2004 news- compilation  (unfinished KISS Related Recordings only)
Containing news on unreleased, unfinished and shelved albums and projects, rare cover versions.
In other words, if the recording is completed and/ or released, all details can be found on KRR's regular discography pages.

December 19, 2004 : Eric Singer recording sessions with Michael Schenker / Rush Tribute
From : Eric Singer
Also I  recently did a couple of recording sessions for Bob Kulick. He is producing some projects for Michael Schenker and a RUSH tribute record.
I did one song for the Schenker record with Michael on Guitar, Tony Franklin on Bass, Sebastian Bach on Vocals & myself on drums. 
The same line-up is also on the RUSH track as well.
I have always been a huge Schenker fan ! So, this is very cool for me.

December 15, 2004 : Ex Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman announces the release of his latest work
From : Robert Fleischman
We are pleased once again to keep you updated on the very latest of Robert Fleischman's career and to announce the official release of his four latest musical projects in December 2004. This is an exciting time for Robert and his fans with lots of new music on the horizon. Though primarily known as a rock and roll singer/songwriter, much of his new music is a bold departure from the past and takes an exciting new direction that once again underscores Robert's trademark cutting edge and always-adventurous musical vision.

*  Dreaming In Tongues - A beautiful and sometimes surrealistic voyage with cello and acoustic guitar taking a minimalist instrumental approach. Robert's vocals bring the whole thing together making this CD a classic and an original by any standard.

*  The Lord’s Prayer - In this Christian contemporary rock release, Robert writes and sings a hauntingly beautiful melody to the Lords Prayer. 

* Kinetic Phenomena - This Electronica release is a heavy duty mixture of pulsating rhythms and hypnotic soundscapes that will definitely alter your consciousness!!

*  Electric Raindrops - A beautiful arrangement of soothing ambient sounds. 

*  New Order – AOR Fans are anticipating this work in progress which is Robert's follow up release to the "World In Your Eyes" album on Frontier Records. Featuring a bonus track with an acoustic guitar version of "Wheel In The Sky".

December 2, 2004 : Paul Stanley to record more songs for solo album
From : www.kisskollector.com
This month, Paul Stanley will be in the studio again to record some more songs for his upcoming studio album. Joining Paul in the studio will be former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, who Paul wants to help him record some tunes. Before KISS did the Rock The Nation Tour earlier this year, Bruce had already worked with Paul on songs and obviously Bruce heard some of the material back then. In April Bruce informed us that Paul "is writing some great material". But obviously, those tunes were too early to say what direction Paul is currently heading for. A release date for Paul’s second solo album is unknown at this point. 

November 17, 2004 : Jazan Wild covers  "Rock and Roll All Nite"
From : Jazan Wild
/ Kisskollector.com  
A while ago Jazan Wild released a 4-track demo, including an awesome ‘jungle’ style cover of KISS’ Rock And Roll All Nite. Produced by none other than Curt Cuomo – known for his work with KISS/Bruce Kulick/Union to name but a few – this demo is the build-up to an impressive project. Once you ‘enter the jungle’ and start surfing his site, you can’t help but notice that much more is going on here than ‘just’ music – there’s a whole comic book project behind the forthcoming full album. For the comic book, Jazan teamed up with writer Brian Holguin and artist Kevin Conrad (who both worked on KISS’ Psycho Circus comic book series). This will tell the full Jazan Wild story that is being pitched for a movie also. 

Before Jazan Wild could finish the album, he had to move on to another studio as Curt Cuomo became too busy with Axl Rose working in his studio. On his website it's announced that his new producer is longtime KISS associate Bob Kulick, in whose studio Paul Stanley has been working on his forthcoming solo album too at the same time. 

