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Containing news on unreleased, unfinished and shelved albums and projects, rare cover versions.
In other words, if the recording is completed and/ or released, all details can be found on KRR's regular discography pages.

November 13, 2003 : Richie Scarlet live album
From: www.richiescarletsweb.com

Richie Scarlet, who for many years has toured with guitar great Leslie West and was guitarist and vocalist of the early incarnations of Frehley's Comet and later Ace Frehley Band, will release his new live CD from Nov. 17 through Poptown Records. Richie Scarlet Live - Stage to Stage has 10 killer songs from various RS solo gigs, featuring Larry Fisher on bass, Steve Werner on drums and Pete Gallanari on keyboards.

November 8, 2003 : 
Torpedo Girls' Mike Stone prepares for very special album


"The Forgotten Songs" is the name of a project by Mike Stone from KISS cover band Torpedo Girls (www.torpedogirls.com), for which he is going to record some 12 KISS songs (demos) that have never been released of finished by KISS. Some of these tunes only exist in rough demo version without complete instruments or vocals. Mike Stone is working with a team of European musicians to turn these tracks into new recordings, with a planned release for Summer of 2004 on .95 Holy Records. At the moment we got
 much help and support from a lot of musicians and friends over Europe.
 If you ever wanted to be part of a CD recording, this is your chance as you are invited to join the recording party in Dusseldorf, Germany.

On Saturday, December 20 the recording party takes place at: Stadium At Fleher Strasse 224 b, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Mike Stone is considering an intro of the song Rotten To The Core (written by Gene Simmons in '76 during the Rock And Roll Over sessions) as a big 'scream' by the KISS fan-audience, which will be recorded digitally that night. Entrance is free and musicians of all kinds (guitar, violin, flute, etc.) on a semi professional level - and proof that you're a KISS fan - are invited to become part of this recording project too. Send you application to:
For more info, check out

October 1, 2003 : 
Ace Frehley as actor and music composer for new movie 'Remedy' ... ?

From: Internet Movie Database

According to the Internet Movie Database, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will be in the upcoming movie 'Remedy' as an actor and as the music composer. The film was written by Nicholas Reiner and directed by Christian Maelen. It's tentatively due in 2004. No further information is available at this time. 

September 1, 2003 : Robert Fleischman Added To "All Star" Project
From: www.melodicrock.com

The Christian "All-Star" project from the band Liberty n' Justice's album Welcome To The Revolution has added two new all-stars.......and the guys have now revealed the artists plus the song titles of all the songs. The North American release will have 15 tracks and overseas will have two new bonus tracks!
Now added to the album are Harry Hess and Robert Fleischman!
Also appearing are Lou Gramm (Foreigner), John Schlitt (Petra), Michael Sweet (Stryper) , Bob Carlisle, Wes King, Scott Wenzel (White Cross), Jeff Fenholt (TBN/Black Sabbath), Rick Florian (White Heart), Greg X. Volz (Petra), Jamie Rowe (Guardian/London Calling), Dale Thompson (Bride), Mike Roe (77's), Doug Phelps (Kentucky Headhunters), Mitch McVicker and Paul Q. Pek (One Bad Pig).
Robert Fleischman (ex Vinnie Vincent) will be singing on a track titled "Lord's Prayer."

More information and MP3 sound samples at:

June 20, 2003 : Paul Stanley Working On Solo Album
From: Billboard.com

Kiss co-frontman Paul Stanley is working on his first solo album in 25 years, the artist reveals to Billboard.com. As previously reported, Kiss vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons is also working on a solo project. Stanley says he's working with a crop of songwriters that includes Andreas Carlsson, who has written songs with or for the likes of Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, Backstreet Boys, LeAnn Rimes, Britney Spears and 'N Sync.
"He's a great writer, and, actually, a big Kiss fan," Stanley says, adding that he'll start really focusing on the project after Kiss' upcoming co-headlining tour with Aerosmith. "It's in the process of being shaped."
Fans shouldn't expect any unused Kiss relics to surface on the project, which should be issued next year. "I'm a big believer that, if a song doesn't make it on an album, there's a reason," Stanley says, "and to dig up something that's been sitting around for 10 or 15 years doesn't seem worth it, because at some point, sure, it can see the light of day, just by default. And that's not enough reason.
"I believe if something gets rejected time and time again, it probably doesn't belong on an album," he continues. "I also like to think that a song is like a fresh issue of a magazine or a newspaper. Ya know, the ink is still wet because it's current. Recycling old stuff, to me, is not of any interest, because as life goes on, there are new experiences to draw from."

Stanley and Simmons haven't issued solo sets since each original member of Kiss simultaneously released such a project in 1978. Simmons recently told Billboard.com his album will feature songs co-written by Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa. He's also courting the likes of Axl Rose, Phish's Trey Anastasio, and John Mellencamp for guest turns.

