Magic Bullet Theory

Released : January 14, 2003
Produced by : Mark St. John
Time : 50:01

01 AWOL  (4:37) St John
02 Magic Bullet Theory (4:38) St John 
03 Bourbon Street (2:01) St John 
04 Slave Driver (3:31) St John 
05 Utopian Trip (4:45) St John 
06 Communicator (4:02) St John 
07 Baghdad (3:35) St John
08 Wait No More (4:35) St John 
09 Between the Lines (4:27) St John
10 The Lone Gunman (6:13)  St John
** Waiting On A Call (1:40) St John 

All tracks are instrumental versions.

** A selected number of CD's contains a special hidden track 'Waiting On A Call'. 
The CD's containing the bonus song is distributed at random and is a treat for lucky fans. 

(LNMRCD) released 2003 by Loch Ness Monster Records

Canada : Loch Ness Monster Records - compact disc - LNMRCD

Band line-up :
Mark St. John (all guitars, mandolin, banjo, bazooka, balalaika)
Michael Norton (all electric basses)
Dave Goode (drums and percussion)

Produced by Mark St. John. 
Executive Producer; Stephen Campbell.
Recorded at Skipmaster Studios, Anaheim, CA.
Engineered by Mike Duganne.
Mixed by Steve Major for Steve Major Productions.
Mastered at the Velvet Room by Steve Major.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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