STREAM original release STREAM reissue 'Chasin' the Dragon'  
Nothing Is Sacred

Released : April 1998
Produced by : Stream
Time : 49:07
  (without bonus tracks)
Time : 67:08  (with 4 bonus tracks, Mausoleum Records, reissue 2003)

01 Chasin' The Dragon (3:45) Stream *
02 Snake Eyed Moon (4:17) Stream *
03 Rock Bottom (6:15) Stream *
04 Camouflage (4:44) Stream *
05 Fade To Black (5:41) Stream *
06 Bed Of Fire (4:40) Stream *
07 Blood For Gold (4:50) Stream *
08 Far From The Maddening Crowd (4:09) Stream *
09 The Other Side (instrumental) (4:45) Scheithauer
10 Still Believe (5:17) Stream *
11 Real World  (3:58) Scheithauer **
12 Heaven's Gate (4:24) Scheithauer **
13 Tonight You're Gonna Fly (5:02) Scheithauer **
14 In Your Lies (4:54) Scheithauer **

* All music written by Scheithauer/Daisley/Singer, all lyrics by D.G.Eisley.
except track 9 ; written by Scheithauer.

** reissue by Mausoleum Records with a new title "Chasin' the Dragon". 
     Eric Singer is not playing on any of the new songs.

** Track 11 and 12; music Peter Scheithauer and lyrics David Glen Eisley
** Track 13 and 14; music Peter Scheithauer and lyrics David Reece.

(various) original release April 1998 by East/West Records.

Europe (Germany) : USG Records, (East/West Records) - compact disc - CD-USG-1022-2
Europe (Italy)       : Frontiers Records - compact disc - FR CD 005   (May 15, 1998)
USA                     : Pavement Records - compact disc - 76962-32337-1/2 (1999)

Reissued in 2003 as "Chasin' the Dragon" by Mausoleum Records, with 4 bonus tracks.
Europe (Belgium)  : Mausoleum Records - compact disc - 251029 

musicians (track 01 - 10) :
Eric Singer (drums on complete album; except on track 9)
Peter Scheithauer (guitars)
David Glenn Eisley (lead vocals, 6- and 12- string acoustic guitars)
Bob Daisley (bass, except on track 9)
Pat Regan (additional keyboards)
Pat Torpey (additional drums on track 9)
Chuck Wright (additional bass on track 9)

musicians on bonus tracks (track 11 - 14) :
Peter Scheithauer (guitars)
David Glenn Eisley (lead vocals on track 11, 12)
Stet Howland  ( drums on track 11, 12)
Mike Duda ( bass on track 11, 12)
David Reece (lead vocals on track 13, 14)
Pat Torpey (drums on track 13, 14)
Chuck Wright (bass on track 13, 14)

Produced by Stream, Engineered by Robert Pineda.
Recorded at Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, CA; Studio One Hollywood, CA;
Metrosound, Granada Hills, CA.
Track 11 and 12 are recorded at Redrum Studio, Los Angeles, CA.
Mixed by Pat Regan at New Century Media, Los Angeles, CA.
Mastered by Mike Fuller at Criteria Recording Studios.

David Glenn Eisley (ex- Giuffria, ex- Dirty White Boy)
Bob Daisley (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex- Black Sabbath).

Project of Eric Singer's good friend Peter Scheithauer.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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Peter Scheithauer (by Melodic Rock)


Eric Singer (official)

Bob Daisley (official)

Frontiers Records

Mausoleum Records

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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