Metallic Assault 
Metallic Assault
A Tribute To Metallica

Released : November 27, 2000
Produced by : Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet
Time : 57:45

01 Battery (5:20) Hetfield/Ulrich
02 Sad But True (5:19) Hetfield/Ulrich
03 Sanitarium (6:25) Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammet
04 The Unforgiven (6:31) Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammet
05 The Thing That Should Not Be (6:16) Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammet
06 Enter Sandman (5:27) Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammet
07 Whiplash (4:08) Hetfield/Ulrich
08 Nothing Else Matters (6:20) Hetfield/Ulrich
09 Seek & Destroy (6:44) Hetfield/Ulrich
10 For Whom The Bell Tolls (5:15) Hetfield/Ulrich/Burton

(EAGCD129) released  2000 by Triage / Eagle Records

Europe  : Triage Records / Eagle Records - compact disc - EDL EAG321-2/ EAGCD129
USA      : Triage Records / Big Eye Music  - compact disc - ... (February 13, 2001)

musicians / Details on Track 2 :
Eric Singer (drums)
Bruce Kulick (guitars)
Joey Belladonna (vocals)
Marco Mendoza (bass)

musicians (complete list) :
Track 01 : Eric A.K./ Mike Clark/ Robert Trujillo/ Dave Lombardo
Track 02 : Joey Belladonna/ Bruce Kulick/ Marco Mendoza/ Eric Singer
Track 03 : Whitefield Crane/ John Marshall/ Scott Ian/ Tony Levin/ Mickey Dee
Track 04 : Doug Pinnick/ Vernon Reid/ Tony Franklin/ Frankie Banali
Track 05 : John Garcia/ Kurdt Vanderhoof/ Jeff Pilson/ Jason Bonham
Track 06 : Burton C. Bell/ John Christ/ Robert Trujillo/ Tommy Aldridge
Track 07 : Billy Milano/ Scott Ian/ Phil Soussan/ Vinny Appice
Track 08 : John Oliva/ Bob Balch/ Lemmy Kilmister/ Gregg Bissonett
Track 09 : Chuck Billy/ Jake E Lee/ Jimmy Bain/ Aynsley Dunbar
Track 10 : Eric Bloom/ Al Pitrelli/ Tony Franklin/ Aynsley Dunbar

Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet.
Recorded by Bruce Bouillet. Mixed by Bruce Bouillet and Bob Kulick.
Recorded and mixed at "The Office" Van Nuys CA.

Additional guitars Bob Kulick and Doug Aldrich.
Additional background vocals on track 10 by David Glen Eisley.
Additional keyboards Paul Taylor.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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A Tribute To Metallica



Bruce Kulick (official)

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