06  Dejame (3:22) Gava
07  De repente (3:21) Gava
08  Eterno amor (4:25) Gava/ Rodriguez
09  Si fui yo (4:09) Gava
10  Mamma love (4:13) Gava/ Selva
11  Si fui yo (acoustic)  (4:12) Gava/ Rodriguez

original release 2009 by Boomtronik Producciones.

Argentina : Boomtronik Producciones  - compact disc 

musicians :
Sebastian Gava (vocals; guitars)
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on track 01, 04, 06)
Gustavo de Filippo (bass, backing vocals)
Lio (drums, backing vocals)
Fernando (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Uli (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)

Produced by Leandro Bordicelli and Sebastian Gava.
Executive producer: Marcelo Rodríguez.
Recorded and Mixed at Doble B Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Engineered by Leandro Bordicelli and Gabriel Wright
Bruce Kulick Solo Recording Session is Engineered by Jeremy Rubolino.
Mastered by Daniel Ovie at Custom Mastering Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

All songs are written by Sebastian Gava,
except track 5 Gustavo de Filippo, Charly Giardina, Sebastian Gava & Marcelo Rodriguez;
track 8 and 11 Sebastian Gava & Marcelo Rodriguez;
track 9 Sebastian Gava & Mariano Selva.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Sebastian Gava 

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