DESMOND CHILD -Discipline (1991) 

Released : June 18, 1991
Produced by: Desmond Child and Sir Arthur Payson
Time: 52:

01 The Price of Lovin' You (3:51) D. Child
02 Discipline (5:07) D. Child / Richie Sambora
03 I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend (4:59) Diane Warren
04 Love On A Rooftop * (5:19) D.Child/ D.Warren/ P.Stanley
05 You're the Story of My Life (4:59) D. Child / Diane Warren
06 According to the Gospel of Love (6:10) D. Child / Richie Sambora
07 Do Me Right (4:20) D. Child
08 Obsession (5:47) D. Child / Burt Bacharach
09 The Gift of Life (7:10) D. Child
10 A Ray of Hope (4:56) Don Paul Yowell

USA        :
Elektra - compact disc - 961048-2
USA        :
Elektra - music cassette -  961048-4

Japan     : Elektra - compact disc - WMC5-395

Germany : Elektra - compact disc - 7559-61048-2
Germany : Elektra - vinyl LP - 7559-61048-1
Germany : Elektra - music cassette - 7559-61048-4

musicians :
Desmond Child  (lead and backing vocals)

Butch Walker (guitar on track 01; lead guitar on track 01)
John McCurry (guitar on track 01, 03, 04, 05, 07)
Richie Sambora (guitar on track 02, 06; lead guitar on track 02)
Steve Lukather (guitar on track 02, 04, 05, 07; lead guitar on track 03)
Vivian Campbell (guitar on track 07; lead guitar on track 07)
Michael Landau (guitar on track 09)

Tony Levin (bass on track 02, 06)
Abraham Laboriel (bass on track 09)

Vinnie Colaiuta (drums on track 01, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 09)
Tico Torres (drums on track 02, 06)
Michael Fisher (percussion on track 01, 03, 05, 06, 07)

C.J. Vanston (keyboards on track 01, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 09 and 10;  synth on track 02)
Michael Cava (piano on track 10)

Maria Vidal (backing vocals on track 04; duet vocals on track 08)
Myriam Valle (backing vocals on track 04)
Diana Grasselli (backing vocals on track 04)
Kane Roberts (backing vocals on track 04)
Joan Jett (backing vocals on track 03)
Jean McClain (featuring vocals on track 02, 09)

Chris Mostert (saxophone on track 04)
Brandon Fields (saxophone on track 05, 08)
Horns on track 02 and 06 arranged by Jerry Hey.
Horns on track 02 and 06 : Dan Higgins, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Larry Williams.

Background vocals : Diana Grasselli, Jean McClain, Jesse Harte, Kane Roberts, Kathy Hazzard, Louis Merlino, Machun, Maria Vidal, Mark Free, Michael Anthony, Mitch Malloy and Myriam Valle.

Produced by Desmond Child and Sir Arthur Payson.
Recorded  by Sir Arthur Payson.
Mixed by Brian Malouf at Can Am Studios, Tarzana, CA, assisted by Pat MacDougall.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, New York.
Recorded at The Village Recorders, Los Angeles
(Assistant engineers : Martin Brumbach, Rick Ornstein and Robert Hart),
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
(Assistant engineer : Tom Size),
Recorded at Ground Control, Santa Monica
(Assistant engineers : Frank Salazar and Matt Pakucko),
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood
(Assistant engineers : Brian Scheuble and Efren Herrera),
Recorded at Can Am Studios, Tarzana
(Assistant engineer : John Jackson).

Extra NOTES :

From : KISS Related Recordings
Grammy winning and Emmy nominated songwriter-producer Desmond Child is responsible for countless hit tunes for the likes of Kiss, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Cher, Bon Jovi, Ricky Martin and many others… many of which topped the charts the world over.

The Rouge ladies (
Desmond Child and Rouge) joins in for “Love On A Rooftop”, a tune that was also done in 1987 by Ronnie Spector (featuring Bruce Kulick on guitar) and later included on Cher's 1989 studio album "Heart of Stone". While the song dates back from Desmond Child's writing sessions with Paul Stanley for KISS 1987 "Crazy Nights" album, Until a few years prior Desmond Child's 2019 "Live" album Paul Stanley was never credited for his parts of the song. Since then "Love On A Roof Top" is highlighted on Desmond Child's Biography page as ; "Desmond Child ’s Elektra solo album, 'Discipline', yielded the hit “Love On A Rooftop” co-written with Diane Warren & Paul Stanley."

“Love On A Rooftop” writer credits at

Below : interview with Desmond Child from Nashville TN, recorded by Dutch TV - NPO for Top 2000 agogo ; "Untold Stories".

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