June 15, 2003 : Kiss ARMY NORWAY Tribute album ?
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl

Kiss Army Norway recently organized a poll looking for the best Kiss cover versions from Norway.
Below are the results of recordings which probably will appear on a  KISS ARMY NORWAY Tribute compilation, which release are planned later this year.

BEST KISS-COVER Version (over all)
C'mon And Love Me - Smalltown Rockets
God Of Thunder - Shirleys Temple
Getaway - The Carburetors
Mr. Blackwell - Lost At Last

BEST RE-ARRANGEMENT of a Kiss song :
God Of Thunder - Shirleys Temple
I Love It Loud - NullSkatteSnyltere 
Mr. Blackwell - Lost At Last
Psycho Circus - Bjørn Blestrud
Snow Blind - Christian Meyer 

BEST  IMITATION (close to the original version) of a Kiss song ::
C'mon And Love Me - Smaltown Rockets
It's My Life - Do Not Cover 
Love Gun - Destroyer
She - Firehouse
Tonight You Belong To Me - Hesten


April 17, 2003 : BLACK'N'BLUE update
From: Z-records

As previously reported, Black 'n Blue will record a new album (entitled " Hell Yeah ! ") to be released on Z Records in September 2003. 
Original lead guitarist Tommy Thayer will not be appearing on the album. In Thayer's place will be Billy Morris, previously from the Paul Gilbert band and Warrant. 

April 13, 2003 : SEAN DELANEY has passed away
From: www.genesimmons.com

Sad to report that SEAN DELANEY, our first road manager, co-writer and much more...has passed away. BILL AUCOIN, the band's first manager, called to tell me the sad news. Our condolences to the Delaney family. Sean and I spoke only a few weeks ago. He told me he had just started working with a new English Country and Western band. Aucoin also told me about that venture. Sean seemed happy to be working on something he cared about again. He also asked if he could introduce us when we played in his home town, and I, of course said yes. We both made plans to see each other when we arrived in his city.

April 3, 2003 : John Corabi  departs Brides Of Destruction
From: www.melodicrock.com

John Corabi has announced that he is leaving Brides of Destruction, the band formed by Nikki Sixx and Tracii Guns to pursue a solo career. "It's amicable," says Corabi. "We're still friends, I am just really excited about the songs I've been writing and want to get a jump on my solo career."
Brides of Destruction - Nikki Sixx (bass), Tracii Guns (guitar), Scott Coogan (drums) and London LeGrand (vocals) - are about to begin recording their debut album that will be out later this year.
Say's Nikki Sixx, "I have known John for years, we worked together on a Mötley Crüe album and we've had a blast working with him in the Brides of Destruction. We wish John nothing but the best. Besides, John just kicks ass as a songwriter and we can't wait to hear what he does next."

March 1, 2003 : 
forthcoming KLAUDIA ROCK album  features two Kiss cover versions

From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl
KLAUDIA ROCK  is formed 2001 in Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina by Claudia Strok (lead vocals and keyboard) and Mario Navarro (Guitars and Choirs). After some line-up changes and playing several places, mostly in the south area of Buenos Aires, the band began to record its first disc " Esencia " November 27, 2002 in charge of Mr. Mariano Ripalda.
Klaudia Rock's upcoming disc will feature two Kiss cover versions "Everytime I Look At You" and "Rock and Roll All Nite", among 7 Spanish songs, all composed by Claudia Strok.
Even the bands intension is not to sound like KISS, they also did record a Spanish version of "Everytime I Look At You" (not will included on the album),  as well that the band did not record their version of Kiss "Forever", a song which Klaudia Rock performs live during their sets. At the moment the band is finalizing the album for a release this year.

1. Venganza
2. Punto Final
3. Every Time I Look At You
4. Corazon En Quiebra
5. Debo Resignarme
6. Blues De Mi Condena
7. Hombre
8. Quiero Un Caramelo
9. Rock and Roll All Nite

For more info email 
Claudia Perille or Pablo Gulino.

February 5, 2003 : KISS' Simmons Re-Activates Record Label
From: Billboard.com

Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has put his Simmons Records imprint back into operation and is now seeking talent in a variety of genres. "I'm proud to say I have a new joint venture partner," says Simmons. "If you know of local talent in your area and want me to hear it, send [it to] me." Partnership details are forthcoming. "We released a few bands and did okay," writes Simmons of the label's previous incarnation on his official web site. Simmons Records was last active in the late 1980s and previously distributed through RCA/BMG. The Kiss bassist's company released records by hard rock acts like House Of Lords, Silent Rage, and Gypsy Rose with moderate success. In the pop genre, Simmons says "I'm looking for talent in their teens or early twenties. You don't have to write songs, but you better have the talent. It can be almost anything." As for rock, Simmons advises, "You should be able to write songs. If you're the coolest local band in your area, but you think you've got something different, send me your stuff.

last update : 2003-12-31

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