Lucky This Time

Released : 1993
Produced by : Jeff Paris
Time : 65:52

01 Lucky This Time (5:04)  Paris
02 Wrong Side Of Love (6:03)  Paris/ Mr.Big
03 House Of Fire (5:07)  Paris/ Mr.Big
04 Touched By Love (4:02)  Paris
05 Never Stop Falling (4:54)  Paris/ Calhoun/ Thompson
06 Jump The Gun (4:30)  Paris/ Stanley
07 Stop Playing With My Heart (4:26)  Paris/ Calhoun/ Croucier
08 After The Tears Are Gone (3:55)  Paris/ Brett Walker
09 Baby Break Mine (4:39)  Paris/ Gray
10 Rest In Pieces (3:55)  Paris/ Meagher
11 State Of The Heart (5:14)  Paris/ Kuehnemund
12 Life Line (4:54)  Paris/ Calhoun
13 Matter Of Time (3:52)  Paris/ Tripp
14 Gypsy Heart (4:54)  Paris/ Meagher

(Nthen-6) released 1993 by Now & Then Records

Europe : Now & Then Records -compact disc - Nthen-6

musicians :
All Tracks performed, produced, engineered and mixed by Jeff Paris, except:
"Never Stop Falling"; guitars by Michael Thompson.
"After The Tears Are Gone"; guitars and backing vocals by Brett Walker.
"Baby Break Mine"; guitars by Mike Gray
"State Of the Heart"; guitars by Jan Kuehnemund.

Paul Stanley ; uncredited background vocals on "Jump The Gun", which is co-written by Paul Stanley.
Paul Stanley and Geoff Lieb (= Jeff Paris real name) had originally written and demoed  the song in the eighties, and included it on Paul Stanley's publishing tape. 

Note ; Jeff Paris is a well known songwriter, who wrote for Mr.Big, Vixen (female eighties Hard-Rock), and many others.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y




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Recording Faq / History 

" Jump The Gun "

first appeared on :

Publishing Tape ( 1988 - 1989)

Publishing Tape

Audio Samples 

Jump The Gun


Jeff Paris (facebook)

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