Everybody's Crazy

Released : 1985
Produced by : Neil Kernon (and Randy Goodrum)
Time : 37:

01 Save Our Love (4:05) Bolton/Mangold
02 Everybody's Crazy (4:42) Bolton
03 Can't Turn It Off (3:58) Bolton/Mangold
04 Call My Name (4:14) Bolton/Radice
05 Everytime (3:46) Bolton/Mangold
06 Desperate Heart (4:00) Bolton/Goodrum
07 Start Breaking My Heart (4:35) Bolton/Radice
08 You Don't Want Me Bad Enough (3:49) Bolton
09 Don't Tell Me It's Over (4:00) Bolton/Mullaney

(39328) original release 1985 by Columbia (Sony)

USA     : Columbia (Sony) - compact disc / LP - 39328-2/1
Europe : CBS/ Columbia (Sony) - compact disc / LP - CBS-466662-2/1
UK       : Rock Candy Records - compact disc - Candy033 (reissue february 25, 2008)

musicians :
Michael Bolton (lead vocals, additional guitars)
Bruce Kulick (guitars, except track 6)
Kevin Dukes (guitar on track 6)
Paul Pesco (additional guitar on track 6)
Dennis Feldman (bass)
Mark Mangold (keyboards)
Mark Radice (keyboards)
Jan Mullaney (keyboards)
Allan St. John (keyboards)
Lloyd Landesman (keyboards)
Randy Goodrum (keyboards and background vocals on track 6)
Schuyler Deal (additional bass)
Neil Kernon and Doug Katsaros (additional keyboards)
Peppy Castro (background vocals)
Terry Brock (background vocals)
Joe Cerisano (background vocals)
Dennis Feldman (background vocals)

Produced, engineered and mixed by Neil Kernon except track 6.

Track 6 Produced by Randy Goodrum, 
Mixed by Elliot Scheiner at Sound Castle, Los Angeles.

Track 4 mixed by Bobby Cohen, Michael Bolton and Jan Mullaney.

Recorded at :
- the Hit Factory, engineered by Bobby Cohen and John Davenport.
- the Powerstation, engineered by Bruce Lampcov, Malcolm Pollack and John Abbey.
- Delta Recording, engineered by Andrew Milano.
- Electric Lady Studios, engineered by Bruce Buchalter.

Extra NOTES :
July 2023 Bruce Kulick shared a great memory at Guitarworld about Michael Bolton's "Everybody's Crazy" album.

The song "Everybody's Crazy" also appears in the 1986 movie "Back To School", as well as on the "Back To School - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack" vinyl album (

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Everybody's Crazy


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