The news is that the JAZAN WILD recordins are finished, while album is now being mastered. Bob Kulick is going to help Jazan Wild shop the album. Also, three major comic book companies are interested in the comic book. Jazan hopes to release the album and comic together this spring. You can check out samples of Jazan Wild’s music, including his cover of Rock And Roll All Nite, on his website by clicking on "music" :

November 11, 2004 : Bruce Kulick plays guitar on Birgit's  upcoming CD
From : www.kisskollector.com
Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick plays guitar on three tracks on the upcoming album by Birgit Schuurman, a Dutch singer/actress/TV host (and voice of Alissa – Willy Zilla’s best friend – in the Dutch version of Gene Simmons’ animation series My Dad The Rock Star). 
Says Bruce: “I did get to really do good work for her disc... I am really excited about that.” 
Bruce recorded these tracks in the studio of his brother Bob Kulick last summer, after Dutch creative director Sidney Brandeis had hooked Birgit and Bruce up. Sidney Brandeis (owner of an entertainment company in Holland which includes a management agency) happens to know Birgit’s producer Peter Kardolus – with whom Bruce already did some session work a few years ago in a studio in Amsterdam, Holland, as arranged by Brandeis. 
Peter Kardolus a.k.a. Chew Fu Phat worked with several hip hop artists in New York and also did many rock, pop and house projects. So, he was the perfect producer to secure Birgit’s cross-over sound on her upcoming album "Sticky Tales". The first single will be released on November 29, while the album is scheduled for next year. The news of Bruce Kulick playing guitar on three songs was announced by Birgit on TMF - one of Holland's nationwide (music) TV stations - the other day..

September 26, 2004 : 
Chris Catena's upcoming album features Bruce Kulick
From : ChrisCatena.com
I am working to finish my album. Doug Aldrich recorded a brand new song I personally co - wrote with Marko Pavic as well as the cover of "Rock Steady" from Bad Company while Marco Mendoza recorded the bass for the song I co-wrote with Matteo Filippini "Funk it up" and the Deep Purple cover "Sail Away".
The other musicians recording songs for my "Discovery : Return of the galactic Freakboy", features Mr. Bruce Kulick who recorded brilliantly another original song, Stevie Salas who played on the Jamiroquai's cover "Deeper Underground" as well as the Rolling Stones ' infamous tune "Heartbreaker" sharing the solos with my friend Matteo Filippini, Dick Wagner who recorded the Mountain version of "Theme for an imaginary western", Jimmy Crespo who did the Aerosmith version of "Cry me a river " he originally recorded with Aerosmith on "Rock in the hard place", the wonderful singer James Christian shares with me the lyrics of David Coverdale's solo song "Queen of hearts" featuring a great guitar work by Mr. Doug Bossi, Kee Marcello who played a kickin' ass version of "Saturday night is alright for fightin' by Elthon John and an acoustic version of "It's just the beginning" by Europe and the Swedish guitar hero Tommy Denander who played on the Britney Spears cover version of the song "Toxic" and on another couple of original songs he wrote the music of.

September 17, 2004 : 
Gene Simmons "Speaking In Tongues" CD version

From : Kissfaq.com
The CD version of "Speaking In Tongues" (Sanctuary CD 06076-84707-2) will apparently be a spoken word show, probably culled from the less-than-successful DVD, but possibly enhanced with additional material. Release is still scheduled for September 28, 2004 in the US, and October 4 in the UK (SANCD298). What killer promotion is being done for this release, but perhaps soundscan results for "Asshole" and the DVD of "Speaking In Tongues" has killed any budget for that! "Gene Simmons, arguably the most opinionated man in music, offers a fascinating look at... himself. 
Following two speaking engagements in Australia, Speaking In Tongues is a spoken word show of Gene speaking his mind on his favorite topics - money, success, KISS, fame, and of course girls! Not only is Speaking In Tongues a forum for the man to espouse his philosophies, it is also an in-depth look at his home, his family, and his business dealings. Part stand-up comedy, part self-help seminar, and part MTV cribs, Gene Simmons' Speaking In Tongues is a fascinating loog at rock 'n roll's favorite Asshole" (Sanctuary PR). The "Speaking In Tongues" DVD (Sanctuary SVE4009) is scheduled for release in the UK on October 25.

