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September 30 : Sophie Tweed-Simmons auditioned for The X Factor
From : Kiss Related Recordings
I won't add this kind of news on a regular basis, but there less to write about upcoming KISS Related releases ... so I decided to give this topic a little attention.
Sophie Tweed-Simmons auditioned for the The X Factor in San Francisco last Wednesday, and told the judges she wanted to stand on her own talent, not the talent and fame of her father, Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS.
Watch her performance of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love".

September 23 : BK Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of "Crazy Nights"
KISS - Crazy Nights (1987)My recent track-by-track feature celebrating the 20th anniversary of KISS "Revenge" was so incredibly well received I've decided to do the same thing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of KISS "Crazy Nights", which was released in September of 1987.

Crazy Nights was produced by Ron Nevison, who at the time was the hottest producer around, and the album had several hit singles and videos, was certified Platinum by the RIAA, and reached #18 on the Billboard 200 and #4 on the UK Albums Chart.

Considering the number of Crazy Nights albums I have signed over the years, I know there are many KISS fans who really love Crazy Nights. So, let's take a track-by-track look back at what I remember about making the album that really defined the mid to late 80s period of KISS.

Direct link to Bruce Kulick's Crazy Nights track-by-track feature : click HERE.

BRUCE KULICK - Crazy Nights track by track

September 17 : KISSIN' TIME - Canada's Tribute To KISS
KISS tribute album, "KISSIN' TIME: CANADA'S TRIBUTE TO KISS" will be released around October 31 and features 12 Klassic KISS songs recorded by some of the best Indie artists from Canada. All proceeds after expenses will be donated to SICK KIDS FOUNDATION (Toronto Sick Kids Hospital).

Tracklist (trackorder subject to change) :

KISSIN' TIME - Canada's Tribute To KISS  201201. King of the Night Time World - Gord Prior
02. C'mon and Love Me - Bobnoxious
03. War Machine - West Memphis Suicide
04. God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You - Zealots Desire
05. Detroit Rock City - Tracenine
06. I Was Made For Lovin' You - R.E.D
07. Deuce - Before The Damned
08. Hard Luck Woman - Sarah Smith
09. Goin' Blind - The Buffalo Brothers
10. Love Gun - Curtis
11. Lick It Up - The Salads
12. Rock And Roll All Nite - Spiro Papadatos

Produced by Jason Jansekovich, Gord Prior & Spiro Papadatos for Keep It Live Records.


September 14 : Bruce Kulick talks to DECIBEL GEEK
From : dbgeekshow
The Decibel Geek Podcast has released an in-depth discussion with former Kiss and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist Bruce Kulick for downloading and streaming.
In this long form discussion, the veteran musician reflects on nearly 40 years in the music industry.
Kulick's history in pop culture stretches back to the mid 70's with his work as touring guitar player for the Andrea True Connection. True, a famous porn star, had stretched into disco music and scored a #4 Billboard hit with 1976's 'More More More.' Kulick shares his stories about touring with True as well as memories of touring the “chitlin circuit” with soul singer George McCrae and backing Meat Loaf during his Bat Out of Hell tour.
Bruce Kulick landed on the hard rock map in 1984 as he transitioned into the full-time lead guitarist for Kiss. In this discussion he shares his memories of the awkward period of traveling with then-ill guitarist Mark St. John and reflects on gigs that they would play a game of proverbial musical chairs depending on St. John's medical condition.
Also in this discussion are Kulick's thoughts about KISS' upcoming Monster book and album, memories of the circumstances that led to the 1996 original-lineup reunion, and his take on why the band seems to attempt to avoid any mention of the non-makeup period.
Bruce Kulick is now the lead guitarist in iconic 70's rock band Grand Funk Railroad, of which he's been a member almost as long as Kiss. In this conversation, Kulick describes the stark contrasts between being a member of KISS and Grand Funk Railroad including the method of touring, what's expected performance-wise, and the possibility, or lack thereof, of new Grand Funk music.

Direct Link to Episode:

September 13 : "Monster" samples available At iTunes
From : Kiss Related Recordings
Listen to 30-second samples of "Monster" at the iTunes U.S. Store here.
Listen to 90-second samples of "Monster" at the iTunes UK / Europe Store here.
Listen to 90-second samples of "Monster" at the iTunes Holland Store here.

September 13 : "Monster" album details
From: /

Released date: 5 October 2012 (7th in North America)

Tracks list / credits:
01. Hell or Hallelujah (4:06) - Stanley
02. Wall of Sound (2:56) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
03. Freak (3:35) - Stanley, Thayer
04. Back to the Stone Age (3:01) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer, Singer
05. Shout Mercy (4:05) - Stanley, Thayer
06. Long Way Down (3:51) - Stanley, Thayer
07. Eat Your Heart Out (4:06) - Simmons
08. The Devil Is Me (3:41) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
09. Outta This World (4:29) - Thayer
10. All for the Love of Rock & Roll (3:22) - Stanley
11. Take Me Down Below (3:25) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
12. Last Chance (3:06) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
13. Right Here Right Now (3:58) (iTunes bonus track)

KISS - Monster 2012Producer: Paul Stanley
Engineer: Greg Collins
Recording Studio: Conway recording studios, Hollywood, CA.
Mixing Studio: The Nook, Hollywood, CA.
Photoshoots: Brian Lowe

Guitars and vocals: Paul Stanley
Bass and vocals: Gene Simmons
Lead guitar and vocals: Tommy Thayer
Drums and vocals: Eric Singer

Record label: Universal
Copyright: (C) 2012 Simstan Music Ltd.

September 12 : KISS Tribute band : KISSOLOGY ALIVE 51 preview
In the autumn of 1975 KISS released ALIVE! the double live album that skyrocketed them in the Rock stardom. Today, 37 years later, young Tribute band KISSOLOGY from Genova (Italy) publish ALIVE 51, recorded live during their recent gigs at the Area 51.
ALIVE 51 is set for an October 15 release through Underground Symphony Records.

ALIVE 51 is a live CD that really sounds like a tribute to the masters of Rock and a tribute to the passion of the hundreds of musicians who have approached their instrument just by listening to ALIVE! album.
The music sounds fresh and powerful as a '70's KISS concert, sweat, bombs and errors included, that really make this CD "alive".
The track list is a mix of hits from the early days up to Modern Day Delilah and almost the same set from the Sonic Boom over Europe tour, maybe a few "obscure" tracks could have been included but what you get is enough to make you wish to go to see them at one of their upcoming live act, including the MONSTER release party to be held in Milan on October 20 and where you might buy ALIVE 51 directly from the band.

KISSOLOGY is Andrea De Stanleys a.k.a. Wild Steel (vocals) Shawn Simmons (bass) Space Ale (lead guitar) Logan Singer (drums) Psycho Vincent (guitars).

ALIVE51 Tracklist:
KISSOLOGY - ALIVE51 (2012)1 Detroit Rock City
02 Deuce
03 Heaven's on Fire
04 I stole your love
05 Shock me
06 Lick it up
07 Nothin to Lose
08 I was made for Lovin You
09 I Love it Loud
10 Modern Day Delilah
11 War Machine
12 Love Gun
13 Rock'n'Roll all Nite

KISSOLOGY ALIVE 51 album details

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