Allan Holdsworth - Road Games
Allan Holdsworth
Road Games EP

Released : 1983
Produced by : Allan Holdsworth
Time : 24:

01 Three Sheets to the Wind (4:12) Allan Holdsworth
02 Road Games (4:07) Allan Holdsworth / Paul Williams
03 Water on the Brain Pt. II (2:43) Allan Holdsworth
04 Tokyo Dream (4:01) Allan Holdsworth
05 Was There? (4:04) Allan Holdsworth / Paul Williams
06 Material Real (4:40) Allan Holdsworth / Paul Williams

(9 23959-1 B) released 1983 by Warner Bros. Records USA.

USA        : Warner Bros. Records ‎- vinyl EP - 9 23959-1 B
Germany : Warner Bros. Records ‎- vinyl EP - 92-3959-1
Japan     : Warner Bros. Records ‎- vinyl EP - P-6194

USA    : Gnarly Geezer Records - compact disc - none (CD reissue 2001)
USA    : Globe Music Media Arts - compact disc - GMMA 2100-2 (CD reissue 2002)
Japan : Belle Antique / Warner Music Japan - compact disc - 1-23959 (CD reissue 2009)

musicians :
Allan Holdsworth (guitars)
Mark St. John (does not play un-credited additional guitars; see extra notes) *

Paul Williams (lead vocals on track 02)

Jack Bruce (lead vocals on track 05 and 06)
Jeff Berlin (bass)

Chad Wackerman (drums)

Joe Turano (backing vocals)
Paul Korda (backing vocals)
Paul Williams (backing vocals)

Executive-Producer : Ted Templeman
Track 01, 02 and 04 produced by Allan Holdsworth.
Track 01, 02 and 04 mixed by Robert Feist.
Track 03, 05 and 06 mixed by Mark Linett.
Recorded and Mixed at Music Grinder Studios.
Mixed at Amigo Studios.
Engineers : Gary Skardina, Jeff Silver, Jeremy Smith, Robert Feist.
Mastered by John Matousekat at Motown Record Corporation.

Extra NOTES (Thanks to Ole Sørensen) :
In a 1984 article of French Force magazine it's mentioned that Mark St. John played
un-credited guitars on Allan Holdsworth "Road Games" EP.
Years later it's confirmed that Mark St. John was in the studio with Allan Holdsworth.
September 20, 2021 Eddie Coralnick clarified that Mark St. John does not play on Allan Holdsworth's "Roadgames" album, despite rumors among Kiss fans.
Mark St. John did bring a Strobotuner and other tools and tuned and set up all the guitars including bass guitar. Eddie Coralnick managed both Allan Holdsworth and Mark St. John at the time and was present during the recordings.
Once again, all this information comes courtesy of the utterly amazing Shane Bankston.

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Allan Holdsworth (facebook)

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