September 2 : Sweet and Dirty Love" Remix Contest
From: AcidPlanet.com
/ GeneSimmons.com
ACIDplanet.com is partnering with KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons to host a remix contest for "Sweet and Dirty Love", the new single from Simmons' second solo album, "Asshole".
The Gene Simmons Remix Contest challenges remixers to put a new spin on "Sweet and Dirty Love" - a Gene Simmons-penned song full of the band's famous pump and swagger.
Contestants will have access to loops created from the masters of "Sweet and Dirty Love", as well as ACID® Xpress, a free version of Sony Media Software's award-winning loop based music composition tool. ACIDplanet.com provides all content and tools needed to enter the Gene Simmons Remix Contest.
The Gene Simmons Remix Contest runs from August 24 through October 5. The winning remix will receive Sony® Vegas® 5 software, ACID PRO 5 software, and five Loops for ACIDT loop libraries, as well as merchandise from Gene Simmons and Sanctuary Records.
ACIDplanet citizens compose original music, remix major label artists, and collaborate on a wide range of audio and video projects. ACIDplanet.com is the destination site for multimedia creators and their fans.
All contest details can be found at

August 1, 2004 : TRICK PONY video with Gene Simmons online
From: GeneSimmons.com
If you want to see Gene Simmons (as a minister) in the new video for Trick Pony "The Bride" just go to their website www.trickpony.com (audio/video section) and you can watch the whole video.

July 19, 2004 : Ten unheard and never-before-released Gene Simmons songs on SPEAKING IN TONGUES
From: GeneSimmons.com
Simmons Audio Visual/Sanctuary Records Group is proud to announce the DVD & CD release of GENE SIMMONS’ SPEAKING IN TONGUES, on August 10, 2004. 

SPEAKING IN TONGUES chronicles GENE SIMMONS’ first ever, no holds barred “lecture tour” of Australia, shocking and tantalizing his audiences by speaking his mind on his favorite topics – Money, Success, Fame, KISS & of course - Women! Other highlights from SPEAKING IN TONGUES include a fascinating in-depth look at one of rock ‘n roll’s most legendary icon’s private life including his home, his family and his various business dealings. Additionally, the DVD & CD includes for the first time anywhere, over ten unheard and never-before-released Gene Simmons songs from the seventies through the nineties. 

July 17, 2004 : Z Records signed Bob Kulick's Skull
From: Z-Records
Z Records are proud to announce the signing of Skull, the early nineties band formed by legendary guitarist Bob Kulick (Balance, Meat Loaf). Bob's credits read like a who's who of rock and roll and heavy metal and span more than two decades. The release of a very special Skull compilation CD featuring many never heard before songs, demos and alternate versions of some of "No Bones About It" 's best songs will be released during November 2004. 
Bob Kullick made the following comment: ".I'm really excited that people will finally be able to hear some of the bands other songs!!!"

Skull fans can check out the all new track "Velvet Touch" on "Rock The Nations 5", which will now be released on July 30. 

July 12, 2004 : New Eric Carr 4 track CD later this year
From: KissKollector.com
Today would’ve been Eric 'The Fox' Carr's 54th birthday, if he wouldn’t have passed away after loosing his battle with cancer in 1991. Our memories are with Eric’s family. Later this year, they might release another Eric Carr CD as they’re working on a 4-track CD possibly including the song "Troubles Inside You" co-written by Eric with longtime KISS co-writer Mitch Weisman

July 9, 2004 : Bruce Kulick works on new solo album
From: KissKollector.com
Bruce Kulick - the former KISS guitarist who worked with Gene on his Asshole solo album and is now working with Paul on his upcoming solo album - has got a lot of plans for new albums. In between touring with Grand Funk Railroad, he wants to record an album with his brother Bob (who's also involved in Paul's forthcoming solo album), but first Bruce is planning a new solo album of his own for which half the material will be acoustic while the other half will be like Crazy from his latest album Transformer. Some songs will have vocals, other songs will be instrumentals. Grank Funk's Tim Cashion will be helping Bruce to get the songs together since they're traveling so much during the band's tour this summer.

June 24, 2004 : GENE SIMMONS Says He Is 'Circling' 14-Year-Old Girl For His Record Label
From: genesimmons.com
KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has posted the following message on his web site:

"I am circling three new acts for Simmons Records. One is a 14-year-old girl singer/songwriter, the other a hardcore band, and the third a pop/alternative group. In addition, we are close to finalizing an Aussie female singer/songwriter and of course, our very own BAG...who, I believe will pleasantly surprise you.

