GENE SIMMONS - Speaking In Tongues
Speaking In Tongues

Released : 2004
Running Time : 68:
41 (+ "Firestarter" video - 3:22)

Never Before Seen Gene Simmons Lecture Tour Footage
Gene Simmons Hollywood A**hole Party
Private Tour Of His Beverley Hills Mansion
Behind The Scenes At The Firestarter Video Shoot

01. Luckiest Guy In The World
02. Melbourne
03. Somewhere in Hollywood
04. Mothers
05. " Firestarter " Video Shoot
06. Honesty
07. Astonishing
08. Business
09. Cash
10. Sydney
11. Barely Working
12. Solo Album
13. Credits

01. Firestarter (the video)

Listed below is the Soundtrack music which plays on the background, and features demo versions of songs that will be appearing on an upcoming GENE SIMMONS 100 BOXSET - 100 songs that have never been released.
"Weapons" - "Carnival Of Souls" - "Sweet and Dirty Love" - "Am I Losing My Mind" -
"Damn I'm Good" - "Every Day Above Ground" - "Everybody Knows" - 
"Granny Takes A Trip" - "I Turn To stone" - "It 2" - "Jellyroll" - "You Kill Me" - 
"Rock It Hard" - "Mirage" - "Radio Active" - "Rotten II" - "Rotten To The Core" - 
"Son of 7th" - "Too Hot Too Cold" - "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" - 
"You're My Reason For Living" - "I Wanna Rule The WOrld" - "Into The Void" - 
"I Am Yours" - "Rain Keeps Falling" - "Take It Like A Man".

USA : Sanctuary - NTSC DVD Region 1 - 06076-88392-9 (USA, 2004)
UK :   Sanctuary Visual Entertainment - DVD - SVE4009 (UK, November 22, 2004)
UK :   Sanctuary Visual Entertainment Midline - DVD - SVEM0-259 (UK, May 29, 2006)

NOTES (Press Release) :
"Speaking In Tongues" chronicles Gene Simmons' first ever, no holds barred 'lecture tour' of Australia, shocking and tantalizing his audiences by speaking his mind on his favorite topics - Money, Success, Fame , KISS and of course Women! Other highlights from "Speaking In Tongues" include a fascinating in-depth look at one of rock 'n' roll's most legendary icon's private life including his home, his family and his various business dealings. Additionally, the DVD includes for the first time anywhere, over ten never-before-released Gene Simmons songs from the seventies through to the nineties.

"Speaking In Tongues", is an intimate and revealing portrayal of Simmons' personal philosophies of life. Simmons (arguably the most opinionated man in music) states, "I decide things for myself, convention in society says I'm supposed to get married, I'm supposed to do this… I refuse. I'm a contradiction to all this stuff… I'm willing to bear all the criticism and I'm willing to take all the rewards. All the blame, but all the credit": a brave statement from a man unafraid of pushing the envelope and dealing with the consequences.

Most recently, Simmons co-founding member of KISS, America's No.1 Gold Record Champions Of All Time (RIAA - Group Category), released his highly anticipated second solo effort, "A**hole", revealing yet another side to the multi-talented artist. Like his 1978 self-titled solo album, "A**hole" is a diverse forward thinking, genre splitting effort and features a number of musical luminaries which include Bob Dylan, Dave Navarro and the Zappa Family.

KISS, who have rock and rolled all night and partied every day for over three decades, breaking box office attendance records set by Elvis Presley and the Beatles, continue to conquer audiences with their current 2004 "Rock The Nation" world-wide tour.

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