Greetings From The Imrie House 

Released : August 16, 2005
Produced by : Mike Denneen
Time : 39:10

01  Good Day (3:09) E.Mentzer/ B.Romans/ Pa Dutch Ditties
02  Just The Girl  (3:54) A.Schlesinger
03  Catch Your Wave (2:52) B.Romans/ J.Guese/ E.Mentzer
04  I'll Take My Chances (3:49) B.Romans/ A.Schlesinger
05  Friday Night (3:31) B.Romans/ E.Mentzer
06  Angel To You (Devil To Me)  (3:29) Paul Stanley / Ben Romans
07  Resign  (3:06) B.Romans/ E.Dill
08  Pop Princess (4:18) B.Romans
09  Time Machine (3:14) B.Romans
10  Lies (2:58) A.Bailey/ J.Currie/M.Leeway
11  Say Goodnight (4:50) B.Romans/ N.Campany

(93826-2) released 2005 by Lava Records

USA : Lava Records - compact disc - 93826-2

The Click Five is :
Eric Dill (lead vocals, guitar) 
Joe Guese (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Ethan Mentzer (bass, guitar, backing vocals)
Ben Romans (keyboards, baking vocals)
Joey Zehr (drums, backing vocals)

additional musicians :
Elliot Easton (guitar solo on track 04 and 06)
John Powhida (backing vocals on track 05 and 06)
Matt Tahaney (backing vocals on track 05)
Larissa Maestro-Scherer (backing vocals on track 08; cello on track 09)
Ruth Collins (violin on track 09)

Produced and Mixed by Mike Denneen at Q Division, Sommerville, MA.
Executive Producer : Wayne Sharp.
Recorded by Matt Beaudoin, assisted by Matt Tahaney.
Additional engineering by Matt Tahaney and Mike Denneen.
Mastered by Andy Van Dette at Masterdisk.

Extra NOTES :
"KISS frontman Paul Stanley has collaborated with Boston-based THE CLICK FIVE on the track "Angel to You (Devil to Me)", which is set to appear on THE CLICK FIVE's debut CD, "Greetings From Imrie House", due on August 16 via Lava Records. 

Stanley reportedly co-wrote the track with THE CLICK FIVE keyboardist Ben Romans at Stanley's home studio. 
The song also features a guest appearance by Elliott Easton of THE CARS. 

THE CLICK FIVE, which bills itself as a power pop quintet "on par with CHEAP TRICK and MATTHEW SWEET," has sold over 10,000 EPs in a few short weeks on tour and has experienced countless tales of fan frenzy at their after-show signings, according to THE CLICK FIVE's first single is "Just The Girl" (May 23, 2005). 

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