JOEY C JONES - Best Of Volume One (2017)
Best Of Volume One

Released : April 29, 2017
Produced by : various (incl. Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Dito Godwin)
Time : 75:

01 I Can Wait All Night (3:19) Nielsen / Waybill
02 Summer Song (3:37) Jones
03 She Loves (4:23) Jones / Hamilton
04 Plastic Grin (3:08) Jones / Baird / Farrington
05 30 Silver More (2:45) Jones / Hawkins
06 Space Fatigue (4:36) Jones / Baird
07 Arsenic Bubblegum (3:20) Jones / Crow
08 Over and Over Again (4:50) Roland / Jones / Farrington / Sogo
09 The Role You Know So Well (4:06) Jones / Farrington
10 A Thousand Bitter Days (2:57) Hawkins
11 Hey Strawberry (2:50) Jones / Crow
12 Falling Star Potion (3:49) Jones / Crow
13 Gimme Help (Euphoria) (3:04) Jones / Crow
14 All I Need To Know (4:33) Jones / Farrington
15 Re-evolve (3:38) Jones
16 Broadway (3:54) Jones / DeVille
17 Kiss the World (4:07) Jones
18 Sensation of the Ages (2:30) Jones / Baird
19 It's Everywhere (3:56) Jones / Hamilton
20 Castles in the Sky (2:39) Jones / Hamilton
21 Comin' On (3:55) Jones / Mark St.John

(DDR115) released 2017 by Demon Doll Records USA.

USA        : Demon Doll Records - compact disc - DDR115

Producers : Joey C. Jones, Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Dito Godwin, Chris Bell, Dave Crow, Davies Baird.

Track 01, 03, 09, 14, 16, 17, 19 and 20 :
Taken from the album "Joey C. Jones and The Glory Hounds" (1993).
Joey C. Jones and The Glory Hounds are :
Joey C. Jones (lead and backing vocals)
Adam Hamilton (drums, acoustic guitar)
Les Farrington (keyboards)
Christopher Torok (bass)
Craig Bradford (lead guitar)
Produced by Dito Godwin
Engineered  by Michael Carnevale,Assisted Engineer Annebritte Makebakken.
Doug Shawe (additional keyboards)
Dito Godwin (additional guitar and percussion)
Rusti van Velsen (additional bass)

Track 02, 08 :
Taken from the (unreleased) self titled Shock Tu album (1989/1990).
Shock Tu are :
Joey C. Jones (lead vocals)
Jim Miller (bass)
Ken Koudelka (drums)
Rick Soga (guitar)
Les Farrington (keyboards, backing vocals)
Produced by Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander.

Track 04, 05, 06 15, 18 :
Taken from the self titled Crabtree album (1999).
Crabtree are :
Joey C. Jones (lead vocals)
Dave Crow (guitar)
Davies Baird (bass)
Ken Koudelka (drums)

Track 07, 11 :
Taken from the self titled Orange Helicopter album (2000).
Orange Helicopter are :
Joey C. Jones (lead vocals)
further details unknown

Track 16 :
as recorded by Needle Park.
Joey C. Jones (lead vocals)
CC Deville (guitars ??)
further details unknown

Extra NOTES (from KISS-Related Recordings) :
Compared to the other 20 songs on this disc, the Joey C. Jones / Mark St. John penned "Comin' On" sounds like a very good demo-recording. The song must have been taped in 1989 / 1990 prior to Shock Tu's (unreleased) debut album.
It's unconfirmed by Joey yet, but it's possible that Mark St. John also plays guitar on this recording. Also unconfirmed is that Joey C. Jones and Mark St. John wrote 2 more songs together.

In 1985 vocalist Joey C Jones had been approached by Dana Strum in regard to auditioning for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Strum ended up producing the Sweet Savage EP (1985) at Baby-O Studios in Hollywood.

further details unknown / further details will follow

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