March 29 : Paul Stanley guest vocalist on Ronnie Montrose album (?)
From :

Ronnie Montrose : " ’ve finished rough mixes of tracks to present to 10 of my favorite singers and have each one contribute lyrics and vocals to some incredible “Power Trio” tracks that Ricky Phillips (bassist – Babys, Bad English, and now Styx,) Eric Singer (drummer - Alice Cooper and now KISS) and I recorded live in the studio. We have most singers on board now, and I’ll list them next month… I’ve contacted many of my old as well as new friends, and am very excited to bring this assemblage of talent together on one project… The title will be “Ronnie Montrose and Friends – 10x10.”

From :
Not only that, but the long in progress Montrose record continues to take shape under Ricky Phillips guidance. With much of the music completed, it's now time to start recording lead vocals for the album, which is set to be an all-star affair. Musically the line-up features Ronnie Montrose on guitar, Ricky on bass and Eric Singer on drums. Guest vocalists lined up to do a track each include Sammy Hagar, Eric Martin, Tommy Shaw, Paul Stanley, Gregg Rolie and more. The style of the album says Ricky "is old school 70's heavy rock n overdubs, no computers...".

Ronnie Montrose

March 25 : Eric Singer back in Alice Cooper's Touring band
From : SickThings UK

Eric Singer is back with Alice Cooper at the moment.
Alice Cooper confirmed that the new album is complete and was produced by Steve Lindsey.
Somewhat of a surprise as last we heard from departing drummer Tommy Clufetos, he was looking forward to playing on the new album!! This now places the current band personal at Ryan Roxie and Damon Johnson on guitar, Chuck Garric on bass and the returning Eric Singer on drums. The Album is still said to be due in June or thereabouts and is also said to be a continuation of the "Eyes.." style with a few twists including the title track, "Dirty Diamonds", that Alice has described as "An epic".
Apparently, Tommy Clufetos completed his drum work on the new album before he left to join Rob Zombie's band for OzzFest.
Also Ryan Roxie has confirmed that Teddy Zigzag also performs on the album.

NOTE: Tommy Clufetos has recorded the album. Eric Singer will presumably be on the tour.

SickThings UK

March 16 : Lullacry coveres " I Stole Your Love"
From : Lullacry

Lullacry will enter Astia Studio on May to finish the rest of the stuff for the upcoming fourth album. The album will hit the stores on early September. The first single "Stranger In You" with a KISS-cover "I Stole Your Love" out on summer!


March 11 : The Eric Singer Project Re-release
From : KISS Asylum

Eric Singer is working on repackaging the ESP debut CD for re-
release. The CD will be re-issued as The Eric Singer Project and will include all available tracks and demos that the band recorded back in 1998. Look for a summer release.

ESP album details

March 10 : Paul Stanley Solo Album - "It's Magic"
From :

"Paul Stanley checked in with KISSONLINE and chatted briefly about his upcoming solo album.

The album should be done and ready to mix by mid May. Drumming on all the tracks to date is Victor Indruzzo who has toured and recorded with Macy Gray, toured with Beck and appears on various recordings by the Matrix production team. Most of the guitars have been handled by Corky James who also is heard on various recordings by the Matrix team including Avril Lavigne. In talking about their contributions Paul raved, "Victor is just an amazing drummer who can bash with the best of them while keeping a great groove going." As for James, he added "Corky just blows me away with his parts and sounds." As far as bass... "I've always been a big fan of Bruce Kulick's bass playing so it's great to have him on some of the album." Keyboards have been handled by Russ Irwin who has toured with both Sting and Aerosmith. "I've known Russ for over 15 years before the KISS/Aerosmith tour happened and his being a part of the project seemed like a natural". Of course all the vocals are handled by Paul. A few of the tracks recorded include Wake Up Screaming, Second To None and Live To Win.

Paul has been collaborating with Andreas Carlsson and for the first time in 15 or so years, Desmond Child and said, "It's magic." Paul went on to add, "From the songs to the playing and singing, everything about this album is consistent without compromise. The album is exactly who I am now and what I want to be doing. It's got all the sides of what I do, so it's not surprising that it's got elements of everything I've done plus a leap into the 21st century. I don't need to hype it. I'll leave that to everyone else who's heard it."

March 9 : Lenita Erickson update
From :
For those who are wondering where LENITA ERICKSON is involved with these dates, we found the following news message :

Vixen drummer Roxy Petrucci has teamed up with primo guitarist Brian Young from the David Lee Roth band and talented vocalist Lenita Erickson who toured with Bruce Kulick, she can best be described as Rod Stewart with a stick of dynamite up his ass. Summer show dates are being scheduled. Lenita is in negotiations with a major television network to air her zany and unscripted show G.A.M.E. covering the week in sports and documenting behind the scenes with celebrity athletes and musical appearances from the band.

March 4 : Tommy Denander LA recording sessions with Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick.
From : Tommy Denander (through email to Hans Beljaards - AOR Dreamzones)
What an incredible trip this has been, I got back late last night after 3 wonderful weeks in LA.

I got to play on 2 songs for Paul Stanley's new solo album which is the coolest session I've ever done having been a die hard Kiss fan since 1975, Kiss are the reason I started playing.

I produced all the vocals with Fergie Frederiksen for our upcoming "Frederiksen-Denander" album and he did a brilliant job.
We worked together with Ricky Phillips on several songs and the album will feature guests like Ron Wikso (Foreigner) and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) on drums, Michael Thomspon, Bruce Gaitsch and Bruce Kulick on guitars.

I worked with Andreas Carlsson and Desmond Child on several songs for albums they're doing which was incredible.

I wrote with Andreas and Steve Lukather and that came out really good and I wrote a tune with Bruce Kulick that also came out really good.

I will go back to Los Angeles soon and stay for a couple of months doing sessions, producing and writing with many top names.

March 3 : Peter Criss solo album update.
From :
Original KISS drummer Peter Criss is currently hard at work at his own recording studio, laying down tracks for an as-yet-untitled solo album.

"I started writing this stuff a couple of years back, actually," Criss told "I was procrastinating, that's the big thing with me. So I buckled down, we started building this studio, it's here, and we've been working on it. It's exciting — I've got a whole bunch of new material. It's going to be really good."

Regarding the musical direction of the upcoming album, Criss said, "It's kind of like a ballad album, but that doesn't mean it's FRANK SINATRA meets NAT KING COLE. It's kind of like maybe LED ZEPPELIN meets NAT KING COLE. It's like 'Rubber Soul' — THE BEATLES are a big influence to me. There's some of CLAPTON, some of HENDRIX."

Joining the drummer in the studio is guitarist Mike "Angel" McLaughlin, who previously played in Criss' early '90s eponymous band. Criss is also working closely with Charles Kipps (who has written for ARETHA FRANKLIN), as well as Tom Perkins, with whom he previously collaborated on Bill Cosby's animated series "Fatherhood".

Criss purposely decided to work with friends rather than big name rockers. "I had a choice of going out, and getting all these per se 'rock stars' to play on this record," he admits. "I chose not to because I really wanted this to be my baby. It's kind of an autobiographical album, because most stuff I write, I like to write about my life or things I believe we should have in life — not that I'm trying to save the world. I write things from the heart, and they're pretty much true things. Music should be enjoyed. It shouldn't be a task — it should be a lot of fun."

Peter Criss' new solo album is tentatively due this summer. 


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