Skull II (Now More Than Ever) (2CD Expanded Edition 2018)

Released : August 24, 2018
Recorded : 1991 - 1992 (?)
Produced by : Bob Kulick (?)
Time disc 1 : 77:20

Time disc 2 : 79:01
SKULL II (Now More Than Ever) - disc 1
01 Cave Of The Heart (4:02) Bob Kulick/J.Bonjovi/R.Sambora/D.Child
02 I Walk These Streets (3:06) Bob Kulick/ K.L.McGinnigle
03 Children Of Paradise (4:16) D.St.James/ Seigler
04 Troubleshooter (4:19) Bob Kulick/ J.Tiven/ S.Tiven
05 Now More Than Ever (4:38) Bob Kulick/ Bruce Kulick/ Adam Mitchell
06 Three Words Away (4:23) Chuck Burgi
07 Heart Of Stone (4:04) D.St.James / Bob Kulick
08 All Night Long (4:00) BobKulick / Bruce Kulick/ Adam Mitchell
09 A Place In The Sun (4:19) D.St.James
10 At The End Of The Line (4:04) D.St.James / Bob Kulick
11 Velvet Touch (4:08) Phil Brown
12 Eyes Of Fire (5:15) D.St.James / Bob Kulick
13 The Heart Is Lonely Hunter (4:41) Bob Kulick/ D.St.James/ Seigler
14 Streetfight (4:57) Mark Farner

Bonus tracks
15 Children Of Paradise (3:54)  (Original Demo)
16 Troubleshooter (4:18)  (Original Demo)
17 I Walk These Streets (3:07)  (12 Track Demo)
18 Now More Than Ever (4:43)  (12 Track Demo)
19 Skull Radio Advert (1:06)

SKULL II Bonus tracks - disc 2
01 I Walk These Streets (3:25)  (Instrumental 4 Track Demo)
02 Now More Than Ever (4:41)  (12 Track Demo)
03 Streetfight (4:55)  (12 Track Demo)
04 I Like My Music Loud (3:40)  (first album demo)
05 Head Over Heels (4:12)  (first album original demo)
06 Guitar Commandos (4:32)  (first album alternate demo)
07 Living On The Edge (5:16)  (first album alternate demo #1)
08 Living On The Edge (4:52)  (first album alternate demo #2)
09 King Of The Night (4:06)  (first album rough mix)
10 Little Black Book (4:26)  (first album 12 track demo)
11 Breaking The Chains (5:00)  (first album live rehearsal)
12 I Walk These Streets (1:35)  (Rehearsal)
13 This Side Of Paradise (5:29)  (first album rough)
14 Guitar Commandos (4:33)  (first album original demo)
15 Head Over Heels (4:08)  (first album alternate demo)
16 Streetfight (3:56)  (Alternate Demo)
17 Living Of The Edge (5:16)  (first album rough mix)
18 Little Black Book (4:59)  (first album alternate demo)

(HNECD107D) original release August 24, 2018 by Cherry Red Records

UK : Cherry Red Records -  2CD Expanded Edition - HNECD108D (August 24, 2018)

Band line-up
Bob Kulick (guitars)
Dennis St. James (lead vocals)
Kjell Benner (bass)

Bobby Rock (drums)
Churk Burgi (drums)

Bruce Kulick; songwriter credits for "Now More Than Ever" and "All Night Long".

In 1991, Kulick formed the hard rock group, SKULL, releasing the sole album, “
No Bones About It”. This 37 track, 2CD set represents a “what could have been” second SKULL album. It includes 14 previously unreleased original studio tracks making up an entire “lost” album’s worth of SKULL material, plus an abundance of demos dating back to the earliest stages of the band’s recording history. What can be considered one of the strongest collections of “lost” songs unearthed in recent times, this release is not to be missed for fans of SKULL’s debut album “No Bones About It”.

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