ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business CD 2011  ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business 2LP reissue 2024  ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business CD reissue 2024
Unfinished Business

Original Recording : 1967 - 1989
Released : November 2011
Record Store Day 2LP / CD reissue : April 20, 2024
Executive Producer : Loretta Caravello
Production assistant : Beth Jordan
Time 2011 version : 43:
Time 2024 version : 73:

01 Eric speaks to the fans (0:06)
02 Just Canít Wait (3:55) Carr / Kulick / Mitchell / Clemente
03 Troubles Inside You (2:28) Carr / Weissman (1987)
04 Eric talks about his music (0:11)
05 No Oneís Messin' With You (3:14) Carr / Kulick (1989)
06 Carr Jam 1981 (3:11) Carr
07 Eric talks about audition (0:17)
08 Shandi (3:55) Stanley / Poncia
09 All Hellís Breakiní Loose (4:28) Carr / Stanley / Simmons / Vincent
10 Dial L For Love (2:52) Carr / Mitchell (1987)
11 Elephant Man (3:59) Carr / Clemente / Bob Gilmartin
12 Eric Talks about Mark St. John (0:15)
13 Midnite Stranger (2:22) Carr (1986)
14 Eyes Of Love (3:47) Carr / Kulick / Mitchell (1989)
15 Bill Aucoin talks about Eric (0:41)
16 Through The Years (5:06) Carr
17 I Cry at Night (2:07) Carr (The Cellarmen 1967)
18 Eric kidding around at a Kiss album rehearsal (0:34)

Bonus Tracks on 2024 reissue The Deluxe Editon 2LP and CD
19 I Found You (The One I Adore) (2:28) (The Cellarmen 1968)
20  Down By The River (7:36) (Salt and Pepper 1974)
21 Get Down (Studio demo) (8:21) (Creation 1974)
22 Black Magic Woman (5:32) (Salt and Pepper 1972)
23 Listen To The Music (6:30) (Mother Nature Father Time 1977)

released 2011 by Auto Rock Records

USA    : Auto Rock Records - compact disc - 7-60137-52862-3

Record Store Day April 20, 2024 Deluxe Edition reissues
World Wide : Culture Factory - Deluxe Editon vinyl 2LP Boxset (5.000 copies)
World Wide : Culture Factory - Deluxe Editon compact disc (1.500 copies)

Recording details :

Track 02 : "Just Can't Wait" was first released as an instrumental on Eric Carr's "Rockology" album. Originally this very arranged song from 1987 was never finished with vocals. This song has been remastered using Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick's drum and guitar tracks. In addition Ted Poley (of Danger Danger) adds his vocals using lyrics written in 2006. Music written and performed by Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick and Adam Mitchell.
Lyrics written by Nick "The Quig" Clemente, Lead vocals by Ted Poley;
Background vocals by Ted Poley and Mike Lodusma.

Track 03 : "Troubles Inside You" : This is a complete demo taken from the original cassette tape (1987), featuring Mitch Weismann (Kiss co-writer, Beatlemania) on lead vocals. Mitch jokes about how he and Eric were at Gene Simmons house "just fooling around." Mitch wanted to try something different, so he sat inside a closet with his microphone and belted out this easy flowing song. In the meantime, Eric Carr programmed the drum machine, played some guitars, and added some background vocals. Written and performed by Eric Carr and Mitch Weissman.

Track 05 : "No One's Messin' With You" : This song was discovered on an old DAT recording owned and made by Eric Carr in 1989. This alternative version of "Little Caesar", from the 1989 Kiss, album "Hot in the Shade" has an entirely different set of lyrics and vocal melody. Eric Carr handles the gritty vocals and bass guitar while Bruce Kulick fills it out with some rock-in'riffs. Since was an early demo this song contains no lead guitar tracks. Written and performed by Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick.

Track 06 : "Carr Jam 1981" : remake / cover version of the Eric Carr song, by ZO2 members Benny Doro (guitars and bass) and Joey Cassata (drums).

Track 08 : "Shandi" : In 2006 Eric Carr's "
1980 KISS audition tape" surfaced.
The tape featured an unknown Paul Caravello (Eric Carr) singing "Shandi".
Eric Carr's vocals were lifted from the tape and combined with a refreshing new musical
arrangement, make this update soar. Joining Eric Carr are some very talented artists whose contributions range from classical guitar rhythms to seductive background vocals.
Words and Music by Paul Stanley / Vini Poncia; Lead vocals by Eric Carr.
Guitar and percussion by Charles Sudiak; Keyboards by Benny Doro.
Background vocals by Marcia Juell
and Benny Doro.

Track 09 : "All Hell's Breakin' Loose" : remake / cover version by ZO2.

Track 10 : "Dial L For Love" : Written in 1987, this demo, was one step away from being complete. After so many years Kiss fans can finally hear this unreleased track.
Music by Eric Carr and Adam Mitchell. Performed, by Eric Carr.

