SMASHED GLADYS - Raw (2022)    
Smashed Gladys

Released : Oktober 7, 2022
Produced by : Mark Dearnley
Time : 72:00 (?) 

01 Black Beauties & Blue Eyed Blondes (4:23) Cato/Lewis
02 Move Over (3:54) Cato/Lewis
03 Bump In The Night (3:16) Cato/Lewis
04 Bleed For Me (3:55) Cato/Lewis
05 Tattooed Blue (3:58) Cato/Lewis
06 Beggars & Thieves (5:52) Cato/Lewis
07 That Woman (3:52) Cato/Lewis
08 Rented Dreams (4:57) Cato/Lewis
09 What A Shame (3:13) Cato/Lewis
10 Go to Hell (4:33) Cato/Lewis
11 Ain't Looking for Love (3:57) Cato/Lewis
12 Weekend Whiskey/Lost Generation (4:30) Cato/Lewis
13 Broadway Babies & White House Ladies (3:46) Cato/Lewis
14 Never Take No (For An Answer) (3:31) Cato/Lewis
15 Give It All You've Got (4:16) Simmons/Japp
16 Stand Tall (3:34) Cato/Lewis
17 The Beat Goes On (3:55) .... / Cher (?)
18 B.A.D. (bonus track) (3:29) Cato/Lewis


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Smashed Gladys is :
Sally Cato (vocals
Bart Lewis (guitar)
Marcel La Fleur (guitar)
J.D. Malo (bass)
Matt Stellutto (drums)

Produced by Mark Dearnley.
Track 14 - 17 Produced by Gene Simmons (1984 - 1985).

Trck 15 : "Give It All You Got" is Smashed Glady's version of Gene Simmons 1982 demo "It's Gonna Be Alright" with new lyrics.

Extra details / History : 
SMASHED GLADYS was formed in Toronto, Canada, 1984 , they decide to move to New York real quick and it’s there where these sleazy, rude and crude rockers career starts,  fronted by an awesome female vocalist. 

Under Tommy Boyce’s guidance, who (along with his partner Mickey Hart) had coined most of The Monkees‘ songs, SMASHED GLADYS began rehearsing at a well-known studio in midtown Manhattan. SMASHED GLADYS started playing venues in and around the NYC area, during which time they met Gene Simmons, who offered them a production/management deal. The band’s original 4 members: Sally Cato (vocals), Bart Lewis (guitar), Matt Stellutto (drums) and Ken Fox (bass) from Toronto’s Raving Mojo’s, Jason and the Scorchers and The Fleshtones, along with the addition of Hilly Michaels, drummer from the Ian Hunter band – went into the studio and recorded close to an album’s worth of material produced by Gene Simmons.

After Gene Simmons had produced their
demo tape he presented them to the (Wolverhampton based English record company) Heavy Metal America.
After the release of their
debut album, the band started touring in the US. They played with CHEAP TRICK. They played in almost every joint in New York, and through playing live they got the recognition that they were looking for. In 1986 they also played in New York, in the Cat Club. The band was joined on stage by Anton Fig, Richie Scarlett and Ace Frehley (all FREHLEY’S COMET band for the encores, playing KISS classic “Cold Gin” and ACE FREHLEY’S classic “Rip It Out”. 

In 1988 the band signed by the major Elektra label and released their second album "Social Intercourse" the same year. 

The Raw album is a collection of some of the works that were initially the demos for the third record, which have been remixed by the bands first producer, Mark Dearnley.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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Smashed Gladys 

Smashed Gladys demo
demo 1985

SMASHED GLADYS - same title 1985




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D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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