MySpace Stream of The Month : Jam Pain Society feat. Ace Frehley
From: KISS Related Recordings
Jam Pain Society - The Ride (featuring lead guitar by Ace Frehley)
Taken from the Jam Pain Society's  debut album "Black Light Messiah".
Released July 18, 2008 at Locomotive Records (LM663).

Slim Jim Keller interviewed Chris Hill and Leah Kirby for
The Recording with Ace Frehley “The Ride” is discussed between the 18 and 25th minute of the first part of the interview. 

JAM PAIN SOCIETY interview part one

JAM PAIN SOCIETY interview part two

MySpace MP3 stream

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November 26 : Bruce Kulick " BK3" Studio blog update
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, day 35)
You all read about the recording of the new instrumental for BK 3, well now it was time to do some guitars. I wanted to be tight with the rhythm section of Kenny and Jimmy, so Jeremy suggested I do TWO parts for the Stratocaster rhythm/riff parts. I used my new white ESP Vintage plus and a Candy Apple Red Fender Relic to get those sounding amazing. Fender Bassman head for one, and the Orange head for the other. We added some Telecaster for chords in the chorus, and a PRS as well. An acoustic (my Gibson Dove Elvis Presley) was added along with piano to make the textures on the chorus come alive.

Once we got that tight, it was time to get to some lead guitar work. My go to guitar is always my old '53 Gibson LP Standard with PAF pickups in it. It's a conversion guitar, for all of you that have knowledge of vintage guitars. This is the guitar from SO many KISS discs, and it sounds amazing. My fave Marshall head was used and NO effects were needed. Got my chorus theme parts done then it was time to get away from it, to see what was accomplished. The song is still very new for me, and Jeremy was excited to have this brand new song added to the BK 3 collection.

As you all know I have been recording for a few years, but I finally do see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the past few months I have really made great progress, doing some killer songs with both Gene and Nick Simmons, Tobias from Edguy and Avantasia totally rocked on one, and I am making plans for John Corabi to sing a strong rock riff tune very soon in early December. So, I can't wait to finally finish. Thanks for your support, as I hear from many of you about my disc and I appreciate the feedback.

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

November 26 : Gene Simmons seeks Canuck jewels
Fire-breathing rocker in makeup, high heels and black leather one day, Canadian music scout the next.  Such is the life of KISS bassist-singer-songwriter Gene Simmons, who is in Canada this week checking out new groups to sign to his relaunched Simmons Records label, in a deal with both Universal Music Canada and Belinda Stronach, the former MP turned businesswoman again. 
"I want to find the next great three Canadian acts from different genres (each year)," Simmons, 59, said in a chic Toronto hotel bar. "And don't let them go to America. Provide the care and support that they need here, make them monsters here, and then take them to the rest of the world." 
One possible signing is Toronto prog-hip-hop act Down With Webster
"But if they do it the way they want to do it, they will fail," said Simmons, who was attending three nights of music showcases. "You gotta do it my way. It's a benevolent dictatorship." 
Simmons Records was originally launched in the late '80s with BMG, and "we had a few hair bands," said Simmons, "and then music changed." 
The label was relaunched to put out Simmons' 2004 solo record, A--hole. The new deal partners him with Universal and Stronach, whose family Simmons has known through business. 
"I'll be in the studio with the bands," he said. "I'll be there to beat them up regarding their image, their names. If one of them is a drug addict he's going to be gone. And I've had experience with that. There's no room for idiots in bands. Because aside from the luck of the draw, it really is hard work. You have to get up every day, and 'cool' is a moving target, so it's a very hard target to hit." 
Simmons is also proposing a reality-TV show for a Canadian network, to document the selected bands' journey to the studio. 
"We're going to film the development of these bands, so when the record hits the TV show will hit at the same time." 

As for his day job with KISS, Simmons confirms the veteran glam-rockers are writing songs for a new album that he expects they will record next year and release next summer. KISS singer-guitarist Paul Stanley will produce the disc. The band will follow the album's release with a limited tour. 
"We'll do a handful of shows just to keep in the game (next) summer, maybe 10 (dates), some Canadian shows. I know Halifax is one, but before you get out there and start the baseball season, they hold exhibition games, that's what we're doing. 'Cause once we go out, it's going to be for a year and a half."

November 20 : Vinnie Vincent drummer interviewed by Rockpages.Gr
From: continues their year-long KISS special feature with the 19th interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, ex-VINNIE VINCENT Invasion drummer, Andre’ Labelle talks about his tenure in the band between 1989-90.
Check the recently added interview by clicking the link below.
- Andre' Labelle (drummer of Vinnie Vincent Invasion)

November 19 : Bruce Kulick " BK3" Studio blog update
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, day 34)
Saturday (November 15) was an insane day in LA. Fires burning and power outages all over the area. Of course that would be the day I booked a studio and some amazing musicians to do a new tune I wrote about 3 weeks ago (with no title other than INSTRUMENTAL). I realized it was really needed for my BK3 disc. It was funny that I hadn't written one before, but I was determined to have great players to support me. Kenny Aronoff has played with EVERYONE in the business on drums, and he even appeared on a few tracks for me on AUDIODOG my first solo disc. We talked about some studios to book, as my fave place was not available, and he recommended a place here in the Valley called Steakhouse. I knew the room and I was excited to have a chance to book it as they have a vintage EMI NEVE board that sounds really sweet.

