GLAMNATION  Eric Singer (as Doyle Harris)
Live Performances July 1999 - January 2001 (?)


songs performed live by GlamNation 
01  Intro - Rock n’ Roll Pt. 2 Gary Glitter cover
02  Fox on the Run Sweet cover
03  Ballroom Blitz Sweet cover
04  Ziggy Stardust David Bowie cover
05  Cherry Bomb The Runaways cover
06  Hot Child In The City Nick Gilder cover
07  It’s Only Rock n’ Roll Rolling Stones cover
08  I Wanna Be Your Dog Iggy Pop cover
09  Do Ya Wanna Touch Me? Gary Glitter / Joan Jett cover
10  All the Young Dudes David Bowie / Mott The Hoople cover
11  School’s Out Alice Cooper cover
12  No More Mr. Nice Guy Alice Cooper cover
13  Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting Elton John cover
14  S.O.S. Abba cover
15  Hells Bells AC/DC cover
16  You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC cover
17  Be My Lover Alice Cooper cover
18  My Generation The Who cover
19  We Are The Champions Queen cover
20  20th Centery Boy T-Rex cover
21  Shock Me Kiss cover
22  Beth (Eric Singer - lead vocals) Kiss cover
23  Rock 'n Roll All Nite  Kiss cover

musicians 1999:

Eric Singer (as Doyle Harris) - drums, lead vocals
Ryan Roxie (as Peter Kensington) - guitars
Eric Dover (as J.C. Jackson) - lead vocals, guitars
Stefan Adika (as Yashiya) - bass
Derek Sherinian (as Ricky Lemons) - keyboards

musicians 2000:
Eric Singer - drums, lead vocals
Ryan Roxie - guitars
Eric Dover - lead vocals, guitars
Stefan Adika - bass
Teddy Zig Zag - keyboards

GlamNation was a L.A. Glam covers band formed in 1999 by Ryan Roxie (Electric Angels).
The fun glam band used to play around the L.A. area in summer of 1999 and even did play Scandinavia April 2000.

Except for bass player Stefan Adika (L.A. Guns,
Gilby Clarke), the 2000 line up of GlamNation became Alice Cooper 2001 backing band, and with Chuck Garric on bass they recorded "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper" (2003).

video filmed by SC April 23, 2000 - Sweden, Helsingborg, The Tivoli
Rock and Roll Part 2 / Ballroom Blitz / Ziggy Stardust / 20th Century Boy / Shock Me
Hells Bells / You Shook Me All Night Long / Girl from Ipanema (jam) /
I Wanna Be Your Dog / Beth (Eric Singer)

00:00 video filmed by SC April 21, 2000 - Norway, Oslo, Tors Hammer
Rock and Roll Part 2 / Ballroom Blitz / No More Mr. Nice Guy / 20th Century Boy / Shock Me
21.10 April 22, 2000 - Sweden, Göteborg, Sticky Fingers - soundcheck
Fox On The Run / It's Only Rock 'n Roll / Nothin' To Lose

Extra NOTES :
Eric Singer (
KISSasylum 1999) : I have this coverband GLAMNATION where we do early 70's glam. The band has Ryan Roxie, who plays with Alice Cooper, and this guy Eric Dover, who used to be in Jellyfish, and Derek Sherinian from Dream Theater, who also played with KISS on the Revenge Tour, off-stage. We just do it for fun. We just started doing them recently and we play on every Sunday night at The Gig. We play at 11:30 at Club American Style which is located at the Gig at 7302 Melrose Avenue (Los Angeles). The cross street is Poinsettia, like the flower. We've done it two times and we are doing it three more times, and then I am leaving to go on tour with Alice and so is Ryan. Ryan and I are going to go do Alice's tour, but we are doing it three more Sundays. We actually do early 70's glam like Sweet, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, that kind of stuff. Put it this way, everybody will know every song that we play and they will really enjoy the songs. And we actually have all glitter glam guitars and clothes and makeup, we do the whole schtick! We do it just for fun and people that have come down so far have really liked it! The reaction has been nothing but really positive. I had this idea to do this last year, I wanted to try and put something together last year with some other different people and it just didn't work. I wanted to do something for fun because my attitude has basically always been that if I am not going to be rich or famous in this business, then I better damn well have fun! You know, when you played for beer keg parties in kids' basements when you were teenagers you didn't think about money. You played because you had fun, you got a kick out of it and it got you off. I wanted to still do things like that once in a while that are just purely for the sake of entertainment, enjoyment and fun. 
I also play Tuesday nights with Teddy Zigzag, who runs like a jam night kind of a thing at the Baked Potato in the Valley. There are two of them in L.A. area and it's at the Valley Baked Potato on Tuesday nights. The band is Teddy Zigzag, Gilby Clarke and Stefan and myself, called Blues Mafia, and we just do like some blues stuff, some rock and roll stuff, and then we let people come up and jam. Bruce has come and jammed, Slash was there a couple of weeks ago, C.C. Deville was there two weeks ago and came down with his band and played, you never know who might come in. Bruce Willis has come in there and jammed! Teddy Andreadis, we call him Teddy Zigzag, Teddy runs the show and and he has had different musicians in the band at different times. Right now he has been using myself and Gilby and Stefan for the summer and we are going to be doing that on Tuesday nights up until the 17th. 10 to 2 Tuesday nights at the Baked Potato in the Valley.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Eric Singer (official)

Ryan Roxie (official)

Derek Sherinian (official)

Teddy 'ZigZag' Andreadis (official)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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