June 18, 2004 : Sebastian Bach DVD includes KISS cover
From: kisskollector.com
Sebastian Bach’s brand new DVD 'Forever Wild', which which is released June 15, is a montage of all things Bach, mainly consisting of a concert that was filmed in 1998 at The Whiskey in Hollywood, California. Mixing solo material with classics from his former band Skid Row, Bach and his band also played a cover of the KISS classic 'Parasite'. The concert is intertwined with Bach’s VH1 Forever Wild TV footage and includes special guest stars Joey Ramone, Vince Neil, Drea DeMatteo (The Sopranos), Ted Nugent and much more. As a solo artist, Bach has a deal with Eagle Rock Entertainment and has been extensively touring with his band, Sebastian Bach & Friends, recently playing over 200 gigs around the globe, including Japan, Korea, and Canada, as well as arenas and clubs around the United States.

Sebastian Bach site

June 11, 2004 : PAUL STANLEY: Solo Album To Surface In January 2005
From: Blabbermouth
KISS guitarist/ vocalist Paul Stanley did a phone interview several days ago with Doug Podell of Detroit's WRIF 101.1 FM. 
Listen to the audio of the eight-and-a-half-minute conversation in Windows Media format at
this location

On his upcoming solo album Paul Stanley said: "My album's about half done and it should be out around January. I'll work it around KISS and when the time is right, it'll be out. It's pretty awesome.
The difference [between doing a solo album and writing a KISS record] is… I mean, it's very easy for me to do a one-man KISS album, 'cause in the past, there's been a lot of times where I've come in with finished demos and we would just wind up copying them. But in doing a solo album, instead of writing songs with a band in mind, you put together a band with your songs in mind — you do it backwards. So it's a lot more fun, because you just take people in the studio that you want for a particular song as opposed to writing a song because you have certain people.

June, 2004 : Bruce Kulick planning to record a new album
From: kulick.net
Bruce Kulick wrote some songs as he's planning to record a new disc later this year. Kind of more in the acoustic style that some of his friends and fans have requested. The crunchy riffs will be saved  for a CD with his brother.

May 26, 2004 : 
High quality CDs of every KISS show on their Rock The Nation tour

From: Instant Live
Instant Live Concerts have announced a partnership agreement with Kiss for their forthcoming 2004 US tour.
"We've been promising big announcements, and it doesn't get much bigger than “The Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Show on Earth”!
Instant Live is teaming up with Kiss to offer high quality CDs of every show on their Rock The Nation tour. Kiss is heading out on the road with a new show, new stage, and set lists featuring rarely heard gems from the entire Kiss catalog! Be there for the spectacle that over 78 million fans have already experienced, but this time you get to take a piece of history home! It all kicks off June 10 in San Antonio!"

May 16, 2004 : KISS Tribute project "The Forgotten Songs" update
From: Mike Stone
Good news from the American continent! I got a confirmation message back from former KISS guitar maniac Bruce Kulick to work on an Eric Carr song that he co- wrote with him and Adam Mitchell. This song, named "Just can't wait", is an unfinished instrumental song from Eric Carr's "Rockology" album. I made lyrics and a vocal line on it and prepare now a complete new recording session for the song in the next weeks, together with Rythmick and more friends and guests. I am excited to hear the result, hopefully it will be a hellfire of a good Brian- Adams- like- stadium- rock- song! This kind of song is missing currently on the album... 

Possible songs , which still are in recording progress, for the "the Forgotten Songs" tribute album so far are:
- None Of Your Business
- Deadly Weapon
- The Unknown Force
- Tiara (Eric Carr)
- Rotten To The Core
- Gypsy In Her Eyes
- Baby-Oh-I (Vinnie Vincent : Warrior demo version)
- Just Can't Wait (Eric Carr)

May 13, 2004 : John 5 and Bob Kulick write new song for Paul Stanley
From: Joop van Pelt / kisskollector.com
Paul Stanley has been working on his second solo album for quite some time now. Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has been helping Paul record some songs and told KISS Kollector Online last month that Paul " is writing some great material."  Bruce's brother Bob Kulick is also involved in Paul's new album as Paul has been working at Bob's recording studio in Los Angeles. Bob has written and recorded a song along with former Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 that Paul will be writing the lyrics for, which might end up on Paul's album.

