Psycho Circus demo recordings
Gene Simmons / KISS  
Psycho Circus demo's (unreleased)

Original Recording: 1997 - 1998
Produced by: various producers

01  In Your Face (3:35) Simmons (Frehley lead vocals)
02  I Want To Rule The World (4:35) Simmons
03  Weapons Of Mass Destruction (0:00) Simmons
04  Sweet and Dirty (2:49) Simmons
05  You Are Mine (0:00) Simmons
06  Carnival Of Souls (5:03) Simmons / Scott Van Zen
07  untitled song (0:00) Simmons / Jesse Damon
08  untitled song (0:00) Simmons / Jesse Damon
09  I Only Come Out At Night (0:00) Simmons
10  I Had A Dream (0:00) Simmons
11  Night Screams (0:00) Simmons 
12  Twin Lies (0:00) Simmons
13  I am Yours (4:41) Simmons
14  Temptation  (0:00) Simmons
15  Grease & Grime (0:00) Simmons
16  7th Heaven (0:00) Simmons
17  Rain Keeps Fallin' (4:13) Simmons


Track 01 : "In Your Face" was written by Gene Simmons for Ace Frehley to sing.
Released as a bonus track on Japanese KISS "Psycho Circus" album, and as "Non-album Bonus Track" on various versions of the KISS "We Are One" CD-single.

Track 02 : This Gene Simmons composition was written with Ace Frehley in mind.

Track 03 : Gene Simmons recorded this demo-track with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. Originally, the song – when still titled Psycho Circus (Weapons Of Mass Destruction) was written by Gene for consideration as the title track for the 1998 album Psycho Circus, but eventually Paul’s song with the same name was chosen as the title track.
The song finally ended on Gene Simmons 2004 solo album "Asshole".

Track 04 : "Sweet and Dirty" was originally written in 1977 (it was titled "Jelly Roll" back then), Gene has re-written it over the years (at one time it was titled "Rotten To The Core") and in 1998 KISS recorded a version of "Sweet and Dirty" for "Psycho Circus" but it never made the final selection for the album. 
For his 2004 solo album Asshole" Gene recorded the tune again, this time with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. 

Track 05 : It's not clear if this song is demoed or recorded.

Track 06 : Gene Simmons started writing the song "Carnival Of Souls" in 1993 but needed the help of Scott Van Zen (who worked with Gene on several KISS songs throughout the 90s) to finish it. "Carnival Of Souls" was demoed during the recording sessions for the "Carnival Of Souls" album that finally saw the light of day in ’97, but it did not end up on the album. 
A little later, it was also demoed during the recording sessions for the album that would become "Psycho Circus" in 1998. But again it did not make the album. 
For his 2004 solo album "Asshole" , Gene recycled the song and invited Ritchie Kotzen to play guitar.

Track 09 - 11 : It's not clear if these songs are demoed or recorded.

Track 12 - 16 : Gene Simmons related song titles mentioned in interviews during the "Psycho Circus" recording sessions.

Track 17 : various versions of
"Rain Keeps Fallin'" does exist.
An early version of a song is demoed in 1991 - 1992 with SILENT RAGE, while a different little shorter 3:55 version appeared on Gene Simmons' late 2006 "FAMILY JEWELS "Monster" Sampler bonus CD".

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