Track 11 : "Elephant Man" : Eric Carr's last known composition. Carr wrote the lyrics for the song early 1991. Due to his untimely death, he would never complete it. In 2006, music was composed to complete this song.
This song also reunites Eric with his family, as his sister Maria and niece Sara- Jean, pay tribute with their heartfelt background vocals.
Lyrics by Eric Carr. Music composed by
Nick Clements and Bob Gilmartin.
Lead vocals, guitars and percussion by Bob Gilmartin. Bass by Marko Pukkila.
Drums by AJ Pero (Twisted Sister); Intro lead guitar by Kee Marcello, ( Europe).
Background vocals by Maria and Sara- Jean, Bob Gilmartin.

Track 13 : "Midnite Stranger" : Ex- KISS guitarist Mark St. John contacted Eric Carr's family in 2006. Eric had given Mark a cassette tape containing a demo of a song that Eric Carr wrote called "Midnite Stranger". When Mark heard that there was a new Eric Carr CD in the works, he was eager to be part of it. Weeks before Mark's death he was in the process of creating some heavy guitar parts for the song. Sadly, Mark St. John pasted away in 2007, before he could complete them. This heavy rocker comes from that original 25 year old cassette tape (1986). Written and performed by Eric Carr.
Additional mixing by Beth Jordan and Loretta Caravello.

Track 14 : "Eyes Of Love" : Just like "Shandi" (track 08 on this disc), this version is build around Eric Carr's original lead and background vocal tracks of the original demo version of the song which appears on "Rockology". This new version is performed by Benny Doro and long-time Eric Carr admirer John Humphrey (Seether).
Music and lyrics by Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Adam Mitchell.
Lead and background vocals by Eric Carr.
Guitars, bass, additional background vocals by Benny Doro. Drums by John Humphrey.

Track 16 : "Through The Years" : Follow a young striving musician Paul Caravello as a 17 year old practicing drums in his basement becomes a master of his craft Eric Carr, drummer for the greatest band in the land, KISS ! Music written and performed by Eric Carr. Compiled, Edited and Engineered by Beth Jordan.

Track 17 : "I Cry At Night" : Remixed and Remastered, written and performed by Paul Caravello (Eric Carr) with his first band,
The Cellarman.
Music. lyrics, lead vocals and drums by Paul Caravello (Eric Carr).
David Bartky (bass); Robert Pryor (lead guitar); Victor Cohen (rhythm guitar).

Track 19 : "I Found You (The One I Adore)" : Remastered version of the 1968
The Cellarman 7" single. Music written by Bob Dorsey, Lyrics written by Harry Simon.
Performed by Paul Caravello (Eric Carr) with his first band,
The Cellarman.
Paul Caravello (Eric Carr) (lead vocals, drums, percussion); Victor Cohen (guitars, keyboards); David Bartky (bass); Bob Pryor (lead guitar); Henry De Meo (trumpet).
Produced by Vincent Vallis and Henry De Meo, who would also play the trumpet on the song.
"I Found You (The One I Adore)" also appeared as a bonus audio track on Eric Carr's "
Inside The Tale Of The Fox" DVD (2000).

Track 20 : "Down By The River" : written by Neil Young. Remastered version of a 1974 recording by
Salt and Pepper, which features Eric Carr on drums, background vocals and parts of the lead vocals.

Track 21 : "Get Down" : written by John Henderson. Remastered version of a 1974 studio demo recording by
Creation, which features Eric Carr on drums and background vocals.

Track 22 : "Black Magic Woman" : written by Peter Green. Remastered version of the Fleetwood Mac song as covered and recorded ca. 1972 by
Salt and Pepper.

Track 23 : "Listen To The Music" : written by Tom Johnston.
Remastered version of the Doobie Brothers song as covered and played live in 1977 at Copperfields by
Mother Nature Father Time.


Executive Producer : Loretta Caravello
Production assistant : Beth Jordan

Track 03, 13, 16 and all interview segments: Recorded and Mixed by Beth Jordan for Amplified Studios.

Mastered by Jon Santos for 1176 Studios.
Master compilation Mark Presti Jr. at Fox Recording Studios. (
"Shandi" : Recorded and mixed by Charles Sedlak.
"Elephant Man" : Recorded and mixed by
Bob Gilmartin.
"All Hell's Breakin Loose", "Carr Jam 1981" and
"Elephant Man" : Recorded by Jon Santos.
"Elephant Man", "Eyes Of Love" and
"Carr Jam 1981" : additional recording and mixing by Benny Doro.
"Eyes Of Love" : drum tracks Recorded by Paige Harwell at Sound Paige Studios.
"Elephant Man" : drum tracks Recorded by Mark Altman and Rico Mancini at Coolmulti- media Studios.
"Shandi" : background vocals Recorded by Marcia Juell.
"Just Can't Wait" : additional recording and mixing by Danny Roselle.
Eric Carr's interview segments : additional recordings provided by AJ Confessors.

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