May 1, 2004 : PAUL STANLEY Utilizing BOB KULICK's Studio To Track New Solo Album
From: Blabbermouth.net
KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley has been utilizing longtime KISS 
associate Bob Kulick's recording studio in Los Angeles to track several songs for his upcoming solo album, Kulick revealed during a live phone interview on the "Friday Night Rocks" show on New York's Q104.3 Friday night (April 30). Asked to describe the direction of the material Stanley has been working on, Bob said that it was "too early" to tell exactly how the project will turn out, but that Stanley "has never sounded better." With regards to whether the music will follow a more "rock" vibe or it will be more pop-flavored than the KISS material, Kulick said that listeners can definitely expect some different-sounding things from Stanley than they are normally accustomed to hearing, but "don't expect Paul to turn into [Oscar-, Grammy-, and Golden Globe-winning singer-songwriter] Christopher Cross just yet."

April 24, 2004 : Norwegian glamrockers Wig Wam and Bruce Kulick
From: Wig Wam
The Legendary Kiss axeman Bruce Kulick rocked Norway Sunday April 11th 2004 and proved yet again his skills. A packed Rock In, Oslo, finally got a chance to experience songs Kiss never played live such as King of the Mountain, Who wants to be lonely, I'll fight hell to hold you, Uh All night, When your walls come down, Turn on the night, Jungle and we could go on forever. Kulick also played several songs from his new album 'Transformer'. At the end of his set Bruce also made a special appearance with Wig Wam frontman Glam, doing a stunning version of Lick It Up, which set the Kiss fans on fire. Glam sounding very similar to Paul Stanley's vocal range made Bruce go back to his hey-days with Kiss. Bruce and Glam later announced their coming collaboration on Kiss Army Norways Kiss Tribute album from the stage. The Norwegian glamrockers Wig Wam and Bruce Kulick WILL be recording a brand new version of Kiss classic 'I was made for loving you', both single and video is expected to be launched this summer. Wig Wam opened the event with a short live-set which included a brilliant version of 'I was made for loving you'. Wig Wam are currently touring Norway with their "667 Tour", promoting their comeback album "667... The Neighbour of the Beast" out now on Global Music.

From: KISS Army Norway
KISS Army Norway are proud to announce that Bruce Kulick will contribute to the upcoming 'KISS Army Norway tribute' album.
Bruce Kulick will perform with the well known Norwegian band Wig Wam. They will record "I Was Made For Loving You" with an extended solo part.
The Norwegian KISS tribute album will be released around new year with contributions by some of the most successful bands in Norway.

April 13, 2004 : Former KISS Guitarist Records Guest Appearances for LION'S SHARE & AUDIOVISION.
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl
Former KISS/current GRAND FUNK RAILROAD guitarist Bruce Kulick was at Stockholm, Sweden's Canvas studio (www.jkproductions.org) on Saturday (April 10) recording guest appearances for the new LION'S SHARE and AUDIOVISION albums. The recording session was overseen by producer and LION'S SHARE guitarist Lars Chriss.

LION'S SHARE's (www.lionsshare.org) follow-up to 2001's "Entrance" will be recorded this fall/winter and will feature new vocalist Patrik Johansson (ASTRAL DOORS, SPACE ODYSSEY) and drummer Mats Karlsson.

The solo project of NARNIA singer Christian Rivel, AUDIOVISION's (www.rivelrecords.com/audiovision) debut CD will include additional guest appearances by such hard rock/heavy metal luminaries as Lars Chriss, Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMAN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Tony Franklin (WHITESNAKE, BLUE MURDER, THE FIRM), Mats Levén (KRUX, AT VANCE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Mic Michaeli (EUROPE), Michael Höglund (PUNCHLINE, THUNDER), Thomas Broman (HUGHES TURNER PROJECT, GLENN HUGHES BAND, ELECTRIC BOYS), Thomas Vikström (BRAZEN ABBOT, CANDLEMASS), Tommy Denander (RADIOACTIVE), Janne Stark (LOCOMOTIVE BREATH), Carl Johan Grimmark (NARNIA) and Andreas Lindahl (PLATITUDE). The self-titled album will be released later in the year through Rivel Records.

