Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA
Lost In Space Part 2

Released : November 16, 2007
Produced by : Sascha Paeth & Tobias Sammet
Time (audio) : 22:

01 Lost In Space (3:49) Tobias Sammet
02 Promised Land  (4:50) Tobias Sammet
03 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (3:51) W.Cann/ B.Currie/ M.Ure/ C.Cross
04 Scary Eyes (3:30) Tobias Sammet
05 In My Defense (3:56) D.Clark / D.Soames/J.Daniels
06 Lost In Space (live in studio) * (4:33)Tobias Sammet
07 The Road To Avantasia( video) (7:03) Studio report with interview
08 Slideshow + Wallpaper

* Track 06 recorded live at at Gatestudio, Wolfsburg, Germany.

(NB 27361-19912) original release November 2007, by Nuclear Blast Germany

Europe (Germany) : Nuclear Blast - compact disc - NB 27361-19912

basic line up :
Tobias Sammet (lead vocals, bass)
Eric Singer (drums)
Sascha Paeth (rhythm and lead guitars)

guest musicians :
Michael "Miro" Rodenberg (Keyboards and orchstration)
Henjo Richter (lead guitar on track 02, 03, 04)
Amanda Somerville (additional lead vocals on track 01 and 06)
Jorn Lande (additional lead vocals on track 02)
Michael Kiske (additional lead vocals on track 02) 

Produced by Sascha Paeth and Tobias Sammet.
Recorded by Sascha Paeth at Gatestudio, Wolfsburg and Vox-Klangstudio, Hamburg.
Additional Engineering by Olaf Reitmeier & Simon Oberender.
Additional recordings by Mark Stuart at Madhat-Studio, Wolverhampton, UK.
Mixed by Sascha Paeth at Gatestudio, Wolfsburg.

Track 01 : taken from the album " The Scarecrow " ; Out January 25, 2008.

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AVANTASIA - Lost In Space
Lost In Space


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Tobias Sammet (official)

Eric Singer (official)

Nuclear Blast (Germany)

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