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August 21 : KISS announce new album title: It's gonna be a "Monster"
KISS' follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Sonic Boom" album will be called "Monster."
The band is currently working on the album in Los Angeles for a 2012 release. KISS is planning a massive 2012-2013 "Monster" world tour which will take the band around the globe.

"It's effortless... no outside writers, four guys playing together. Fans will be blown away. If anybody was moved by Sonic Boom, this is that on steroids," Paul Stanley stated in a new Classic Rock interview.

KISS is featured with a brief interview in the new issue of "Classic Rock" magazine, available now. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons discussed topics such as the new KISS album, "KISSology IV" and the band's upcoming early years' biography.

The following details were shared about the follow-up album to "Sonic Boom":
- The album will feature 10 songs with potential bonus tracks
- Song titles include "Hell Or Hallelujah," "Born To Be A Sinner," "Out Of This World" (a
   Tommy Thayer song), "Wall Of Sound," and "Are You Ready?"
- The direction will be, as Simmons described, "heavier than Sonic Boom"

The band are still currently working on the album. Tommy Thayer posted the following via his Twitter account on Aug. 16: "At Paul's finishing up some really cool new songs. Start pre-production rehearsals with the band tomorrow."

According to "Classic Rock," the new album is scheduled for release in spring 2012 (although other recent reports have said January 2012).

Read the interview Clicking here.

August 19 : Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich recounts KISS audition
From: The Sault Star / Jeffrey Ougler
WHITESNAKE guitarist Doug Aldrich is featured in a new interview with Jeffrey Ougler at The Sault Star. An excerpt from the article is available below:

In 1982, the 18-year-old had just moved to L.A. and the famous band just happened to be holding auditions to replace original axeman Ace Frehley, whose relationship with fellow band members had peeled and cracked noticeably for some time.

"Half of the intimidation thing for Kiss was that nobody had seen their faces at that time," Aldrich said. True enough.
In those days, it was a treat to catch a peek of a portion of Gene Simmons's mostly shielded unpainted face when photographers would snap the band's bassist arm-in-arm with one of his steadies at the time, such as Cher or Diana Ross.
"I didn't know what these guys looked like, and here I was going down to the recording studio to meet them," Aldrich said.
"There was that whole thing going on in my head. 'Wow, this is just bizarre.' "
Aldrich, "more of a Zeppelin guy," came well prepared nonetheless, able to unleash a very healthy solo for Calling Dr. Love and any number of other Kiss standards.
"Gene is sitting there with no makeup on telling me, 'Try a solo on this song, or whatever.' "

Aldrich tried, but it was Vinnie Vincent who got the gig.
There were no hard feeling, and Aldrich and Simmons remain buddies to this day.
"I was too young, too immature for a gig like that at the time," he added.
"What it did was really wake me up to, 'OK, I have potential. Obviously I have something going on or those guys wouldn't have noticed.'
"It got me serious about being better as a musician. It has never been about, for me, getting girls or trying to be famous. It's about trying to be a good musician. I'm still trying."

With that attitude, it's no wonder Aldrich landed firmly on his feet, going on to back arguably some of the finest vocalists known to rock and metal, including the late Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale, for whose band, Whitesnake, he now serves.

Go to this location to read the complete story.

The Sault Star

August 12 : Bruce Kulick in the studio working with Andrew London
Bruce Kulick has posted the following message :
"I have been back in the studio lately. No, not for a BK4 (yet), but working with an incredible artist named Andrew London. This kid can sing, write, and play guitar and piano in a refreshing way that I am really exited about being his session guitar player for. Jeremy Rubolino, who produced "BK3", is his producer. So a few days a week between my travels we are laying tracks on some epic tunes. More on all of that later. Great to be creative in the studio again, and of course fun to get some of the guitars out for a spin as I would say."

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