Kenny mentioned Steve Churchyard to engineer who has a long list of credits including members of the Beatles, so I was like, DONE!! To round out the day Jimmy Haslip was booked on bass guitar. Jimmy has ghost played on the Creatures of the Night KISS disc, and of course he was in the band I had years ago with Michael Bolton called BLACKJACK. He is another Grammy award winning player I have had the pleasure to know. Google these guys and you will see all the work they have done in the biz. So, with fires 25 miles away and a dodgy power supply, the studio thankfully was up and running.

A bigger problem was a call from Kenny, who was coming back from Palm Springs. 
He was returning from a show with Joe Cocker and his car hit some road debris and he was lucky NOT getting killed. But waiting on tow trucks and all in the desert heat, that wasn't too much fun for him. Sadly he was going to be delayed by 3 or 4 hours, but we set up what we could and got ready for his late arrival. We lost some time, but I love hanging with Jimmy and Jeremy of course gets along great with him as well. Once Kenny arrived, safe and sound but a bit frazzled, we started rehearsing this tune which is best described as a cross between Stevie Ray Vaughn meets Joe Satriani in styles.

First few times playing the tune was very ruff, but we started to really get it tight by take number 8. By 12 we had our song, and I was able to thank Kenny for making it and playing his ass off as usual. I put down a guide rhythm guitar for Jimmy to play his magic to, and WOW he really was terrific! He is a master bassist and I wanted to feature him on this track, so Jeremy produced the hell out of him. What a pleasure to listen to him do his thing. Long day, but mission accomplished. Steve the engineer got wonderful sounds from all, and my rhythm section played the tune with passion and precision.

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

November 16 : "Misty Mountain Hop : Tribute To Led Zeppelin"
From: Versailles Records
On November 25, Versailles Records will return to retail with "Misty Mountain Hop: A Millennium Tribute To Led Zeppelin", which features current/former members of the following bands: KISS,  Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Dio, Badlands, Lillian Axe, the Circle Jerks, Deep Purple, L.A. Guns, Warrant, White Lion, Alice Cooper Band, Slash’s Snakepit, Hanoi Rocks, Dangerous Toys, Zebra, Ratt, Riot, Ace Frehley Band, Rainbow,  Billy Idol Band, Roger Daltry Band, Quiet Riot, and others..

The set also includes liner notes by legendary record producer Ron Nevison (LED ZEPPELIN, THE WHO) and a bonus CD sampler featuring millennium rock/metal bands influenced by LED ZEPPELIN.

Versailles Records

November 7 : Bruce Kulick " BK3" Studio blog update - Tobias Sammet
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, day 33)
Tobias Sammet is not a name you all know, but he fronts a band called Edguy from Germany and is also in another one that is very popular called Avantasia. I knew of him from KISS drummer Eric Singer and finally heard his voice in Japan this past Feb. when someone played the Avantasia CD at the meet and greet before our show in Tokyo. 
I asked Eric about him and he told me how talented he is and I should contact him. 
I had a song for BK3 that I had reserved for Gene, which gave birth to a completely new different song that I told you all about in previous blogs. So what could I do with this great track???

Fast forward to Jeremy and going to the Key Club for a performance of Edguy with Tobias leading the German hard rock band. They were great, and I was really impressed with the band and how well Tobias sang. Of course I had sent him the song as an MP-3 weeks before to see what he thought and he was excited to work on it. 
We made plans to record while he had a few days off in LA before his long trip back to Germany.

We had dinner at the famous Rainbow on Sunset Blvd the night after his show, and then the next day it was time to hear what he came up with. We discussed lyrics on the internet and we had agreed on an old title I had for a song called "I Am The Animal". 
I was really blown away with what he sang me in his hotel room, and I knew the next day he would get the song done right. The day we planned to record I figured it would be cool to get some pics of Tobias at the famous Rock Walk on Sunset by Guitar Center.

After that we were off to the studio in the Valley. With some beers close by (he is German you know!), Tobias made his magic and Jeremy and I were completely blown 
away. His voice is powerful and melodic, and we had him do backgrounds and some doubles for texture. A perfect session from a cool guy. I hope to work with him again in the future. So this track is a bit of a reunion of sorts as Eric Singer is on drums and of course he and Tobias have a connection, and I don't have to remind you of the great stuff with that KISS Eric and I have accomplished in the studio.

After the last show in Hollywood I spent a few days in a hotel on Sunset Strip to relax and catch up with Bruce Kulick. He came to see our show at the Keyclub and then we met in my hotel and finished the lyrics I had started for a song he had. I really loved the song, it's different from what I usually do but it's the kind of music that I personally really love, it's ballsy dirty Hard Rock and it sounds like the stuff on the Kiss Revenge album, my friend Eric Singer played on the song too, that makes it even more Revenge-ish. Anyway, the next day we went to the studio and I recorded the vocals. I hope you all check it out by the time the album gets released. To check what Bruce has to say about it, click here. 

