VOODOOLAND (Karl Cochran)

Released : April 11, 2000
Produced by : Karl Cochran
Time : 29:

01  Freedom (3:52) Cochran/Mason/Terkildsen
02  Caroline (4:06) Cochran/Mason/Terkildsen
03  Make Up Your Mind (4:24) Cochran/Mason/Terkildsen
04  Inside Looking Out (4:08) Cochran/Mason/Terkildsen
05  I'll Lay Down (4:40) Cochran/Mason/Terkildsen
06  Higher (4:00) Sly and the Family Stone
07  Freedom (demo version) (3:54) Cochran/Mason/Terkildsen

(NRS 1263) released 2000 by NRS Records

USA : NRS Records - compact disc - NRS 1263 - ( limited edition of 1.000 copies. )

musicians :
Karl Cochran (guitars, bass, vocals)
Bruce Terkildsen (vocals, bass)
Billy Orrico (drums)
Ace Frehley (guitar on track 7, guitar solo out..)
Eric Singer  (drums  on track 1, 2, 3, 7)
Dave Halpin (drums track 6)
Tommy Lamb (harp on track 6)

All songs written by Karl Cochran, Robert Mason, and Bruce Terkildsen, except  "Higher" written by Sly And The Family Stone. 
All tracks engineered and recorded by Karl Cochran, except drum tracks on 1, 2, 3; engineered by Steve Deacutis.
Drum track 7 recorded by Curt Cuomo and backward intro recorded by Bill Tejral.
All tracks mixed by Dave Wittman.
Mastered by Kevin Reeves at Universal/Polygram.
Recorded at NRS Studios, New Jersey.

Karl Cochran, Bruce Terkildsen and Billy Orrico are all from the band Far Cry.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Karl Cochran (official)

Eric Singer (official)

Ace Frehley (official)

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