April 1, 2004 : Eric Singer related "Montrose" album delayed
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl
According to Ronnie Montrose new website plans for a new MONTROSE album are changed.  The album recorded last summer with Ricky Phillips (bass)  and Eric Singer (drums) will feature 10 of Ronnie's  favorite singers, each contribute lyrics and vocals.
The tentative title will be “Ronnie Montrose and Friends – 10x10”

Ronnie Montrose site

March 30, 2004 : Ace Frehley "Remedy" movie trailer
From: www.remedythemovie.com

Click on the image to watch the trailer for the upcoming movie "Remedy", starring former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley.
ACE FREHLEY - Remedy movie trailer
According to the film's official web site, "Remedy" is "film-noir in the fast lane — a darkly comic tale. It is the mystery surrounding the murder of one of a tightly knit band of friends. Extreme indulgences and the never-ending New York nightlife drive the group into realms of insanity. Eventually they destroy each other and themselves.

March 25, 2004 : new solo release by Ace Frehley Band Guitarist
From: Steve Brownlee / Front Row Seat Media

Millions of rock fans have heard the six-string antics of veteran rocker Richie Scarlet. He has been a longtime member as guitarist with the Ace Frehley Band / Frehley's Comet. Richie also made his presence known as guitarist with Sebastian Bach & Friends from 1997-2001. Currently, he is touring with Mountain as bass player along side Leslie West and Corky Lang.

Available April 6th, 2004, " Live: Stage to Stage " is Richie's 4th solo album featuring 10 songs recorded live at different shows on a recent US tour. Blues infused working-man Rock & Roll is delivered with power and vitality showcasing originals and renditions of such classics as Roy Buchanan's instrumental "The Messiah Will Come Again" and Eddie Cochran's rockin' "My Way".
A must for any rock fan and especially collectors of Kiss Related Recordings!

Front Row Seat Media
PO Box 21754
Bakersfield, CA 93390 USA

March 24, 2004 : Gene Simmons 100 Song Box Set Due Out In 2005
From: BraveWords.com

BW&BK can exclusively reveal that a GENE SIMMONS box set will surface sometime in 2005 and will contain 100 never-before-heard solo tracks from the KISS legend. Simmons is currently in Toronto promoting his forthcoming album, Asshole, (due out through Sanctuary on May 18th)

Gene Simmons : " The 'Asshole' album was a chance to get a lot of musical styles out, but also I've been writing a lot. And since that time, I've got close to 200 songs lying around, all sizes and all shapes."

February 15, 2004 : The new SINOPOLI album will have a remake of I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl

Rock vocalist Joey Sinopoli and partner in crime Joe "Ciid" Birardi are producing the next Sinopoli CD at East Coast Mastering and mixing in Toms River, New Jersey. The all new ass kickin' CD will be titled Don't Bleed On My Parade and will be released in Europe on Generation Records.
Special guest appearances - The almighty Jack Ponti (Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Doro) on lead guitar teams up with the Sinopoli brothers for an over the top version of Alice Cooper's, I'm Eighteen; Jack Leslie (Sam The Band, Casablanca Records) proves he's still one of rocks best keyboardist today on, Down to the Levy.

From: Joey Sinopoli 
The album will have a remake of I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU, on it. Gene Simmons record company has heard it when we record it and really liked It and wants to hear the album when its complete. Which is cool! This version though, The disco beat is gone. It's heavier and has some twists in it from the original version. It's nasty. 
But it will be in Europe on GENERATION RECORDS, when it comes out sometime this year.
As for HARD LUCK WOMEN, it's a song I wrote with just the same title, not the KISS song.

Track listing: Kickin It Round . Smoke there's Fire . Shake Me . I'm Eighteen . I Was Made For Loving You . Never Fall in Love Again . Freedom . Down To The Levy . Hard Luck Women . Forno

Sinopoli site

last update : 2004-12-31

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