The Hand That Rocks

Released : November 20, 2002
Produced by : Jesse Damon and Paul Sabu
Time : 44:27

01  Gotta Let It Go  (3:53) Held /Teeley
02  Bad Bizzness (4:39) Damon / Sabu / Bradley
03  Love Isn't Love (4:45) Damon / Sabu 
04  Lay The Blame (4:39) Damon / Sabu
05  Help Me (3:36) Damon / Sabu
06  Do You Feel Lucky Tonight (3:41) Sabu / Tims
07  If She'd Be Mine (3:09) Damon
08  Everybody Needs Somebody (4:28) Simmons / Damon
09  Dear Sanity (3:57) Damon / Sabu
10  Someone Like You (4:01) Damon / Sabu
11  Heart of Love (3:19) Damon / Sabu
12  Something To Believe In *   (0:00) ......

* Bonus track to be included on US single and on European version (Z Records, 2003)

(0F 115280-2) release, November 20, 2002 by On Fire, USA

USA     : On Fire Records/M&K Sound Entertainment - compact disc - OF 115280-2 
Europe : On Fire Records/M&K Sound Entertainment - compact disc - OF 115280-2
Distributed Worldwide by M&K Sound Entertainment 

Europe : Z Records - compact disc - .......... (released May 26, 2003)

musicians :
Jesse Damon (lead & backing vocals, guitar, bass)
Todd Herreman (keyboards, key bass, fairlight)
Michael French (keyboards, Programming
Teri Tims (backing vocals)
Terry Wood (backing vocals) 

special guest musicians :
Paul Sabu (backing vocals, guitar, bass, programming, string arrangements, lead solo on "Heart Of Love")
Teri Tims (Lead & backing vocals on "Do You Feel Lucky Tonight") 

Produced by Jesse Damon and Paul Sabu.
Recorded by Paul Sabu and Michael French.
Mixed by Paul Sabu and Michael French.
Recorded and mixed at Valley Center Studios, Van Nuys, Ca. 
The French Brothers Studios, Burbank, Ca.
Preproduction & additional recordings at Fort Rocks 1 Studios, Pacific Palicades, Ca.
Mastered at A&M Records by Arnie Acosta and Moonlight Mastering by Nancy Matter.

Track 08 : "Everybody Needs Somebody" written by Gene Simmons and Jesse Damon, this song was considered for use by KISS on their "Psycho Circus" album (1998).
The song was originally written in the era Gene Simmons was working with Jesse Damon's band SILENT RAGE, specifically the "Revenge" album (1992).

Born and raised in Southern California, Jesse Damon began singing, and playing guitar at an early age, and music became his pathway in life! After years of performances, and lots of hard work, Jesse forged a melodic signature sound for himself.

Well known as the lead vocalist & lead guitarist for the band  "SILENT RAGE," he is now, also a Solo Artist! Jesse began his recording, and songwriting career with
SILENT RAGE debut CD entitled "Shattered Hearts," followed by "Donít Touch Me There," and the 2002 release "Still Alive!"

Next, he co-wrote the song "Thou Shalt Not" with Gene Simmons on the KISS CD "Revenge,"
which resulted in a Gold Album for Jesse.
He sang back-up on KISS "Hot In The Shade" &" Revenge" albums, and has demoed numerous songs for the albums "Carnival Of Souls," & "Psycho Circus."

Jesse also received Emmy Award Certificates for his contribution in Set-Lighting on the Television Production Sit-Coms "Frasier" & "Sister Sister."

His latest accomplishment is the release of his debut CD "The Hand That Rockís."
Featuring a song by Gene Simmons & Jesse Damon entitled "Everybody Needs Somebody," a powerful anthem. It also includes "Gotta Let It Go" by Bob Held & Tom Teeley, a song about a melodic tale of hard to say goodbye, and "Love Isnít Love" by Jesse Damon & Paul Sabu, a hit ballad that leaves the listener wanting moreÖ

Jesse has appeared on several different compilations, and sound tracks, and attributes much of his success to his songwriting, and collaborating with talented musicians. He has worked with some of the best producers, session musicians, recording artistís, and songwriterís in the business!

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Jesse Damon 

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