Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy - Caught In The Dark
Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy
Caught In The Dark

Released : August 10,  2013
Produced by : Tomas Bergsten & Tobias Bergsten
Time CD : 00:00

01  Caught in the Dark (4:27(feat. Janne Stark)
02  The Wand (4:39
03  Yesterday Is Gone (4:37
04  There's a Fire Burning (2:41
05  Give Me Power (3:36
06  Words from a Fortune Teller (4:38
07  What Future Will Bring (4:26(feat. Bruce Kulick)
08  Waiting for Love (4:46
09  The Key to Your Heart (3:30
10  Take Me Home (4:56
11  Better Days (4:42)  
12  Only Your Love (4:36

released August 10, 2013 by 7 Chords /

USA  / Sweden : 7 Chords / - compact disc - .....
USA  / Sweden : 7 Chords / - digital download at CDbaby,

musicians :
Tomas Bergsten

Tobias Bergsten
Bruce Kulick (guitars on track 07)

Janne Stark
Per Schelander
Jiřrgen Schelander
Roger Anderssonn
P-O Rosenberg
Robert Dahlstriřm
Jamil Oskarsson
Michael Frima

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Produced by Tomas Bergsten & Tobias Bergsten.
Mixed and mastered by Mats Hallstensson at Room of Doom 2013.

more d
etails will follow

Fantasy was a Swedish AOR band active between 1987 and 1990. Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy is a music project with the main purpose of making the songs of that time and before available to the public.

Tomas Bergsten : "I took my first guitar lesson back in 1981 and two years later I started my first band together with Göran Greus and Christer Gustafsson. The band didn't last for long and the next coming years a number of bands with me as the singer, guitarist and songwriter emerged and disappeared. It wasn't until late 1987 before a more permanent line up was settled and which lasted for almost three years before dissolving. The band was called Fantasy and was constituted of me on vocals and guitar, Göran Greus on keyboards, Michael Friman on guitar, Petteri Karttunen on bass and Arto Karttunen on drums. We released a vinyl single back in 1989 and now, almost 25 years later I got the inspiration to make a full length CD with some songs from the eighties. More songs are yet to come".

The full length CD "Caught In The Dark" was released on the 10th of August 2013.

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Caught In The Dark

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Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy (fb)

7 Chords Records

Bruce Kulick (official)


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