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October 20 : Piano Tribute To KISS + some small site updates
From : Kiss Related Recordings / Thorbjörn Brorsson
On October 16 CC Entertainment released "Piano Tribute To KISS", which features the first cover version of KISS recently released "Monster" album.
Tracklist :
01. Rock 'n Roll All Nite
02. Beth
03. I Was Made For Lovin' You
04. New York Groove
05. Lick It Up
06. Hell Or Hallelujah
07. Detroit Rock City
08. Calling Dr. Love
09. Shout It Out Loud
10. Love Gun

In related news, Since October 16 and are listing a new KISS related album on their release schedule. For the moment it's not clear if this will be a KISS tribute album, but the tracklist runs as follows :
01. Love Gun
02. Lick It Up
03. Detroit Rock City
04. Rock and Roll All Nite
05. Hard Luck Woman
06. Beth
07. I Was Made For Lovin Ýou
08. Shout It Out Loud
09. Black Diamond
10. Strutter
11. Deuce

Also the
KISS INSPIRED / PARODY section is updated with a new release by Scottish doom band WINTERS, which album "Berlin Occult Bureau" features a song entitled "Ace Frehley".
Also American grindcore band ANAL CUNT's 2007 reissue of the 2001 "Defenders Of The Hate" is added which contains the songs "Bonus Track #4" and "Bonus Track #5".
The two songs by Anal Cunt are not very flattering to Kiss / Gene Simmons, actually "Bonustrack # 5" is a parody on KISS "War Machine" ... ... "I Own a Bank Machine", sung in the key of Gene Simmons ....

October 10 : John Corabi "Unplugged" feat. Bruce Kulick on 2 tracks
From: Rat Pak Records
JOHN CORABI - UnpluggedJohn Corabi has uploaded a new rendition of "Hooligan's Holiday", a song that originally appeared on Motley Crue's self-titled 1994 album, from his upcoming 'Unplugged' CD. The new album is scheduled for release on November 13th through Rat Pak Records and can be pre-ordered at

Best known for his vocal work with The Scream, Motley Crue, and Union, legendary hard rock vocalist John Corabi serves up a passionate, soulful dose of both new and classic songs on this all new acoustic release! 'Unplugged' offers five new original tracks, seven re-recorded classic songs, and in addition features an exclusive 2012 behind-the-scenes interview with John.

The album features John Corabi on vocals and guitar, Cheney Brannon (formerly of Collective Soul) on percussion, Topher Nolen on bass, D.A. Karkos on guitar, Matt Farley on percussion and former KISS member Bruce Kulick, who performs second guitar on "Hoolgan's Holiday" and "Man In The Moon".

Listen to "Hooligan's Holiday" featuring Bruce Kulick clicking HERE.

JOHN CORABI - Unplugged album details

October 5 : Gene Simmons talks Monster .. and Lady Gaga on "Freak"
To celebrate KISS anticipated 20th studio album "Monster", Christa Titus from Billboard has conducted a new Q&A with Gene Simmons.  Here is an excerpt from the chat mentioning the possibility of Lady Gaga sharing vocals on the song "Freak";
KISS - Monster 2012In the song "Freak," Paul is singing, "This is who I am, and if you think that's a freak, that's fine. I'm happy being the way I am." I thought it was an interesting song coming up at a time where, Kiss has always embraced who they are, but when I think about all the kids that are out there today and how bullying has become something that people recognize as a problem, I thought that was a neat song to come out right now.
You're picking up on an interesting thing. When "Freak" was being written, Lady Gaga got interested in singing on it, because it espouses her emotions about being comfortable in your skin and all that stuff. And that's a healthy message for everybody. For a while Paul and I were going to sing it, for a while I was gonna sing it, and then Paul and Gaga were gonna sing it, and then finally I suggested Paul should sing it by himself, let's just do a band album. And while it's great that Gaga-who in my estimation is the only rock star out there, modern. There's nobody else-talks about self-empowerment, all that stuff, we made our imprint and stuck our foot firmly into the ground almost 40 years ago and said, "This is who we are, take it or leave it." So in the days of tie-dyed shirts and hippies and anti-war stuff and schools being closed down, we didn't care. We are Kiss, we are alive, we are our own definition. We've never looked over our shoulder to see what's in fashion, what's not, we don't care. And Kiss continues today. Fashions come and go. Punk came and died. Grunge came and then died. Thrash came and then died. New romance came and died. Alternative came and died, then they called it indie. We. Don't care. Kiss is its own definition.

Read the entire interview clicking HERE.

October 4 : Steve Coronel (Wicked Lester) interview on DBgeek
Only one person can say he is responsible for introducing Paul Stanley to Gene Simmons. This week, we hear his side of the story.
WICKED LESTER sessionsSteve Coronel met Gene Simmons (then known as Gene Klein) on the first day of 7th grade at Joseph Pulitzer Middle School in 1963.In this episode you'll hear how a near fisticuffs began a musical and personal friendship that has lasted for well over four decades. Steve shares a treasure trove of early childhood stories about Simmons that are sure to entertain yet, also, surprise you. From their early bonding over popular music of the era to the inevitable stories of chasing after the opposite sex to the unveiling of the now-world-famous tongue, Coronel shares a candid side of our favorite Demon that is an inside look at the human being that predates the fame, fortune, and marketing ventures.

In this in-depth discussion Coronel reflects on the initial tense meeting between Simmons and Stanley and their unique chemistry that would later rule the concert world. You'll also hear his memories of the writing process for future KISS songs 'She' and 'Goin' Blind' along with his not-so-pleasant memories of the dressed-up studio version of the former as it was recorded by WICKED LESTER at Electric Lady Studios.

Also included in this candid discussion is Coronel's take on the circumstances that led to his ouster from WICKED LESTER and how it was possibly due in part to a somewhat heated conversation that he had with then-Stanley Eisen about his views on self-worth at the time and how it possibly fueled his future KISS character of the Starchild.
Coronel also delves into his memories of often-not-discussed WICKED LESTER band mates Brooke Ostrander and Tony Zarrella and looks back on a grueling showcase for Epic Records.

Included in this in-depth discussion is a clip of a song entitled "Frame Up" that was recorded by Coronel's post-Wicked Lester band, LOVER.

Direct Link to Episode:

dbgeek podcast - Steve Coronel interview

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