BRUCE KULICK "Transformer"

Released : April,  2003
Produced by : Bruce Kulick
Time : 51:

01   Jump The Shark  (2:51)  Kulick
02   I Can't Breathe (4:10)  Kulick
03   If Love's The Answer (4:17)  Kulick
04   Crazy (3:23)  Kulick
05   All That I Need (3:24)  Kulick
06   Don't Tell Me Something (4:38)  Kulick
07   Inn Of The Mountain Gods (5:33)  Kulick
08   It's Just My Life (featuring John Corabi) (4:49)  Kulick
09   Do It Right (4:50)  Kulick
10   Beautiful To Me (4:26)  Kulick
11   Truth Or Dare (5:32)  Kulick 
12   Against The Grain (3:28)  Kulick 

USA : independent label / Bruce Kulick - compact disc 

musicians :
Bruce Kulick (vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, dulcimer)
John Corabi (lead vocals on track 8)
Curt Cuomo (backing vocals) 
Brent Fitz (drums on track 1 - 11)
Stephen Hanuman (percussion on track 12)
Tim Cashion (keyboard on track 7)

Produced by Bruce Kulick.
Co-Produced by Curt Cuomo.
Engineered and Mixed by Jon Krupp at Woodland Ranch, Woodland Hills, CA.
Track 12 engineered and mixed by Stephen Hanuman at Eklecto Studio, Sherman Oaks, CA.
Mastered by Don C. Tyler at Precision Mastering, Hollywood, CA.
Recorded  December 2002 - January 2003.

From: Bruce Kulick (February 5, 2003)
On my birthday Dec 12, 2002, I started to record the basic tracks with Brent Fitz on drums for the new Kulick solo disc, Transformer. We spent three days recording the drum tracks, and with the help of Curt Cuomo, and Jon Krupp the engineer, then got to transfering the analog tape recordings of the drums to digital. We then worked on the latest Pro Tools digital system. I then got to work overdubbing my guitars and basses and singing the songs. That went well into the second week of January and we didn't take much time off at all. I brought in John Corabi to sing one song, "It's Just My Life", that came out smokin! Curt sang some backgrounds, and then it was time to mix. We mixed in 5 days, and I must say I am very excited and proud of the music, production and playing.

In some ways of course Transformer is similar to Audio Dog, but in many ways it is not. There will be 4 instrumentals, and they are all very different styles as well. One called "Inn of the Mountain Gods" will take you to the mountains of Tibet, (on a rocking carpet ride I assure you) and one called "Jump the Shark" will remind you of kick ass Van Halen style guitar themes. The other two instrumentals being very different. One is a country style rock excursion, that is very hard to describe but my friends love it! The last all acoustic instrumental is moody and cool. It will feature some acoustic instruments that I purchased in the past few years that don't get on every rock release.

Regarding the vocal tunes, I pushed myself on this record as I got a chance to better understand my range and vocal abilities. I have worked with some great singers in my career so I am always shy with my vocals, but I have turned it up a bit in what I have accomplished vocally on the disc.

Songs like "If Love's the Answer", "Don't Tell Me Something", and "Beautiful to Me", are melodic, all with very big choruses and guitars of course. I sang about love, life, and how relationships affect all of us. The good and the bad things that you feel with people you love. I think you all will identify deeply with some of the lyrics, and my close friends were very proud of me expressing myself this way.

I also have a song my engineer Jon called the "sleazy song". It is really titled "All That I Need" and it is written from the point of view of the typical horny male going to a strip club. I guess I can be guilty of that as well as every man I know! But that is balanced out by songs of love, like "Crazy", and "Beautiful To Me", and "If Love's the Answer".

"Truth or Dare" deals with all the emotions of a relationship that you don't know if you are coming or going. "I Can't Breathe" actually is sung from the point of view of a fan so obsessed with his or her favorite rock star, they are going blind without them and can't breathe without them. So I think I really covered all the bases with the lyrics on this disc.

I wrote all the music and the lyrics on this disc, and had no writers block that can so easily happen. Working with Grand Funk and traveling so much gave me the time to just kick back and write what I was feeling at the time, and jamming alone in my hotel room gave me great music ideas.

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Bruce Kulick (official)

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