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

November 6 : FREHLEY's New Solo Album Release 'Is Not Imminent'
XM's Boneyard host Eddie Trunk, who has a long-running radio show, "Friday Night 
Rocks", on New York's Q104.3 FM, has posted the following message on his web site,

I finally made the trip to Ace Frehley's place in Westchester, New York yesterday [November 5] and we had a great time as always. 

"Ace has been a close friend for over 20 years now and was the first artist I ever signed and worked with at a label in the '80s. Amazingly he has not done a new CD  since. Obviously, much has gone on in his life since 'Trouble Walkin'', KISS reunions, career ups and downs, and most importantly he got sober. Another huge thing that has happened is a radical change in the music business and how people make and market records and how many they can sell. Ace knows he can trust me and knows I will give it to him straight, which is why he really wanted me to come and help him make some decisions on what to do next and hear where he's at with a CD he has been talking about for years.

"As for the music. I first heard three songs Ace was mixing about a year ago at a  studio in New York City. All sounded good to me, but obviously I hadn't lived with them like Ace has. He now has about 15 total songs, six of which have been mixed by two different people. Jay Messina, who has worked with KISS and AEROSMITH, to name a few, in the past, and Michael Barbiero, best know for the production team in the '80s of Thompson/ Barbiero (TESLA, GUNS N' ROSES) also mixed some stuff. There are also many songs not mixed, some not complete, and some still being written. You can  already see where the delays are. This is an album in several phases of completion. 
If he wanted to put out a five-song EP it's pretty much done, but the challenge is  figuring out the direction he wants the album to be, what songs make it, and what  mixes. Some of the songs I heard include 'Sister', which has been around for years and was played live, 'Pain In The Neck', which Ace said could be the album's title, 'Genghis Khan', which may be an instrumental, and my favorite so far, 'Change The World', which has a very heavy BEATLES vibe. 

"As far as the direction, the album is more in line with classic KISS than anything that has been on any original members' solo releases thus far. Gene's [Simmons] last album was a little quirky and all over the map, Paul's [Simmons] glossy and pop leaning, Peter's [Criss] more ballads- and standards-influenced. 
This is straight-down-the-middle, in-your-face, loud-guitars hard rock. Exactly what KISS fans would expect. 

"I urged Ace to make a CD for him and his fans, not to follow trends. It was important I stressed to him that the days of having a hit record are likely over. Nothing to do with material, just the reality of the business now for classic-based artists.

"The guitars sounded great on what I heard and Ace's playing was in top form. He sings lead on all the songs, is producing the record and wrote everything. The band on the recordings is his current touring band. Most striking to me about what I heard was Ace's voice. It has never sounded better on record. Clean and in that high register, with the Ace attitude. He credited this to his sobriety, as well as the quality of his playing.

"All in all, what I heard is very promising, but I would not expect it to be released anytime soon. Ace still has some questions to answer about this material, what will make the CD, what it will sound like, and he is still getting new song ideas, which is making him rethink things. When you have your own home studio, no label telling you deadlines, and the demand from the fans that want an Ace album as good as the first FREHLEY'S COMET or 'Trouble Walkin'' (or, of course, the '78 all-time classic!). There is no release date except for when Ace feels its ready. He also has some interest from a few labels and has to decide if he wants to go that route or do what many artists are now doing and sell direct. He also needs to get up an official website. So there is still much to do on the business and recording fronts, and again, no deadline but his own. He understands fans are frustrated and want new music from him, but until he thinks it right, it's not coming out. I am helping him where I can and can tell you I really think it will make KISS fans and Ace fans happy when it does come out, but the release is not imminent, in my judgment.

In an early 2008 interview with Billboard, Frehley stated about his forthcoming solo album, "Basically, I'm trying to get back into the mindset I was in when I did my first solo record [1978's 'Ace Frehley']. That record seemed to have all the elements everybody liked — a real cool instrumental, a hit single, some real heavy rockers, a nice variety of different genres of music."

Among his favorite new tracks are "A Little Below the Angels", hard-rocking "Pain in the Neck" and an instrumental called "Fractured Quantum", which is a follow-up to his previous instrumentals "Fractured Mirror" and "Fractured Too". Another favorite is "groove song" titled "Genghis Khan", which he likens in tone to LED ZEPPELIN's "Kashmir".

Frehley told that he's shooting for 12 tracks on his next album, his first in 18 years. Studio work has spanned more than 6 months, and some of the songs go back 12 years.

November 2 : Bruce Kulick guests on upcoming Derek Ryan album
From: KISS Related Recordings
Solo singer/songwriter Derek Ryan is working on his second solo album with producer Jeremy at Stagg St. Studio in L.A. Also Bruce Kulick will appear on the album, who did a tasteful guitar solo on "A Work of Art", which was recorded October 2 this year.

Derek Ryan MySpace

last update : 2008-11-30

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